Thursday, June 04, 2009

(Luckily) Got Back….

I got back today morning. I wasn't supposed to come back in the morning actually because I initially planned to start actually in the morning. But I was told that things would become much worse in the morning so I started in the late night and got back at home in the morning.

The program got finished, though not sure that how it went officially. I yet have to receive the official report so can't say that it went well/good/bad. But one thing I can say, the delegates were having smiles on their face when they were leaving so this is a good and satisfactory sign. I hope that the official report comes up well. This program was very crucial for two reasons. One, I had got a severe notification from my sales team that few of the last programs didn't go so well so this program must do well. And this increased the bar of tension to the top most level for me. I have delivered the same program couple of times before as well but all the times, the tension is the same. And this time, its just became more bigger because of the news that I received about the previous programs and the importance of this one. This made the program really tough. The second reason for which the program proved to be a hard nut for me was that I am not feeling well. I finished the entire program with having fever. And when you are not well, it becomes really hard to stand up for about 9 hours and speak as well continuously. Anyways, the only good thing is that the program got finished and I am back home.

I normally get back immediately when I finish the program. But I got the call from my dad the other day that there is an expectation for some agitations happening which would get the bus services halted as well as, the administration would put a curfew in the night from 11pm to morning 6am. So I decided to stay back at my friend, Amardeep Sidhu's place for the night and leave in the morning. After the program got finished, I did go to his home. Its not very often that we get a chance to see each other so it was a good opportunity for me to spend some quality time with Sidhu and with rest of the guys who stay with him. It was good fun and we had a blast. After having dinner, we discussed almost everything. I must say, all the other guys at Sidhu's place are also just as nice as he is as they gave me a very warm welcome and I never felt for even a moment even that I am meeting them for the first time. We had a lot of fun. There were two snaps that were taken by Sidhu of mine when I was there. I shall post them soon too. There is a guy who stays along with Sidhu, a real storm I can say he is. I met him just for once a long time ago and I was eager to meet him again. He did come but along with his naughty acts, he brought a bit upsetting news that there are news of some serious mishaps possibly happening in the morning today. So me and Sidhu decided that I should take a risk and leave in the night only. If I shall be lucky, I would be able to get to home without any issues. Otherwise, at least I would be closer to home if I would get struck some where. Thinking this, I started in the night for home and as you can see, I got back at home to write this post.

I hope I shall get some time free with me to have some rest and get me completely cured before I shall start for my next tour. I need to finish a lot of stuff and I just am getting distracted mentally from doing so. I am not sure what's the reason but what ever the reason(s) may be, I have to make sure that I must meet my deadlines before they get crossed. Let's see what happens. At the moment, its time to have some sleep which I desperately need.


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