Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sis beat them all!

My younger sister is a trained beautician and skin and make-up expert!Her company organized a "Best Employee and Technician" award ceremony this Monday.  It was organized to honor the best person and technician in the company whose efforts and dedication outstand the rest all.Sis is with this company from just few years.  Despite her being still a junior,she managed to beat all the others and grabbed this award for her constant excellent record.  With this she has proved that there is nothing like a senior or a junior in an organization.  What matters the most and is required for one to outshine and get noticed is hard-work,dedication and a deep interest in that job which you are doing.  Needless to mention that I am really glad and proud on her!I just hope  and wish that she manages to get this award each and every year,proving that she is the "Best among the BESTS"!Congrats sis!

Shrek 2....

I watched Shrek 2 yesterday.  I saw the first part about an year ago.  In one word,EXCELLENT!Story line,characterization,animation,everything was great.  I really like cartoons and cartoon flicks.  There are not many good movies which came out and managed to be this much successful.  This movie is a must watch if you are like me who watch cartoons and enjoy them.  Story is carried ahead from the last movie where our hero,Shrek now has to met with his wife,Princess Fiona's parents which leads to problems,disagreements between him and Fiona's parents coz he is an ogre and no one wants an ogre for their daughters!How Shrek take it as a challenge and does what any real lover will do to be the best person for their loved ones,to make them smile and get their undivided love!Really a very nice plot!Spare some time to have a sneak peak of the movie.  I am sure you will like it.

Friday, May 26, 2006

New Pics added....

Just added 2 new pictures on my tripod web-site.They are taken by a very good friend of mine,Raghbir Mangat.Have a look:

Congrats Raman & Shuchi....

In one of my last blogs,I talked about one of my friend who and his beloved.Both were very keen to get married.Everything was going fine but somehow things got a bit shaky.Well,after a little help from all of us,finally they got married on this Wednesday.My heartiest wishes to Both Raman and Shuchi.Reception is supposed to be in the next week.I shall post the pictures later.A great feeling is there that both stood for each other in such a severe and difficult time and didnt leave each other alone.I have seen most of the people leaving their loved ones alone and backing off in these kind of times (and sometimes way before when nothing has happened even),leaving their love to suffer alone.But I am glad that Raman and his girl didnt do this and set a great example.My best wishes and heartiest congrats to both of them and their families.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Picuture Gallery added to website....

I have added a new pictures page and uploaded some of my newest pictures on my tripod website.Have a look and let me know your comments....

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Blue baby and Shocking make-over!

Blue Baby is back again....
If you are a regular reader or a visitor over here than you must have seen some of the changes in the profile settings of mine.
                         So you didnt notice?[Heart cracking sound!]
Well,my profile picture has been changed for couple of times now and if I remember correctly,this is the 3rd and I hope last time,its changed again.Earlier it was something else but the Blue Baby is back again with his smile and shine in his eyes.Its going to be here now and everywhere else where I move around on this virtual world of Internet.
Shocking Make-Over!!!
Those of you who have seen me from some good old time,for them its going to be a big suprise,shock.I have done some make-over recently on the suggestion of my younger sister who is a trained beautician and skin specilalist.I can just say that I am really impressed,let's see what you say.Have a look:


Sunday, May 14, 2006


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.Its certainly true.I am not having a very good "photogenic" face and neither do I like to have too many snaps of mine.The biggest problem with me is that I forgot where did I store once I either scan them or get them from my mobile.If you are like me than you can definitely understand how much difficult it can be when you have to locate a picture of yours but you cant seem to find it anywhere.
So let me introduce to you Picasa, I must say that Google has really done a very good job with it.This tool scans your whole machine and finds out all the pictures of all the extensions.After finding them,it arranges all those pictures in their respective folders whose names are based on the creation date of the pictures.
In addition of scanning and arranging your pictures for you,Picasa does a whole lot more stuff.You can give numerous effects to your snaps,blog them directly on your BlogSpot blog,make a slideshow of all the pictures and a whole lot more stuff which is just a click away from your imagination.
I completely forgot about this snap of mine which I just found with the help of Picasa.Though I do not look like the same as I am in it but still it was nice to bring back some good memories with this one.Have a look....

