Saturday, June 13, 2009

Heart Touching Poetry By Sukhwinder Amrit....

At times, there are people who when write, have the capabilities to put words on the fire. There are not many who can depict the emotions of humans very nicely though many attempt to do so. And among all the emotions that a human can have, the toughest one to express is the sadness. You can show some one that you are just so much happy with your smiles but your tears too never reflect the true pain hidden beneath them. It takes a lot, really a lot to express pain of some one because one can only try to do so when he truly understands it! There are many writers in almost every language who have tried to do so and some have done a remarkable job too. In the same way, in Punjabi language too, there are always one or the other poet who try to give face to someone's pains through their poetry. While almost all try hard but only few have been able to do it in a rightful manner and Sukhwinder Amrit is one of those very few, who can make even stones cry with her words.

Few months back, my friend Amardeep Sidhu( put a poem over his poetry blog written by Sukhwinder Amrit, which I tried to translate into English for those who don't understand Punjabi. You can read the same from here. I am putting one more timeless piece of poetic genius from the same poet below. As like before, this also was brought to me by Sidhu. Its in Punjabi and I shall explain the meaning in English too in a while. Have a read first in Punjabi,

Avain gairaan nal mitha mitha bol ho gaya,
Sathon jindagi ch aape zehar ghol ho gaya!

Rahu unglan de potteyan chon lahoo simda,
Sathon heereyan de bhulekhe kach fol ho gaya!

Sanu baal k banereyan te deeveyan de waangu,
Sada chann aap baddlan de kol ho gaya!

Asin tahniyan de gal nal lagg lagg roye,
Ik ful saade pairan to madhol ho gaya!

Asin umran beetaian jiston lukk lukk k,
Ratin supne ch aya , kunda khol ho gaya!

Jihna saazan naal na c sadi sur mildi,
Geet jindagi da ohna sang bol ho gaya!


And here is the meaning of it in English,

Out of nowhere, I happened to did  sweet talk with strangers,
And I myself made my life hell!

For the eternity, there would be bleeding now from my fingers,
I happened to scratch them over glass assuming it as diamond!

After burning me like a lamp over the roof,
My moon went up and got hidden under clouds!

I cried hugging the branches,
A flower got smashed under my feet!

From whom I tried to save myself all of this life,
When he came in the dream last night, I just opened the door for him!

Those instruements with which I never could match my tune,
With them only, I happened to sing the song my life!

I am not sure that whether I am really even close to explain what's originally is written by Amrit. If you think it can be corrected by any way, do keep it coming in the form of comments. About the poetry itself, I don't think I have anything with me which can express what is said in any better way. All I can say this, if you ever loved some one and got hurt from her, you would be able to relate yourself to each and every word of this poetic marvel. Only that heart can understand what it feels when you cry sitting all alone in your room trying to heal those wounds that you get over the heart which will kill you with every passing moment. You wish for death , thinking that at least this would take away the pain that you are into, but that too doesn't come and you are left in this world only to appear as alive but dead from inside. There is not any word or any thing which can express the pain of a broken heart and only those can understand it who have got the unfortunate fate to get burnt in this fire. I have nothing more to say and add to what Amrit have written already except this that never hurt that heart who loves you because you may not even bother about it after doing so but it may take away everything from that person, even his very will of being alive too!


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