Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Poetic MasterPiece By Faraz.....

I am a big fan of good poetry. I am not a poet myself  but where ever I do find anything good written, I try to collect and share it. Surely enough, my first preference would always be Punjabi poetry. But there is no such thing that I wont read from any where else. Whatever is good, I try to make sure that I don't miss it!

There are some poets which have created history with their writings. Late Ahmed Faraz is among those handful which wrote timeless pieces from his pen. Saying anything about him would like showing torch to the sun. So without wasting any more time, I would like to share a poetic masterpiece from him which I read today only and instantly fell in love with it. This is in Hindi and I shall translate it English in a while. Please note, this does has lots of words from Urdu as well.I shall put the meanings of those words in the end of both Hindi and English versions. First, in Hindi,

Dost ban kar bhi nahin saath nibhane wala,
Wohi andaaz hai jaalim ka jamane wala!

Ab use log samajhte hain girftaar mera,
Sakht nadim hai mujhe daam mein laane wala!

Subhadam chhod gaya nikhate-gul ki soorat,
Raat ko guncha-e-dil mein simat aane wala!

Kya kahen kitne marasim the humare unse,
Wo jo ik shakhs hai munh fer k jane wala!

Tere hote hue aa jati thi sari dunia,
Aaj tanhan hun to koi nai aane wala!

Muntzir kiska hun tooti hui dehliz par main,
Kaun aayega yahan, kaun hai aane wala!

Kya khabar thi jo meri jaan mein ghula hai itna,
Hai wohi mujhko sare-daar bhi lane wala!

Maine dekha hai baharon mein chaman ko jalte,
Hai koi khwab ki taabeer batane wala!

Tum takaluuf ko bhi ikhlas samjhte ho Faraz,
Dost hota nai har haath milane wala!

Here are the word meanings in Hindi and English,

Naadim                     -> Sharminda ( Ashamed)

Daam                        -> Jaal( Trap)

Nikhate-gul ki soorat -> Fool ki khushbu ki tarah ( Like the fragrance of a flower)

Guncha-e-dil             -> Dil ki kali ( Bud of heart)

Marasim                   -> Rishte (Relations)

Muntzir                     -> Parteeksharat ( In wait)

Dehliz                       -> Chaukhat ( Doorsteps)

Sare-daar                -> Sooli par ( Hanged)

Taabeer                   -> khwab ka arth ( Meaning of the dream)

Ikhlas                       -> Prem ( Love)

And here goes the translation in English,

Even after becoming a friend, he is not going to stand with me,
He has the same attitude as that of this world!

Now people think that he is fond of me,
He who had trapped me, is just ashamed over himself now!

In the morning, he left like the fragrance of the flower,
He who was placed in the heart like a bud!

What do I say now about my relation with that person,
He who is going now without even looking at me!

When you were there, all used to come to me,
Now I am alone and there is just no one to see!

Whom I am waiting for on these broken doorsteps,
Who would come here and who had come before too?

How would I knew that he who was my life,
He only would hang me to death one day!

I have seen a dream of my world being on fire,
Is there any one who can come and translate this dream for me?

You even assume formality as love Faraz,
Every one who shakes hand with you is not your friend!

I won't even attempt to say anything except this that for me, some lines are just so true! I can relate to them truly from my heart. Rest, I leave it over you to read and understand it. If you are not fond of reading quality poetry, it all may sound completely absurd to you but that's what the beauty is! This poetic masterpiece needs lots of thinking so do try your best to find what's hidden underneath these words and I am sure, you are going to love it! Leave your comments to tell me that you did like it or not? If any contribution you can make to correct the translation, please feel free to post it in comments. I shall correct the translation with proper attribution. Enjoy!


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