This is me and one of my best Instructors,collegue,Akshay Sharma posing on the top of our office:

Akshay and myself!

I am going to post my new images  very soon.Wait and watch for them cause a BIG surprise is coming!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

KungFu Hustle....

I saw Kung Fu Hustle today.This movie is starring Stephen Chow in the lead role as well as the director and producer of the movie with Lam Tze Chung, Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu, Chan Kwok Kwan. KungFu Hustle is one of those Martial Arts movies which tell you about that ancient and hidden kung Fu techniques which you have neither heard nor ever seen before.
No doubt,the movie is filled with very  ferocious action scenes with fighters flying around and punches making holes in the floors and walls but the fight choregraphy and the wire action sequences are done brilliantly by Yuen Wo Ping and Sammo Hung. The movie has a nice but small romantic touch of the hero Stephen with a mute gal which is his childhood friend but was lost. The main villain is the  Beast (Leung Siu Lung) which  kills peopple just to find out if they are better than him or not?Very strong and very cruel!
Background music score is nice and sweet.Movie doesnt bore you like some action movies do.There is an artistic touch in everything of the movie,fight,action,characters!
I must recommend this movie for all age groups as everyone can sit and watch this movie and enjoy.One word?Excellent!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Enter the new Dragon with Harry Potter....

       I had a chance to see "Enter the New dragon"  and Harry Potter-3.So this is what I felt about both the movies....
Enter the New Dragon
           In word,EXCELLENT!Tony Jaa has really done a very superb performance in it.This movie is about an ancient warrior technique of Thailand,Muai Thai.Tony Jaa is really one of the best and very few whom I have found proficient in it.Action scenes and fighting sequences are excellent and with the fact in mind that there are no duplicates uses and no artificial help like animation or wires used,this makes this movie a real Martial-Arts classic and a worth watch.
Harry Potter-3
            Well,I dnt have words for it.No no,please dont take me wrong.I dnt have any "good" words for it.I must say that I am really very much disappointed from it.Its not anywhere close even the previous two movies of Harry Potter.There was no plot,there was nothing which can be related to a thing we need in a movie,yes you are right,Story,there was nothing about it.It was a little funny to see Harry Potter running after every single gal in the school,proposing for dance and getting NO in return from almost all.Well I can go on and on and on but I shall sum it up as like that it wasnt something I expected from a Harry Potter movie.One word?"CRAP"!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Saying bye to an old friend....

Today one of my oldest and closest friends have gone back to London.He came here to enjoy his break.I was so overwhelmed to see that the 1st person he visited in India was me.I was a little upset with him but he came,we talked,he said so many times "sorry sorry" to  me and apologized.There was nothing that I could do except to forgive him.Thats a fact,if the person who has done something wrong comes and admits his mistake and apologizes from heart,you have to forgive him and thats what I did too.We couldnt spent much time together but whatever time we spent,it was really so much good.He has gone back today.Hope he will do great in everything that he does.
I am listening,"Mere haath mein" from "Fanna" while writing this.If you havnt listened the songs even yet than try listening 1 or 2 now.I am sure you will definitely like them atleast if wont love.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Once again....

Those of you who know me from some time,they must be thinking that I have somehow left my routine of studying Oracle and have chosen to become an artist.No thats not the case.I am nowhere even close to be one and I really doubt if I shall ever be just 1% of that too.I tried to take the risk of writing this again just because these lines were constantly coming in my mind.I just pen them over here.Your comments are always welcome.So here it goes....
Together we were,I remember today those times again!
But I cant smile and there is just so much of pain!
I just wished for some memories with smiles!
All I got are tears with endless cries!
I waited for hours believing you will come!
But you never cared even just to turn!
I gave up all just for your sake!
Is there anything that you forgot to take?
I loved you as I loved no one ever before,
But you took my love and made it a whore!
Words you spoke have tore me apart!
I had only one but you broke that very heart!
I still forgive you coz thats the last I could do!
But signs wont ever fade of the wounds given by you!
Loving someone else is just not my case!
So now I hide my broken heart beneath this smiling face!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Site Redesign!

