Thursday, April 28, 2011

Congrats Amit & Isha….

I am sitting here in the session and not really feeling well. I guess I need some rest which I am going to try to take after finishing this session. Hopefully, weekend should bring some of it for me. What has happened? Not sure actually, all I know is that I am feeling like vomiting and head is spinning like anything. Haven’t had anything since morning except for a glass of juice so can’t blame it on the food. Whatever it is, I hope its over by tonight since there is a lot that I need to do and there is no one who is going to give me a helping hand.  I shall keep this post really short given the fact that I am still in the session and it’s not a free time for me actually but I am sitting idle at the moment as the delegates are out for tea break, I thought to mention two small things out of which one is really not important but was a nice surprise but second indeed is!

As I am mostly in travels and none of that is a personal one, I get to travel via all kinds of airlines, low-cost, high-cost, cheap, you name it and I have travelled in it. Anyways, so this time it was actually a low-cost(but really good) airline for me, Indigo. They are low cost but still, extremely good for the first thing that they are really punctual. And this is one of those things which is I am really concerned about, being punctual. Be late and you have spoiled already the entire thing because I really and I mean REALLY care about being on time! Get late and you are (almost) done with me. Anyways, Indigo is really good in it and they hardly get out of the scheduled time. The staff is always nice too. The only thing which is not so good is that they don’t offer any free food which is easy to understand because that’s why their ticket price is lesser. I am not much into buying the in-flight food so I mostly will take a pass from it and the same I did this time too. I slept off when the air-hostesses were giving away the paid food. When it was about an hour left for the plane to descend, a air-hostess came to me and asked for my boarding pass. I had kept in my backpack which was placed above my seat and I told her that if she want I can get it from there but what’s the need, why she is asking for it? What she told was a nice surprise. She said that since you are a corporate  passenger Mr Sharma(I always like to hear that :-) ), there is a free mini meal that we have for you. Now,that sounded really good. Nothing is better than to get a free meal on an airline which doesn’t give anything for free except a “cup” of water( yeah cup only). I gladly said yes for it and requested her to give me a can of juice and something else than a sandwich. So she gave me an Orange juice can and a pack of salted dry fruits. Happy me! :-) .

Okay, that wasn’t probably much of the tale to be told. But the next thing is really important and I must say, I am really happy about it too. Long time back, in 2008, I had a chance to go to Allahabad for a training. It was for India Air Force officers and happened in their base office at Allahabad. It was one of the best experiences that I had since I got so much respect and love from those officers. They even gave me a big gift before I was about to leave from there. In that same session, there was an officer, who was a Punjabi guy. He initially thought that I am a very arrogant and a high attitude sort of person but later, after few days, he came to know that this is not true at all and we had a very good tuning afterwards. He is almost the same age of mine(elder actually which I came to know few days back) and is a really good person too. One day prior to my departure, he and his wife, Isha came to my hotel to meet me and we had dinner together. With a promise to be in touch, I left from there.

Time passed and I still had Amit’s number in my contact list. I even sent him text messages on various times but none of them went through. When we met last time, he told me that he is planning to come to Chandigarh. So I thought that he has finally made the move and is shifted that’s why the number is not working and my messages are not being delivered. I still had his number though( I keep the numbers all the time) . In this year starting, just before I was going to go for an overseas trip( which was the first overseas trip of this year and was a personal one and for which I worked REALLY so hard), I got a call from a girl. When I asked whose there, she said, you remember we had dinner together? Now that was something really surprising because I don’t forget anything(almost anything you can say) and I couldn’t recall that I had a dinner outside and that too with a gal. I said to her I am sorry I think I am not the right person whom you wanted to speak since I never went with you over a dinner and have no idea who you are to be honest. She said, do you remember that you came to Allahabad? Well, I certainly went so I said yes. She said, you remember you met there Amit and his wife Isha? What! I was completely shocked to hear from Isha after so many years and needless to say, I was very happy to see that both Amit and Isha, remembered me after so many years too. She said that we tried to call you many times but your phone was always off which I can completely understand because I am traveling most of the time and at that time, my mobile is off. She told me that they have moved to Banglore and next time, whenever I visit there, I must visit their place. How could I refuse to do so so I made a point that I did visit their house few weeks back when I visited Banglore. It was so good to meet both of them after so long and what was more good to see that how delighted they were to see me and how warmly they welcomed me! I don’t visit to people’s houses much. Only if I really think that the invitation is genuine, I shall do so and I was glad that I visited at Isha and Amit’s place. Isha was pregnant when I met her and she was expecting at the starting of May. I gave her my best wishes and asked Amit to give me a call right away when the good news will come. And he did call me to give the good news.

