Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Can't Say A Word When You Got Your Ear Blown Out....

If you are thinking that what exactly the title means, well , that's what I could think of to explain what's going on. My left ear is having so much of pain since last 3 days. All was well until the time I woke up on this Sunday and felt this terrible pain in my left ear. I had no idea what's going on and I just thought that it would be fine on its own. I having a weekend off so I thought , it would be just fine. I had to start a session on this Monday and the pain was terrible so I was just praying that it would go fine by that time. Well, too bad that I just did pray and didn't go and see any doc and the result of that is that now since last 2 days, the pain has become unbearable. I am having so much of it that at times, it was nearly impossible to say a word even in the session. My friend Pavan told me that may be the pain is due to that cold which is still not ready to leave me, even when its already about almost a month since the first time it had hit me. Not sure that this pain is due to this cold only or there is some other reason for it? But one thing is for sure that due to this pain, its really getting tough for me to stand, speak even for a minute even!

The session, otherwise is going okay ( I guess). The delegates are very nice and cooperative. We had some good discussions today and I am quite hopeful that it will continue for tomorrow as well. The only thing which is making me worried is the pain of the ear. You may be thinking that why I didn't go to the doctor then when there is so much of pain? Well, its not the case but its just that I am struck in some things which are letting me get free so late and all the appointments of the doctors are in the mornings. So I have got just one option and that is to take pain killer and wait for the time when I get back to home and get time to go to a doctor. Hope I shall stay alive by that time :) !


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