Sunday, June 21, 2009

One More Broken Heart By One More Heartless Person....

I am not sure why it does happen that some people are just so heartless to see anything beyond themselves? They don't really care what it feels when due to their acts, some one may have lost his smiles for forever and become dead while being alive. For them, all what matter is that which is good for them. If some one even gets tears for life time, it just doesn't matter to them.

I have a friend here. I shall not put the name of him. He is one of those guys who I truly see as a nice and cheerful person, some one who I would love to be a friend with and would look forward to spend time together. He is so much popular every where. You can imagine from this that there is a tea stall, even that guy knows and admires his cheerful nature. When I met him for the first time about 2 years ago, I found him the same as I was few years back. There is nothing that I am putting here in praise of mine ( I hate to say anything good about me) but its true, I know it and those who know me past last 9 years, they would tell you the same. He does everything in a unique way, some time really crossing the limits even. He would make sure that all around him are smiling, happy and are having a good time. I can say a lot but I guess you got the point. I always wished that he would remain the same all the time and no matter what, this smile over his face won't go away ever! Knowing him, I had a feeling that it would not happen that he would be sad ever. I was wrong because I forgot that he has a heart too and that can be broken down into pieces, leaving him shattered.

Few months back when I came here, he asked me couple of things about relationships, gals , love and all this kind of stuff. I must mention here that he never asked this before as he never had any intimate relations with gals. So I told him what I know, at least I tried to tell him. He didn't tell me what's going on and I didn't ask him with a stress too. All went as usual and I was back home , thinking that finally he has got someone and that gal would be very lucky who would get a beloved like him. Time passed and I got a chance to come back here again. I met him and came to know that he is finally going on a date. I don't have a habit of digging out details of anyone's personal matters like this one so I just kept mum , praying that all must go well with him and his gal. Again, I finished my work and got back. This all happened couple of months ago. I didn't ask him who is the gal or anything other too. Once again, time passed and I got back here. I didn't ask him again how are the things and I didn't see anything wrong too. It was part because of the fact that I always get so much busy in my work here so I don't get a chance some times to sit with my friends over here for longer time. It was all (appearing) good until the time we all sat for lunch. When we were all sitting , I was told by another friend that did you notice something? This friend of us was also sitting, so I looked at him and said , what is it? He said there is nothing and these people are just pulling the things without any reason. I got a feeling that some thing is wrong some where for sure. I was much busy in those days so I couldn't ask anyone any details. But few days back, me and one common friend went out to have some snacks. There he told me that some thing wrong has happened. He told me that I must have noticed that his smile is missing and he is looking visibly lost. I asked what happened, for which he said that this guy didn't discuss anything with us. Well, we came back and I decided to just have a look for a day. I did and it was indeed, a guy whose smile was among the most popular assets of him, it was indeed missing. His all activities were appearing like machine controlled ones. There was some thing wrong for sure and now I had to know what it was.