This week, just when I landed at Banglore on Sunday and was still in the plane only, I got a text from Amit that he and Isha are blessed with a baby boy. It’s after 5 years of their marriage and needless to say, he was so happy. And to hear him happy, I was also so happy. He told me that all went well and Isha and baby are still in the hospital. I asked him to let me know when both would return back to home so that I can come and see them. I am not keeping well since I have come here so I couldn’t call Amit but yesterday, I made a call to him to check that how’s everything. He said that the baby  wasn’t well from the last 2 days and so was Isha. But they are fine now and hopefully, by the end of the week, they would be back home. I shall be leaving by that time and I really don’t want to increase Amit’s problems by visiting to the hospital since he is all alone here and running from here to there by himself so I am going to visit to their home when I shall come here next time. Hopefully, all would go fine without any problems. I am just so happy for both Amit and Isha and I wish to god that the baby would fill their life with so much of happiness and smiles as they truly deserve it.

I thought it would be a small post but I guess, it finally didn’t come out to be a short one :-) . Getting back to the session now. Its almost lunch time too and given the experience of yesterday, I most probably, am going to skip it today. Let’s see what happens.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Two Lines But So True….

Since the delegates in my session are busy doing the lab practice and I am not feeling well enough to study, I was looking for something good to read and what can be better than a piece of poetry which you find so true? And as I said in the title, it’s just two lines but what is said in these two lines, is absolutely true. Have a read,

Us ki jafaon ne mujhe ek tehzeeb sikha di hai,
Main rote hue so jata hun par shikwa nahi karta!


And it’s meaning in English is,

Her cruelty has taught me an etiquette,

I sleep while being in tears but still don’t complain!


I think I must get back to my session and see what the delegates are doing? And about the poetry, isn’t it amazing?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Want To Go Home….

I am not sure why but I am not really happy with the way the session is going. I don’t know why this feeling is there but it’s there. I am not feeling well at all, fever, headache and cold are on their best at the moment. It wasn’t even 11am and my eyes were getting closed and head was spinning. Wish I could just go to home and sleep but as like always, wishes, at least of mine, are never fulfilled. Hope the day ends without any major problems coming in my way.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Poetry Once Again….

I have just woke up. Actually, that’s not correct to say because I didn’t sleep at all thanks to not feeling well at all. The tensed mind and sad heart were probably not enough that’s why fever, cold and headache also came to join the party. Anyways, I just read an old poetic snippet that I had with me from a long time but somehow I forgot about it. I just happened to see it in my repository last night when I was looking for something to read. It’s in Punjabi and it’s really good IMO.  I shall translate it’s meaning in English as well. Have a read,

Oh badle badle lagde ne,
Ohna dil uchheyan naal la laye ne!

Kehnde tuhadi na lod koi,
Asin sajjan hor bana laye ne!

Asin akhiyan bhar k keh ditta,
Jithe marji parakh k vekh lawo.

Kehnde asin tuhanu warat leya,
Hoon saanu tuhadi lod nai.

Ohde bol goonjde dil de vich,
Hoon asin haase hasne band karte.

Hoon dushman labhde firde aan,
Asin yaar banaune band karte!


And it’s translation in English,

She appeared to be a little changed now
She has relation now with the elite people.

She says that I don't need you anymore,
I have made new friend now.

With my eyes got wet with tears filled in them, I said,
Go and test whereever you want!

She said, I have used you already,
I don't need you anymore!

Now, those words echo in my heart,
I have stopped smiling completely.

Now, I look only for enemies everywhere,
I have stopped making friends!

