Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Say Hello To iPhone 3GS....

Okay, I shall be honest, the title of the post is stolen from the article given below. I was initially thinking of putting this title, "One more joke from Apple, iPhone3G gets appended with S" but I thought it would be rather a bit rude. So here it is, the new shiny , crisp iphone with "S" added where S doesn't mean "many" but "more". Yes the "S" over here is Speed which according to Apple is going to make its 3giphone which was just 1 year back launched , more faster. Now, I won't worry about the new features added , like 3megpixel camera with auto-focus ( still no flash I guess), more fast speed, more ram and all that, why in the world Apple didn't do it in the first place when they launched? I am just thinking about those people who stood in the queues for the whole night to get their hands on 3g iphone. They must be banging their heads over the wall and asking that why the heck Apple launched a new , more bigger, faster phone with some basic features added (now) just in the span of one year from their initial last purchase. I don't think that Apple "invented" all what it has put into the new phone in this year. Its not some rocket science, heck its there in every damn phone available in the market now. Yeah, not any other vendor comes back to their customers in just one year and say, hey look I know you spent a lot on the phone already twice (which already proves you are a fool) and here is your chance to give me some more bucks because I have added now some of those features which you always asked for and other vendors already have them in much better ways (talk about 3.2Megapixels with autofocus and flash in Sony Ericsson phones). Over all, I am really disappointed with the marketing and product planning of Apple and I am just glad that I didn't  go and buy this iphone. May be I shall buy one too once its going to have all what my HTC touch diamond has.

Here is a link containing a review of the new phone,


And here is the link to Apple's website for the new phone,


Rest and peace iphone3g!


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