Just few days back, I sat with him in my break and I asked him what's going on. He told me the same what he told to all others too that there is nothing wrong. I am not such an easy going person when I have some thing struck in my mind so I just refused to listen all this stuff and kept on asking. Finally he told me that there is indeed some thing wrong happened between him and his gal. When I asked what happened and what he told me, after hearing that, I really wished that that gal must had been in front of me. What he told that that gal just called him one fine day and told him that from now onwards, there is nothing between them. Upon asking that what happened, all what she said was that being with him is putting her in trouble and she doesn't want that to happen. I asked what sort of problems she faced, for which he said that she told him that her parents saw his messages over her cell and due to this, she got so much of scolding and she doesn't want to get scolded because of him! So the best part is, they should not stay together now. Now you wont' believe how very much pist off I was ( and still am) when I heard this crap. I mean that's among the biggest nonsense that I can imagine some one can say to his/her beloved that just because he/she got some scolding and this is uncomfortable for them to hear, they wont continue with that other person. Is this what is supposed to be called love? Those who really love their loved ones, they give away their heads even without having any second thought, give up anything and everything what they have for their loved one, even their lives too but don't let their loved ones go away. History is filled with tons of stories where lovers , both guys and gals, gave up their lives, got hit by stones but never said a word even as it was all for their love, above which nothing really matters. But what I am hearing is that just because some one is afraid of her own damn comfort and safety, she is finding that the best would be throw away the guy like a used napkin because of him, she is facing some issues. Not sure what to say about it, what words to use for this? All I can say that one needs to be really heartless for even thinking about doing this to that person whom is in love with her blindly. What was his fault? He told me that he is not able to understand anything out of this whole episode that what to say to her and what to say to himself? I knew exactly what he was feeling so I just told him that to gather him self up and not to think about her. He is much better for her and he doesn't need to be like this for some one who have no value of him. I know , these words wouldn't help him and he will suffer for a long time. Any one who is stupid enough  to be nice, having  a loving, caring and true heart, he has no other choice but to suffer. It did hurt so much to see someone so nice like him to be completely quite now. He doesn't smile, even when he does, its just artificial. He appears to be smiling to others but I know what he is feeling from inside. I just saw one more heart getting broken thanks to someone who just cared about herself, just bothered about her own benefits. One more smile got lost in the lonely valleys of sadness, one more pair of eyes got filled with tears.

I don't know what to say. I have really no words! I shall just conclude by saying this that it may sound perfect to think about yourself, look for your own benefits but actually its not. Its good to look for your own benefits, good career, study in abroad and all other things like these but are they really so much important and precious that for them, even slaying some one's head doesn't matter at all? I guess not! These are all things which one can have any time in his /her life but it may not happen that every day would love you from the core of his heart without asking for anything in return, would give you smiles even when you give him just tears. It won't happen every day that someone would be happy to give up everything for you just for your sake and still would be happy doing that. Giving some one tears can never be called or justified as a right act when he has not done anything wrong with you, even when someone has done wrong with you, it is said that don't revert back to him with the same bad intentions. When we say it for those who have done wrong with us , when we say its not right to make any one cry or hurt some stranger too, than how come hurting that person who loved you can be called right? I don't understand why people put themselves first before anything, even before their loved ones? If you have no importance in your heart for that person, if his tears matters the least for you, if your own comfort , your own prestige matters the most for you than why did you ruin some one else's life for no fault of him? It may not impact to that person who is doing this. It won't bother him that some one has lost his sleep, peace of his heart , smiles over his face. A sword can never understand how it feels when from it some one's head gets slayed. Its only that person who is undergoing that pain knows that what it feels to get a heart broken! I shall just say this that don't do this to anyone in your dreams too. It takes a lot to love trust some one, give her your heart. Value this, feel its importance. Its not every day that someone would say give away his heart in your hands trusting that you would keep it safe. Its not everyday that some one would share with you all his secrets, all his joys and sorrows ,believing that you would keep those secrets safe with you, you would lessen those pains and with you, those joys would get doubled. It doesn't happen everyday and surely not with all. So if some one has chosen you for giving all these , value this. Giving tears to some one is just so easy. Try making some one smile, you would come to know how hard it is? Its just so easy to come and complain that some one has done nothing for you, its just so easy to say someone that what ever he has done for you , it was just his own wish, you never asked him to do anything so it doesn't matter to you what problems he faced for doing all that? Try plucking a rose even, you would come to know how hard it is to get that too when there are so many thorns are around it? Its so much easy to overlook that someone crossed oceans, climbed mountains, traveled miles for you, its not that easy to do all this. And those who do all this and much more than this even, for their loved ones, they don't do it to get some medals or get their names written some where but they just do it because they have love in their heart, so much love for their loved ones! They too could look for their own benefits, their own prestige but they never did that because above anything else, love and beloved's matter! It is said that things are to be used and people are to be loved. But seems in this world, people are to be for use and things to be loved! Not sure why , really not sure know it is like this?


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