Not sure what I can add to it from my side because it’s already so much good. When people look for just their own benefits, dreams of getting education in abroad, a better career and don’t care or bother about anything or anyone else in that process, there is only one thing that they are able to give to those who love and care them (without bothering about such things for their own) just tears, cries and a never ending pain in a pierced and shattered heart. How it feels to live with a wounded soul and a shattered heart, how much it pains, this is surely neither the problem or botheration of those who do nor they would ever be able to understand it too. Only that unfortunate soul knows it but guess what the irony is, he can’t even express his pain in words because that pain is far bigger than what words can ever possibly express. That’s why most of the times, this pain is hidden to many. The only thing that’s visible some times to the world is those wet eyes which get filled with tears just like that but even that’s not a good thing  because, this world is having majority of just two categories of the people, one who give those tears and another who laugh at them. It’s said that tears are the best way to ease the inner pains, at least a little if not much,  but when you find that even for being in tears for no fault of yours, you would be just laughed at, you keep them stored in those wet eyes who want to cry but don’t dare to . So when you can neither cry nor can stay without doing so, you get a punishment to be alive yet being dead, a punishment of doing just one crime that you are neither a part of the group who gives pains to their beloved without even giving  a damn about the thought that how they would feel to get a knife half stabbed in their heart and soul from their loved ones, thus keeping you alive yet leave you longing for death with every breath nor you are capable to laugh at the tears and pains of those who got this punishment. Since you are part of neither of these two groups but a third and discarded one, a group of those foolish people who still think and believe that’s if you give a promise, you should let your head slay than letting it fail, who give more importance to their beloved and anything related to her than to themselves and who still believe that there is nothing more important than your beloved and her love. It was never a perfect world but it seems, even believing and doing things which were true and correct since the start of this world too, is becoming a crime now a days whose punishment is given by none other than those for whom all this would be done. May be the imperfect world has become complete insane or may be, some has never learned the ways to live in this world and must leave it asap. What is true out of the two things, I truly don’t know.

Though I want to say a lot but I guess I must stop and get some medicine for me first otherwise it would be a lot more tough for me to go for my next session which is just in front of me.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And It Just Made My Day….

I am not in a good mood, thanks to many things and some people but I just got the below comment on my Oracle blog and it made my day.

hi Sir,
i am a new guy to read your block.but i am very very thankful to you because you are sharing your knowledge with us. that is very great thing.i know your are the best human being in this universe.i pray to god who is giving every thing give every thing to u and your family ameen.i am waiting for you new book.plz tell me when it is coming.

I am not sure that I have really done something so good and/or I am actually so much better/good? But I am feeling really honored to hear so kind words for me. Thanks so much Riaz for being so kind, that’s all I can say.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Being Poetic, Yet Again….

I am not a poet by any means. But I do write some times, some random lines of poetry, thinking about some things. I am sure that if a real poet would look at my writing, they will surely give it the worst rating but there is no way that I ever believed or dared to claim that I am a poet or have a poetic sense. So continuing the trend of bad poetry done by me here, here , here , here and here , here is one more attempt of mine to write few lines of poetry. As I said all the times, I am not a poet and have no claim that what I have written is of any quality. If you think that its a really bad poetic work, believe me, I know it myself too. With that warning in mind, have a read,

Aansoon chupke as bhigo denge tumhara aanchal,
Jab tumhein meri mohbatt ka khyal aayega!

Ik aah sunayi degi meri tumhein haule se,
Jab koi purana kagaj ka tukda mera naam gunganeyga!

Nam ankhon se talashogi mujhe,
Khamosh hothon se tab pukarogi mera naam,
Jab ik din yeh badnaseeb is duniya se chala jayega!

And here is it’s translation in English,

Tears will make your veil wet silently,
When you would remember my love!

A cry you will hear,
When an old piece of paper will whisper my name!

With wet eyes you would look for me,
With silent lips then you would call my name,
When someday this unfortunate will leave this world!

Bad poetry, isn’t it! But what else can be there from a bad guy, right?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Short But Good Trip Is Over….

If you are a regular here, you must have read this and also must be aware that I was at Chennai. I have finished my session which was a relatively short but it was a good one. With a holiday in between, I also got  some time to get myself relaxed a little, a not-so-often thing but a nice thing for sure.

