Sunday, March 30, 2008

Travelling Time....

Yes I am leaving today. This is going to be a tough program and the audience also will be tough. I just hope everything goes out fine. I am not in a good mental position. There is so much wrong happening that is not letting me concentrate on anything. Lets see what will happen? Wish me luck guys.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Good News Of My Friend Gaurav....

I know ALOT of people. But I am close to very few. And those few are really chosen ones. In my friends, A , K, J are some few who are really close ones.  But there is one friend of mine G who is still here with me in India. When some one whom I trusted so much left me alone, he was the only who was there all the time with me, listened to my veins, gave me a shoulder. He stood all the time with me. Even when no one else turned up, he was there. Today he has got engaged. The gal's name is Pand she is from our city only. Just now G gave the news. It was not expected today as there was no such plan for engagement today. It was just a formal meeting between two families and face to face meet between Gand P for the first time. But G said , everything was okay between him and P and also between the families so it was decided that now it should be officially marked too. Hence the occasion happened. I couldn't go today due to some personal reasons but I am very happy for both of them. May god give both of them this whole world's joys and happiness. And suddenly I am realizing , I am now the only one in my group who is left single :-). So what about me ? Ha ha well nothing. I guess I am happy in this way only.

Feels Like Cheated....

Some times there is this time which holds you down. Just what ever you do, what ever you try to do, the time doesn't allow it be successful. I hate this thing that you let things depend upon time because I am a very stubborn person and I push things and myself to limits. But there are some things upon which you don't have control. Despite doing your best, giving your best shot, you see others moving ahead. Not because they are better than you, not because they are more competent than you but just because they got an opportunity which is not given to you. And that's what I hate the most. It has happened one time before. Despite some one being so junior to me, being just my student, he got an opportunity that was never offered to me even. Not because I am less technical than him but know what I don't even know why not ? And today someone who just few days was after my life that I didn't do anything for him( despite trying my best to do) , didn't help him out in anything, he got one offer which is not offered to me at all. And I have no idea why not me and why him? I don't know what is happening and what will happen. If a testing time as like everyone says than I shall just say that this testing time is really tough. Not because the test is but because to see others are getting things served in plates without losing a sweat and despite trying so hard, things are slipping out of my hands. It just feels like cheated. I am not saying this because I am accepting it. I wont and I am not that sort of person but yes its hurting. I am too just a human and its hurting me like anything. And the worst part is at this time, some people whom I stood all the time with when ever they needed me ,wanted me to be with them, those people are not there. Not because I asked them to leave me alone but they , just for their own sake , left me alone saying to others that take care of him without bothering what this will do to me. I wish I could change some things, revert some things back. I really wish just for once I could do this!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Oracle Forums Down, Again....

I visit Oracle Forums  pretty often. At least when I am at home or I am able to have internet access for some time when I am traveling,I like to have a visit there for sure. Its a good place to learn, share and some time have a little fun also. Well for the fun part, I am among the most responsible persons over there with Maran, Khurram and Sidhu. We people create a lot of humor with our posts.

Oracle sites are pretty stable most of the times. But I got very surprised to see that in the last 3 days only , forums have come down 3 times. That's not a good sign if you ask me. Just now when I am writing this , its again down from last 15 minutes and if you ask me , its a big downtime. I hope everything is fine at the maintenance end. If this is going to be in the same fashion, it will create a big havoc among thousands of forum visitors. Lets see what happen? At the moment, F5 is the only key that I am having my finger upon :-).

CCD To Bakery....

I like to go to Cafe Coffee Day very much. There are two reasons for it. One that I like the different flavors of coffee which are there. Second and I guess the most important one is that I like to sit there with myself. The location where I go is having a special corner portion where they have one table for 2 persons. Its bit isolated from the entire cafe but still we can see the entire outside location from the glass wall. Long time back, I used to long to go over there with some one who promised me that she would visit there with me but that never happened. Anyways, this is not about that. This is about that today I had to meet my accountant for some tax issue. So I thought why not I would go and have a visit to CCD also. Well I did go to my accountant and after that I did even route to CCD. But I don't know what happened to me that I just turned back saying to myself that no, its okay. I shall go some other time. So I got back and while on the way back to home, I stopped at a bakery where I am going since I was a kid. I sat over there for a while, had a pastry with small coke and came back home. I was sitting alone there too and was thinking about some things that happened in the past. Some times , memories don't let you stay calm and especially when those memories come and haunt you than there is no chance that you will get any peace anywhere. It was a long time since I had visited that bakery too so it was a good feeling. But there was this feeling too that I didn't visit CCD.I shall see that if I shall get a chance tomorrow, may be I shall go there.

