Friday, June 19, 2009

Done With One, Now One More To Go For....

I just finished this week's session. It went really well. The delegates were really very nice and cooperative. I did this program for some professionals who are starting to be future oracle gurus but it was really great to see that all wanted to be knowledgeable professionals and not just another guy/gal who does work in the oracle database for making a living. We did discuss a lot of technical stuff but also I tried to share with them some of the things which I thought would help them grow , not just technically but also personally. I hope it works well for them and they all would become great oracle db technologists. All were smiling and asked for email address while leaving which is a good sign to tell that program went well. Just about the time when all left , it was me and one more delegate who left in the room. She had some issues in her db and I wanted to ensure that she has a running db so that she could do practice. When we were doing the installations and waiting for it to get finished, she asked me that am I from North India, for which I said yes , certainly I am. She told me that before joining the program, her friends asked her that who is the guy whose session she is attending and she told my name( it was sent to their emails already) and also that I am from North India. She told me that immediately all of her friends told her that it would be a good learning experience. I asked her that who are those guys/gals for which she told me few names and I could recall some of the names as those delegates attended some of my old sessions. I just couldn't say anything. She told me that you are very popular among the guys/gals here , for which I just could say that hope its not for anything bad. I just didn't get what to say as if you ask me, I am not at all worthy of all these good words. A guy like me is nothing actually( will be posting a post depicting some of the reasons soon) and also I don't know much about Oracle as well. So in any ways, I don't deserve to hear such good remarks for me! A thanks may sound very small but that's all I can say for all these good words though!

So now, I got 2 days free with me before I start the next program. I want to go and have lunch at a restaurant. I went there long time just for once and the experience was just great! I have got couple of friends over here, with the only thing that they all live much far from my hotel. I did call one of my friends in the evening today to go along with me tomorrow for lunch/dinner. Hope he gets some time out and we shall go together. I am told to do some shopping for me but I shall sleep rather than doing shopping. I am not feeling well and I don't want to get more sick while being away from home. Hope a meal outside won't do any harm!


Blogger Joel Garry said...

You do deserve it! It's good to remain humble, Oracle will remind you to be humble if you don't, but it is ok to accept praise with grace.

Keep up the good work!

June 20, 2009 2:00 AM  
Blogger Aman.... said...


Trust me when I say this, I couldn't really believe that I got a comment from you and that too were so kind words for me! I can't ask for more! It means so much for me! A guy like me, who knows just so little, for him hearing these words from Guru like you, that's the best I could ever ask for!Thank you so much Joel!


June 20, 2009 1:13 PM  

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