The session, in my opinion, did go well. I can’t be really sure about it as I am still waiting for the official review to come but I am still hopeful that it should be okay. Reason, well as I have mentioned couple of times before too, if the delegates, while leaving on the last day, have a smile on their face, do ask you about your email and contact details, it means that you didn’t bore them for the last few days and they did like what you said, if not much, at least somewhat and they did find out that you are a person to get in touch later too when they would have troubles with the oracle database. So on that account, I think the things went well. It was a very nice, fully packed session with the delegates from diversified technical backgrounds. Though it was a really hectic schedule but I did try to make sure that I keep the environment within the session somewhat light so that the delegates won’t feel drained out from LOTS of knowledge being bombarded over them. I did try my best but thanks to a really tight schedule, I did hear this from few that they are indeed feeling that a lot is being told to them and they are not really able to keep up with the pace of that knowledge bombardment. Well, I can’t help much in it because I know, in any full day schedule, that’s bound to happen. Still, the delegates did confirm that despite that there is a lot being told to them, they are finding the entire module very informative and they would use all the info somewhere for sure in their work environment. I think that’s a really good thing to hear because if a delegate can’t translate the knowledge given to him in his work and can’t take back that info with him, his time has got wasted then sitting in the session and I really really hate if that would happen. I put a lot of effort to ensure that it won’t happen at all and I was happy to hear that it didn’t happen. The delegates were really good, friendly and keen to know more about everything whatever was being told to them, all the signs of an excellent audience. It was a short session(3 days only) but still, due to elections happening at Tamilnadu, we got a day off in that short schedule as well. I didn’t do anything much on that day. There were couple of news that I got to hear on that day though and not all were so pleasant if one would ask me. Anyways, it was still  a good thing to get a break between the schedule and I really feel, if that can happen all the time, it would help a lot both, the delegates and me to get a little relaxed, revive ourselves and be ready for the remaining portion of the schedule in a better way. But it’s a day dream only and it won’t ever happen :( . Anyways, it was just one day after the holiday for us within the session. Besides the technical talk,I did encourage the delegates to be as much as social as possible as that’s a really good way to get acquainted with what’s happening with Oracle database community. I hope that the delegates would accept my suggestion and it would help them in their journey of learning and working with oracle database. In the end, as I mentioned before, they all had a smile on their face and all took my contact information which IMO, is a good sign. For me,it was a good session and honor that I could share some of the little knowledge of mine with the delegates, a really tough thing to do when you know just a thing or two about such a massive piece of software. Thanks a lot everyone, it was a great time spent and I hope that I was able to share some info that would be productive and useful for you in the near future. Now, I believe I shall have some free time with me. I am not so sure about it yet but I am trying to get few days, 2-3 at least , free and get myself relaxed a little. Yes, I am a human too and I also feel tired :) . Time now to have a cup of tea.

Oh, how could I forget it? In the session, two delegates, when came along with me for tea, so where do you live in Italy? Italy, who, me? I didn’t even get the question for a minute but when I realized what they asked, I asked them how on earth you think that I am from Italy in the first place :) ? They said that this is what they were thinking since the starting of the session that I am from Italy but then how come I have so clear flow of spoken English? HAHA now that was so delightful thing that I heard to be honest. I really wanted to say that though I am very stylish but couldn’t be at my best here in the dressing but still I am not from Italy :D! But I just said, no, I am from India only :) . Am I really that stylish, I guess the answer is hmmm _ _ (if you think that you got the answer, I can assure you that you didn’t ;-) ).

Friday, April 15, 2011

(Belated) Happy Vaisakhi….

I know I am late but what could I do, it was a working day for me and the internet was not working at all for me the entire day. Then I had to travel which never is a smooth sailing for me. So I got delayed in this post. Even today, despite not being well, I was actually so much busy running from here and there. What about not being well? Well, I guess got a “little” headache and also a little bit of fever not sure why. Anyways, better late than never so here it goes, a (belated) very happy Baisakhi to all of you. Hope you had a real good time yesterday celebrating it and I wish and hope that the new year would bring lots of joys, happiness and success for you. Signing off to catch some sleep because eyes and as in fact, the whole body is hurting so much badly.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Holiday, Oh Yeah…

Did the title of the post sound that I am really happy that I got a break between my schedule of today, thanks to the elections happening at Chennai? Well, guess what, I really was happy till yesterday and till sometime by this morning too. But that was then, right now, I am not really bothered about this holiday because some other things have taken control over my mind and the sense of having a holiday has just flew off from the window. But I still couldn’t think of any other title except the one that I have used. if it did send a wrong message, well, I can’t do anything in it.

The very first thing that I got to hear today was a schedule for me that was for an overseas location. If one knows me, I am working really hard and when I say hard, it really does mean it. So given that reason, I would have accepted the schedule but I didn’t. And I shall try my best that I wouldn’t let any other schedules come along my way for the same location as well. Needless to mention, this call of mine-to reject the program, didn’t go very well with those who do the scheduling and also with the people who are from sales. I know I have made a lot of people upset but I can’t help anything in it given the fact that I am equally, if not more, upset. And guess what, that’s not the only country, keep on reading.