Monday, March 24, 2008

So Much Upset....

I want to write so much about some things but at the moment , its just that every thing inside is like closed. There are some very tough times which are coming ahead and the entire credit for it will be for those people in my professional life for whom I did so much but at the end of the day, they just proved that its a crime to trust people in this world. Its a joke to think that people care about emotions, feelings , ethics. I don't know how people can be just selfish, just can think what they want, what is their profit/loss and give a damn about anyone else? Its just so easy for people to say that if I am with you, I have to face so many things so I am just leaving you, I have got nothing to do with you. And in the professional life, its just all the dirty tricks to ruin some one's entire career just for some bucks that too which they have earned with the help of that very person only. Don't know from where people get this much confidence, courage? There is so much wrong that is happening and its just getting on my nerves now.

Back To Home....

Yes I got back last evening. It was a long and grueling tour. Some how,I was so much tired in doing it. And to make things more interesting, I fell sick and that too not just sick but a very bad one sick. It was so much difficult to say a word as throat was completely blocked and there was so much pain in standing too. All I did was pushed myself so that I wont stop the program. By grace of god, that didn't happen and I finished the program with a good note. The audience was great as like always. The first week audience was really fun loving and created a lot of humour in the program. Its always great to be with so much genius people and share what ever little you know. The program went smoothly.  All were smiling and I guess that's what I expect to see all the time.

It was nothing unusual that happened except for my sickness. But yes, there are a lot of "not-so-good" things happening and there are a few which has already happened. I am upset from a lot of things, and from some persons very much at this moment. I am not sure why is it so bad to be good in today's times?  Sounds weird isn't it? Yes it is and I am trying to find the answer myself. I shall be going to bed now again as I am feeling so much tired. There are couple of things that I would be talking about lately so watch out. Till then, adios!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Remote Operation Exception In EM & Its Workaround....

Today one of my friend called me up and said that she is not able to do a login from the Enterprise Manager of Oracle in Windows operating system. She wanted to test some backup from the EM and for that, a host login is must from the EM. Some how this was not working and she was very frustrated. In my system, it works fine and also I have not seen any error of this any time before but still for this error, I am posting the steps that I suggested to her. Hope it would be useful for me and for anyone some day.

1. Go to control panel->administrative tools
    (i) Click on "local security policy"
    (ii)Click on "local policies"
    (iii)Click on "user rights assignments"
    (iv)Click on "log on as a batch job"
    (v)Click on "add" and add the user that was entered in the "normal username" or "privileged  username" section of the EM Console.
2. Go to the Preferences link in the EM
   (i)Click on Preferred Credentials (link on the left menu) 
   (ii)Under "Target Type: Host" click on "set credentials"
   (iii)Enter the OS user who has logon as a batch job privilege into the "normal username" and "normal password" fields
3. Test the connection
    (i)While in the Set Credentials window, click on "Test"
It worked for her. EM of 10g is very nice but I find it really tricky at times and posts of the questions that I see on
Oracle Forums about EM are from the category that its not working or they are not able to log  in from it. Well despite all the issues and problems, its a nice tool I must say.

Oracle Goodies....

I was just reading Tonguc's blog and I found that Alberto Dellera, who is a very frequent contributor on AskTom has started his own website and I am sure that there will be a lot of goodies about Oracle that me and every one would found there. Just added this to my list.

Also on the same post of Tongus's blog, I fund that Jonathan Lewis has recorded an extremely good presentation about queries and their optimisation. I shall say for sure that this is really a must watch kind of video if you ever wanted to learn about Oracle and its "clever tricks" with the queries. Here is the link to it:

Optimising through Understanding by Jonathan Lewis

A Small Break....

I came back last night from the program. It was okay. All the participants were happy and I guess that's some thing which is more than enough for me. Though it was really difficult for me to continue as I am not feeling well. There is a huge amount of effort that I had to put into to make the program run. That's why I decided to come back home and have some rest as I shall be leaving tomorrow again. Besides physical health, I am not very much happy mentally also. There is so much that has happened and happening and some times , it really becomes hard to pretend that every thing is alright. Anyways, I need to take some sleep. So we will talk about this some time later. Adios!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Leaving Today....

Yes I am leaving today for Delhi. I was not supposed to go as there are so many other things happening. But some how due to some reasons, I need to go. Well the program is not so difficult but the clientle is for sure. I need to focus on couple of other things so lets see what happens.

Blogging Woes....

