Monday, June 15, 2009

Updates From Day-1….

I just got back from the session and writing this post sitting in my guest house room. I wanted to write the travel updates last evening but couldn't write for two reasons. One, the wi-if over the airport was somehow behaving really stupid ( check my tweets). Though I was getting the message that I am connected but some how , I didn't get any data received. So even I was free for 3 hours, I still couldn't  log in and write. When I got at the guest house, it was already 2am of morning. I did think for a moment to open the system and start writing and trust me , I did open the system too. But after checking mails for about 10 minutes, I just closed and went to sleep. I had to get up early so I thought that would be a better thing to do.

Travel was almost okay. There was nothing exceptional which did happen up till the time when we were about 20 kms away from New Delhi, at which there was a thundering sound from the bus's engine. Driver immediately stopped the bus and opened the cover of engine to check what's wrong. On the first sight check, there was not anything obvious over which he could point to but he did clear one thing that bus won't move any further. So the only option left was to take over another bus. We were not very far from Delhi so I was not so tensed. There was still a lot of time for me to catch my flight so I was just standing calmly. There were some people who were making lots of hue and cry. There was a Gujrati family who was looking a bit overly tensed as they were constantly when the next bus would come in which they can board. Conductor , driver and almost all the passengers were trying to convince them that no one can tell this. But some how, they were just not ready to listen. After about 20 minutes, a bus did come but it was completely packed. As I had enough time with me, I was just standing and watching what's going on. There was a man in that family , couple of ladies( not sure how many) and few kinds. Some people tried to get into that bus along with all these people too. I don't know what happened but within few minutes after the bus left, that man came to the driver and started yelling that his entire family has got into that bus and he is left there. So driver asked , call them over some cell and inform them. To which, he replied that none of the ladies have got any cell. Great! Well, some how some lady might have asked someone in that bus for the cell and called up. The way they both were talking , it was just....not sure what to say. Anyways, finally a bus came and I got into it. I normally take an auto from the bus stand though there is another way also to get to the airport. I never tried that so I thought , heck let's try. It was a bad decision , that's all I can say.

Over the airport, it was okay. I was so much hungry so the first thing that I did that I had some snacks. There was not much that I could do without being over the web so I just sat and did watch the people. Its fun all the time to see what people are doing even at public places like these.

Due to my flight being late for an hour from its official timings, I got at my guest house at about 2am.  I had dinner, checked my mails and than went to bed. From last night, I am having sever headache. I couldn't cancel my session anyways so I had to go for it. Its getting tougher to carry it along with headache, fever, cough and cold. But one good thing out of all this is that the guys are good. I hope the session goes well. But its too early to say anything as its just the first day. Only time will how things would go. I am going to have some juice and medicine for lots of stuff. After that, its time to catch some sleep if it would be kind enough to come to me.


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