The second call I got was from a lawyer whom I asked to file a case of mine for the relocation of mine to an another country(no, not going to mention the name). He called up also today only to tell me that he is ready with my case and is going to file it. Well, I said no for it and asked him to return me my documents. He was baffled up like anything and also was mad like hell over me when I heard it and I can’t blame him for it as well because I was after him like anything to get it done and I don’t know how many times I told him that it must be done at any cost. Anyone, if would be pressed so hard first for something and then told that it’s not needed anymore like it’s nothing, would have the right to get upset and mad over that person who brought it all over to him and that person,in this case, is me. He hung up over me with saying this, “you know Aman, it’s a career suicide”, listening to which a smile came over my face which he (obviously) couldn’t see. Why? Because little did he know, I have committed a career suicide many years back when I tore up a letter which came to me like a piece of cake and there are suicides more than of career as well. I know what I just said doesn’t make any absolute sense but guess what, that’s what was the intention as well.

So now, from this resolution, it’s one more country which is added to an already existing list of one country and state, making it now two countries and one state(within India). But that’s what happens when someone who doesn’t get upset easily gets pissed off like hell! I don’t get upset easily, that’s a characteristic of my nature and also a trait of my sun sign, Aquarius. But on the same page, it’s not a good thing at all to make someone who doesn’t get upset often, upset. If you don’t know much about Aqua guys, read this & this. Speaking about the countries and state, one out of the two countries, I haven’t travelled yet and the other one, well, I have been there for 4 times out of which twice, I just sat in a darn hotel room for two days and then came back. I know it would be nothing for many-i.e. to travel to a foreign country and that’s the same for that person too for whom I went. When life and death of someone has no importance and meaning but study in abroad, career and better life is,  crossing oceans and traveling thousands of miles or doing something/anything obviously wouldn’t have any importance too. Very few actually know the pains and troubles that did come to get it all done though and except those people, none else would ever come to know about it ever too because if the person, for whom those things were done, couldn’t bother to understand the meaning of it, anyone else would never ever even can come closer to get that too. May be, it really isn’t a big deal but still if you want to ask what’s the importance of flowers, ask from the one who has got a fate to sleep on thorns, if you want to ask what is hunger, ask from the one who doesn’t get to eat for days and if you want to understand how tough it can be to do something when you have no help, resources and even support to do it, you need to do something like this by yourself. Than only it can be realized what it is to travel thousands of the miles? Its so easy to say that I want to study in abroad and also, a better job before anything else but what it takes to tear away a job’s offer letter for the sake of a promise, even when you know that it may be one of the biggest career suicides that you are going to commit, it’s not possible to understand when all one cares about his/her own self and nothing and no one else. It takes nothing to be selfish about yourself, wish and work for the better things and life for you but it takes a lot to leave yourself aside and do something for someone else. It really does takes a lot to do anything like this, trust me!

Last but certainly not the least thing which has spoiled the mood of mine completely is that my mom is not keeping well and also is very tensed (and me too) about something. I still have to see what would I need to do about those tensions when I shall get back home. All I can do is, besides putting my best efforts, to hope and wish that all would be fine soon but will it really be, I don’t know!

Monday, April 11, 2011

That’s Why….

I got an email on my personal website about this true statement asking this that how come I can be calling it an absolute true statement? Though I am not sure what’s not true about it but still, a question is a question. Instead of replying there, I thought I shall put it here itself. There is no way to measure the trueness of the statement but you know it must be true when you have heard this, “if I wanted you to be mine, I would have done it long back.”