I never thought that I too would write about any trouble about blogging and blog sites. I never had much trouble except once when I had to configure my blog over my web site. It is on Some how I was not able to do it for some time but than I made it through. Well about that blog, its going to be having some posts soon( hopefully). As of now, its just created. Except this, there was not much error/trouble that I faced ever. But there was some thing wrong some where last night. Normally people say Blogger is not stable. But last night, I guess both Blogger and Wordpress, some how behaved like a spoiled child only. I wrote 2 posts both at a difference of about 2 hours but to my amazement, none of them were visible. Funny part was that they both were shown in my blog editors but still the editors were not able to show them up. There was so much of trouble. I edited, re-edited, re-wrote the blog posts too but nothing. And blogger was throwing 502,temporary unavailable service and actually it was not blogger too but Google which was showing that. Some how some way it was too much of pain. Finally it did get sort out. Now I have to see whether this one does come up nicely or not? If you are reading it, it did :-).

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Yet Another Sad Song, Afwah....

I guess you must be thinking that I always listen to sad songs only. Well that's not entirely true. Mind it, I didn't say that its "false" but its not completely true too. I listen only what is more closer to my heart, which is more closer to what really happens and the music,lyrics represent some deep and true feelings. If a song has to be in my play list it has to meet all of these conditions. That's why most of the times you find these kind of songs who represent real feelings and not just some lines which are put together to create a number whose only purpose is to be sold in the market and make money for singer and producer.
I mostly listen Punjabi songs( you must have noticed this also). Amrinder Gill is one of those singers of Punjab who has set his marks with his soulful voice. Be it a dance number, romantic song, all of these come naturally to Amrinder. I met him over Bombay airport where we were waiting for our flights back to Delhi. It was great to talk to him and I found him really humble and nice. And being a Punjabi, he was just like any other Punjabi guy, a little naughty,a little carefree and respectful to all who speak with respect to them.
He has brought out his new album, Ishq meaning Love this year. He talked about this album with me a little when we met. This album is having the same kind of quality that all of his past albums are having. Though all the songs are nice but for me one song stood apart which is Afwah(rumor). I was told about this song few days back from my friend Nancy when I went for haircut. I heard just two starting lines of it and absolutely loved it. I got back and I am listening it since then. You can listen to this song over YouTube here. This song is from that lover who  is told that his beloved doesn't love him. But he is not ready to believe on it.  His trust over his love doesn't let him believe on anything what is told to him about his beloved. So he is just saying to entire world that all of this what is being said to him is nothing but lie. But he is also mentioning that if what is told to him is true than he just don't want to live anymore coz its better to die once only than to die every passing day living with this feeling that that person whom he loved more than himself, more than anything else in this world, that person only never loved love him. So that's why he says either this all must be a rumor only or God should take him from this world if its true. That's why the name of the song is Afwah which means rumor. You can listen this song on here  and you can watch the video of this on YouTube here. I am posting the song right here too for your ease. Here it is,

This song is in Punjabi. I shall explain the meaning in English in a while. Here are the lyrics in Punjabi first:
Sabh kehnde ne oh badal gaye, oh bewafa ne!
Sun teer kalajeyon nikal gaye ke oh bewafa ne!
Eh tan ho nai sakda ohnu meri na parwah hove!
Jan rabba sadi jaan nikal jaye ya fer eh afwah hove!
Jan rabba sadi jaan nikal jaye ya fer eh afwah hove!
Jan rabba(repeat)

Chann de kolo channani te diwe kolon lo!
Ho sakda wakhri ho jaye fullan to khushbo!
Eh tan ho nai sakda ohda wakh mere ton rah hove!
Jan rabba sadi jaan nikal jaye ya fer eh afwah hove!
Jan rabba sadi jaan nikal jaye ya fer eh afwah hove!
Jan rabba(repeat)

Dharti de nal ambar russ jaye, rukhan de naal chhan!
Panchhi bul jawange uddna, raahi bhullan garan!
Dharti de nal ambar russ jaye, rukhan de naal chhan!
Panchhi bul jawange uddna, raahi bhullan garan!
Oh bhull jaye main jiunda reh jaan,Kithe maaf gunah hove!
Jan rabba sadi jaan nikal jaye ya fer eh afwah hove!
Jan rabba(repeat)

Sohne yaar di akhan de palkan te je athru jawe aa!
Raj kakre ro ro akhian bhar dewan daria!
Ishqe de vich dandian di ki is ton wadh saza hove!
Jan rabba sadi jaan nikal jaye ya fer eh afwah hove!
Jan rabba(repeat)

And the meaning in English is as follows:
All are saying that she is changed, she doesn't love me anymore!
Hearing this, my heart is like that its wounded by thousand arrows!
This is not possible that she has no feelings for me anymore!
God if this is true,I shouldn't be alive anymore,
Or this must be just a rumour!