I have reached at Chennai and would be starting up the session tomorrow. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a real tough one. Why? Well, I don’t know why because it’s a hunch but most often, my hunches do no prove to get wrong. Anyways, whatever will happen, I shall only come to know tomorrow. About the travel, it was a lighter one. There isn’t much distance from Banglore to Chennai and my flight took just an hour(or even lesser than that, about 45 minutes) to get here. I was having two options for the flight, at 6am and 2pm and I picked the later one. I thought it would be better to reach here in the evening and take some rest rather than staying the entire day here alone. Though I was alone at Banglore too but still, the place where I stay there is very lively and because of this, its easy to pass time there even just by sitting in the garden outside the hotel and watch people. So it was a correct decision to come here in the evening. It was a little scary drive though from hotel to the airport because the driver of my cab was falling asleep almost in every few minutes. I even asked him to stop the car and wash his face(which he did too) but still, that didn’t help him much. We were about to hit the rear of a truck when he just pulled the breaks hearing my loud "STOP”! But, since I am writing this post sitting here, this means that I am still alive(unfortunately for few who would be really happy once I shall be dead). There was nothing else unusual which did happen. There wasn’t much rush on the airport which was a nice surprise. There was still one unfortunate incident which did happen on the airport when a gal slid down on the floor really badly. It was this much severe she broke one of her front tooth and was bleeding so much. I was sitting just beside that place and I immediately made her sit(she didn’t even get up for a minute or so) and then made her sit on the chair. By that time, few other passengers also rushed towards her. She was crying with so much of pain and also because of this that she lost the front tooth and being a gal, it would effect her a lot. Though there are workarounds to sort it out but still, till it wouldn’t get sort out, it would be a trouble for her. Another trouble for her was(I believe ) that she was traveling alone and that’s the last thing that you can ask for to happen when you get an injury and that too away from your home. One another fellow female passenger took her to washroom to get her face cleaned and I called up the airline staff to take her to some medical facility. Not sure what would had happened to her there but she wasn’t in a very good condition when I sent her with the airline ground staff. Hope she gets better soon.

Speaking about sickness, I myself am having a really bad headache right now when I am writing this post. Along with this, the right elbow of mine which got hurt few weeks back, hasn’t got cured. I still can’t keep it on the solid surface because when I do so, it hurts just  so much. And from the past few weeks, the other elbow of mine, which has a fracture in it, has also started hurting so badly for god-knows-what reasons. When I shall go back home, I shall try to get some time out and visit a bone specialist for my right elbow(nothing much can be done for left one except that it needs to get operated, something which I don’t want to do). Hope the doc would be able to do something to at least to get the pain relieved a little.

Its midnight (and Monday) already and I should be asleep but there is no sign of sleep in the eyes. May be I need to see some doctor for this too :) . Have a happy Monday and a great week ahead!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week Came To Its End(With A Good Note)….

Though it’s supposed to be a weekend but it wasn’t for me. It was a working day for me since I happened to start this week on Tuesday because there was an official holiday in South India on Monday. I had spent two days before coming here in lot of chaos. There are a lot of things going on and at times, it just feels like that all of it is just too much. To make matters worse, at times, the loneliness comes and kills as well. I just talked to my mom when I came back and what I heard from her about what’s going on and also about her health, it just shook me up.

Just about when I was lost in all these (and still I am) lost in such tensions related to family, there was another thought which was striking within my head all the time. And that was about the session which was scheduled for me for this week. Though I have taught this module for some 50 times now but still, given the client and the module combined together, there were sufficient reasons for me to be really worried about what’s going to happen. I know the module but still, an uneasy feeling was there(which is still there but now for another client whom I am visiting on Monday) that what would happen in the session, whether it would go fine or not etc etc. One can imagine from this that even after I was back from the session, I would just sit in my room and study for the next day(remember that I said, 50 times already!). A really tough session it was but may be that’s the reason that I did put a little extra efforts into it to make it get completed successfully and guess what, it did go well :)!

When I started off the session, it did start with a delay because there were some glitches related to projector, display sheet etc and then the client had some settings to do on the local machines to make it accessible, which also took time. Also, many of the delegates , they got late. Despite all the glitches and issues, we were able to start the session before the tea-break and also, did do a lot of discussion as well. Though all the delegates were so senior guys, they were still so friendly, nice and co-operative. It was just so good to be with for these last five days and spent hours of discussion about Oracle db. I haven’t yet got the official rating so my fingers are crossed but still, I am hoping(and wishing) that it wouldn’t be so bad if won’t be so good. It would take two days for it to get reflected in our systems so I have to wait till that time and that’s something that I am not very happy to do. Anyways, about the delegates, as I said that all were very nice and friendly. It can be easy to imagine that how good they would be that on the end of the session i.e. today, two of the most senior members(both are managers and leading their own teams) of the group, took me for dinner at a theme restaurant called Gufa restaurant. Its a theme restaurant whose theme is cave(that’s what the meaning of the word Gufa is as well) . I did like the place and it’s ambience but I am not too sure that I can say the same about the food and its taste as well. But still, that’s my personal opinion and given the fact that there were so many people visiting the place, I guess its better that if you are coming to Banglore, you should give it a go at least for once and see how do you find it? But all said and done, still it was due to the kind invitation from the delegates that I went to this place so my big thanks goes to S and V and also to the entire group. I hope you guys have enjoyed the session and also this, that we shall meet you soon. Thanks again so much :) .