Moonlight from moon, light from candle,
Its possible that fragnance may leave flowers!
But this is not possible that she has chosen another way!
God if this is true,I shouldn't be alive anymore,
Or this must be just a rumour!
God if this is true(repeat)

Sky can be angry from earth,
Shadow can be angry from trees!
Birds can forget how to fly,
And traveller can forget destination!
But if she has forgotten me and I am still staying alive!
From where I shall get mercy for this crime of mine!
God if this is true,I shouldn't be alive anymore,
Or this must be just a rumour!
God if this is true(repeat)

If a tear comes in the eyes of my beautiful love,
"Raj Kakre" eyes cry to the extent to fill oceans even!
What other worst punishment can be for the person,
Who has committed the crime of falling in love!
God if this is true,I shouldn't be alive anymore,
Or this must be just a rumor!
God if this is true(repeat)

I have no further words with me to tell you about what I am feeling for this song and its lyrics any further. I shall conclude by saying this only that the pain of seeing pieces of broken promises, pains of those laughing eyes who chase you where ever you go, those tears which all of a sudden come to eyes when they see some one saying that love is the most beautiful thing happened to him/her and he/she is so proud of his/her love, all this can't be explained in just words. If you want to understand the depth of that pain, if you want to know what it feels when you are sitting alone willing some one to just come, hug you and say , hey its okay, it was just a bad dream, I am right here beside you, I never went anywhere and I wont ever go either. You wait till eyes get tired even but you never see anything like that. You wait to hear those words but that moment never comes. With every message, anything that is from this world that can come to you, you just wish that this would be it, this would be that message which would say all this to you but you end up just waiting and that message never comes. And then you realize its not just a bad dream which is going to get over soon. Its a hard reality which is going to live with you till your last breath. You fight with all those who come and say to you hey listen to us, watch out, you are going to end up in tears on this way. You fight with all of them saying they are all liars and nothing like that won't happen ever. Its just not possible because your love is not like that. He/she loves you so much. But you know when you sit alone, you know in your heart , you pray to god that those all never must be right and this would never happen. And when it actually happens. when you are proved wrong despite all of your beliefs, claims and trust and the world is proven right, that moment is just so hard to face. Those eyes tear you apart and those smiles on everyone's face makes you realize that you have lost it. Despite all of what you had said, claimed, you have lost it because for whom you were standing and making everyone your enemy, that person only has left your hand. You know its a truth and its never going to be changed but still you pray to god as like the song says that this must be just a rumor only. Its just not should be a truth and if it is you shouldn't be alive to die that death every day, every breath of yours. Yes love is an ocean of fire but some times, that fire burns  everything of yours. You always try your best to give just happiness to that some one special and take away all his/her tears but some times, that someone special only leaves you drowned in tears. That's what love is "in real" my friend. Its not just road filled with roses. Hope you would like the song.

Not In A Good Mood....

Well actually I am just burning with anger at the moment. Why so? There are not one but many reasons and the biggest one is the fate. Some times, when you need some thing so desperately, that is not given to you. But when you need it least or you think some thing more better than that is there , it suddenly comes in front of you. Why now? Why only it has to come now only to not create a happy moment  but to make already running things more complex? Than there are people. The more I am seeing this world, the more this feeling is there that either that I am not for this world or this world is not for me. People don't care, value you when you are giving them your heart, soul, blood in everything. You are treated like the most unimportant thing in this world. You take it for so long and than you lose strength. And suddenly you start getting everyone's attention. Good isn't it but the twist is that that attention is not for good reasons but because you are made to realize this that even this is your own fault that now you are not having anymore strength to take upon what's happening. You are told that you have cheated upon them , used them and now you are moving upon. You are told that because of you, everything is suffering and you have not done anything for it. HUH? You are told that you are not guilty but you are the one who is not right too. Give me a break will you! Yes I am having some thing similar sort of happening at the moment. Fate has now brought up that opportunity which I wanted to have but at the same time brought that one too along with it which I always wanted to have. But the later one is the one which is totally different from the other one. So picking either one has become a major issue. Same story is with the people too. I guess I need to listen some thing to change my mood.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tough Times....

Yes I got back from my program. About the program, yes it went really well. And once again, as like always I met some great guys. Its a great privilege to have discussion with these sort of guys who not only want to learn but want to share also their views. Overall, a good experience.

But despite all of these good things, there are a lot of things happening which are not so smooth. A change is needed now and it has to happen very soon. Some times when you really want one thing to happen, it doesn't happen at that time. And when it starts happening than you are forced to stand on such a crossing which has two ends and both look good. But one can not walk on both the paths, he can chose only one. So I have to chose the best way for me. Lets see what this change over the newly chosen way would bring for me.