So this week is finally over and it did come to an end with a smiling note but still, there seems to be no end visible to my tensions still. Tomorrow I shall be at another place for which traveling would start in the morning itself. That program is going to be a tough, really tough one and thinking about it is already making me feel so nervous. And to just put the last cherry on the cake, an extremely severe headache is there as well along with both the elbows are having pain as well , thanks to the accidents that did happen some time back with me. Okay just to be precise, one is a recent one and happened just a few days ago and other  a few  years ago. I have been suggested to go to a doctor to my friends but I have decided that I wont go to him, no matter what. Whatever headache has to do with me, I shall let it do it :) .

Its really late for me and since I am going to be traveling tomorrow, a little bit of sleep wont hurt to make me feel refreshed(if I actually would be able to sleep). So I shall try to catch some sleep now and take some rest :) .

Friday, April 08, 2011

A True Statement-3….

At times, in just a line or two, a lot is said. I have written about two such short but absolutely true statements here and here. Here is another short but an absolutely true factual statement is below,

If someone seriously wants to be a part of your life, they will seriously  make an effort to be in it!

Tell you what, it’s really true because those who really want you to be with them, be in their lives, they would do anything to make it happen! They won’t give priority to their dreams of study in abroad, career. Why would anyone value these things than someone who loves the one truly, madly and deeply, if that’s the question you are thinking to ask, I don’t have any answer to it neither would have one ever.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

WoooHooo We Are World Champions Baby….

In case you were not watching the final match of Cricket World Cup 2011 between India and Sri Lanka, this is just to tell that India has become the world champion! WOOOHOOO WOOOHOOOO YEEEEEYYYYYYY! I know nothing about this game, NOTHING but still, I am so happy, I am really really so much happy! When I was born, two years after that, India did become the world champion at that for the first time. But at that time, (obviously) I had no idea what happened and how important and big it was for us! But now, after 28years of that event, when I am 30 years old, India has done it again and did it with not just any fluke or so, India did it with just pure talent! We, India, have beaten three time world champion Australia(my personal favorite)  , Pakistan in this world cup tournament and in the finals, we competed head-to-head , looked right into the eyes of our opponents , gave them a real tough competition and most importantly, won the quest! I am just so happy, so much for India, for Indian cricket team and to each and every person who wished and prayed for this to happen! I absolutely hate Munaf Patel but just for today, I shall loosen up a bit and convey my best wishes to him too because he also was a part of the winning team and in the last few games, he did some good things for the team and contributed positively. My friends Amardeep, Ankit, Anand, Neeraj and me as well, we all were getting crazy from the last few days thinking and worrying about the final results and I am just so glad that we finally are able to see that result only which we expected and wanted to witness! Given the fact that we already have had the toughest of the games in this world cup and despite this too that we did win those tough games too, still it wasn’t a journey filled with roses for us at all.  But all said and done, winning the finals is not comparable with anything else and guess what, we have just did win the grand finale today! So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s done, it’s official, it’s true that we, India are world champions of cricket and we are going to be holding the crown till the next 4 years :) . Once again, my heartiest congratulations to entire India, to cricket team of India and all who contributed in any ways for it, hats off to you guys and thank you so much for giving us these proud moments of victory! And in the last, a picture of team India after winning the cup,


Saturday, April 02, 2011

Really Joyful Two Weeks….

I have just come back after a really long and tiring travel. Though I am so much sleepy, tired and also hungry,  but still, I decided to write about the last two sessions of mine which I finished in the last two weeks and fortunately, both have went really well. It’s always so good to see that people actually like what you tell them and appreciate your passion about something. I do try my level best to give my best possible efforts to make a program go as smoothly as possible and the only way to know that it really did happen once I get to hear the feedback and comments of the delegates, both in the written and verbal format.

The first class was relatively of an easy module. It was for the basic administration skill set and relatively, the delegates also were not very familiar with the database and it’s working. Though I love to talk about database whenever and wherever possible but discussing about with those who are completely new to it, that’s an absolute charm for me. Why? Because its so easy to fill an empty cup but if the cup is already full, its very tough to add something more to it. That’s the same what happens when the delegates are not having much of the idea about the database. And I just feel that I must tell them as much as possible about oracle db and how it works(with whatever little I know). Its so good to see the light bulb getting lit on their heads and see the shine in their eyes when they understand a complex concept. And as I say always, I am fortunate enough that I have always got very good delegates in my session and this also was not any different. The delegates were really good, friendly, co-operative and also very keen to know and understand about oracle db. It was a great fun and my honor to discuss oracle db and also, a little about Cricket with them. I am not really into Cricket and this can be very evident from the fact that all I know about this game is that one side does bawling and another side does batting. And I don’t watch complete match, never did and neither will ever do. All I do care about is that what’s the final result? If you have are a regular here, you must be aware that I was especially happy when there was a victory of India over Australia and don’t ask me why but I just was so happy! Anyways, so we did discuss that match and a little about Cricket in-between the sessions. But overall, it was more of Oracle db that was the topic of discussion and must be because I was there for doing that only, cricket just happened to be happening while we were doing that :) . It was a very good session and all the delegates, very kindly, gave me very good remarks in the final rating including a very good rating score as well. Thanks so much guys and I hope that I can be with you all in some another session discussing Oracle again :) .

There was a free weekend for me and since I was also having company of a colleague who also taught me and for me, still she is my teacher first than colleague) . Though she is my colleague and also my teacher, still she treats me like her younger brother and whenever I need to look for some advice, I go to her straight away. She knows almost all about me , what has happened with me and because of that, a certain topic also was a part of the discussion this time when I met her this time. Anyways, that topic is not going to be discussed here but what I shall discuss(in an another blog post) would be that we both spent the weekend together, starting right from Friday evening itself. She is at Hyderabad from last 2 months serving a contract and didn’t go to any place except this time when I came there. Whenever we both are together(which happens very less even when we are from the same city), we do try to go out and see the place where we are at that time(mostly it would be Hyderabad only). This time, we had a great fun discovering new places and also, tasting new cuisines. I did had  a great time spending an evening with my friend Sidhu last week. All about that, would be in an another post :) .

So after the weekend was over(which was a great fun, did I say that already ;-)), it was time to start another session and this was actually completely different from the first one because it was a very tough module and was for very senior delegates. Though the number of delegates was not very big but they were all very senior and already had a very fair idea about oracle db and it’s workings. That’s an another sort of challenge because when the delegates are senior and are so knowledgeable, one needs to be very precise in choosing and saying his statements. There were two delegates whom I knew already very well. Both are my friends and one of them, has already attended 3 another sessions of mine. Everything was going great except for one day when one of the delegates asked me about my Oracle book and when it’s releasing. Hmm now that was a little (happy) surprise because I don’t talk about my book and about me being an Oracle ACE. I never mention anything like that when I give my introduction before the starting of the program and neither about my blog. I know many would say “why'” but that’s what I am, I don’t like to self-praise me and also to brag about myself. If someone finds out anything out of these things on his own, its a different thing and I do reply all the questions asked after that but I never try to start these topics myself. Anyways, so the delegate asked me and after that, some other things also came out (like how many ACE’s are there and how did I become one, my interest about oracle db and so on) . I must say, I am not so comfortable talking about myself like a Guru. I do like to talk so much about how one can become good in Oracle db, can become a real expert aka Guru and also about Oracle ACE but when it  comes to me, I am not very good in giving answers. Anyways, it was still a great time spent talking about all that stuff with the delegates and I was so happy to see that how much respect they gave to me, being an Oracle ACE. Thanks so much guys, I really am not that much big expert and certainly not a Guru at all.I am just an ordinary, normal guy who loves Oracle db and knows a little about it, that’s all. But still,thanks so much for all the nice words and interest in my book. I hope it comes out soon and I can have a real review from you guys about it. Till then, thanks once again from the bottom of my heart! For a small guy like me, this all means so much, trust me!

It was indeed a very good time spent in the last two weeks. I am free now for two days and in this time, would try to finish some of the unfinished personal tasks of mine along with taking some rest to gear up for a really hectic and tense week which is coming ahead for me. Hope it goes fine. As I said, I shall be writing about the (rare) good times that I experiences soon so  as it is said, do keep watching this place :) . Have a great weekend all!