It was so long back when I did some updation with my websites.I can’t say that I am done with everything.There is still alot that needs to be done yet.In the series of that,I just rewrote my “About Me” page.Its about me as you must have got from the name.It was not something very much descriptive and informataional.I have tried to rewrite it.Have a look and let me know how much you liked/disliked it?
"About Me" on my APEX site!

"About Me on my Tripod Site"


Are you in Love?

There is always a time in our life when we think/feel that we are in love.There is that someone whom we like so  much,being with him/her is the best feeling for us.His/her voice,everything of that person to us is like something which no words can define.Yes we all have had this feeling sometime in our lives.Some have it more than once even.But as they say,everything that glitters is not gold.It may be possible that according to us,our heart,we are in love but in the real,there is something else.If you are going through this phase,has come over from it or yet to experience this feeling,have a read of these few lines.May be you have yet to get real love.
If you love some one because you think that he or she is really gorgeous …
then it’s not love .. it’s ~ Infatuation ~……
If you love some one because you think that you shouldn’t leave him because others think that you shouldn’t … then it’s not love.. it’s ~ Compromise ~…….
If you love some one because you think that you cannot live with out his touch ….
then it’s not love .. it’s ~Lust~……
If you love some one because you have been kissed by him …
then it’s not love.. it’s ~ Inferiority Complex~……
If you love some one because you cannot leave him thinking that it would hurt his feelings ..
then it’s not love .. it’s ~Charity~….
If you love some one because you share every thing with him …
then it’s not love… it’s ~Friendship~…
but if you feel the pain of the other person more than him even when he is stable and you cry for him … that’s ~LOVE~
if you get attracted to other people but stay with him without any regrets…
that’s ~LOVE~
If you let him go knowing that he has to go but you don’t want him to …
that’s ~LOVE~
                       So are you in love?

Few words!

Past 2 days and coming few days are not so much good.I am nowhere near even to write a piece of art or anything like that.What I have penned down  just now,which you will read next, are just some random thoughts.They may sound so much idiotic but as I said before I am no “Shakespear”,so if this makes you smile and say WTH ,it's fine.

I loved someone from the bottom of this heart,
But my love left me saying that we have to get apart!
I am standing alone today,thinking what went wrong,

What I failed to give,what I couldnt do to make her love for me that strong!
May be that's the way of life that you have to let go of someone whom you love the most,
May be that's the way of love that you cant be with just that one whom you want to be with the most!
I looked my world through her eyes,

Heard the sweetest sounds in my ears from her whispers,
She was everything for me always,

But  today, I am no-one for hers!
Today I am left all alone in this big world to cry,
There is so much pain in this heart, there is nothing left to try!

I hear some say that this pain will go someday so will these tears,
But my heart knows,this pain will go only when these eyes will close,

 Only that these tears will dry!

Music Review!

This is one another blog of mine which is nowhere related(not even close to being one) to Oracle/Solaris.But I promised that this blog will have anything which will be interesting for me right?So :-p!If you dont know already,I am a die-hard music buff and after some time,I have heard some good,soulful,melodious music.So here it is…
One is from a new hindi movie named,’Fanaa’.I must say that its really my kind of music.Lyrics are superb and music is light,yet so much soothing and soulful.Well to be fare,I didnt like one song much but that is ok too.I shall give 2/5 to it.Overall 4/5(coz of that one song,it missed the record of 5/5) but I must recommend it to hear it once.
This one is from the singer Paula Deanda,”Am I doing too much”.Again very nice lyrics and similar sort of music to take it all over you.Not like “Nobody wants to be lonely” from Ricky Martin but still a nice song.

WIFE 1.0....A New Software!

I just found this new “software” which I am not using at the moment.Those who are let’s see what they have to say about it.Check it out
Another non-relevant rant but it made me smile:-).

A good news!

Yes I have a good news.One of my very good friend who will be un-named is going to get married very soon.It will be a love marriage.Things had been rough for a while but when everyone saw that the couple is so much desperate and committed,they gave their approval.My heartiest wishes to both of them.
Thinking about it,one anothing thing came to my mind.What is in us humans that makes us so much special?So much unique and different that being born as a human being is termed(and indeed it is) as a invaluable gift!Is it our faces,beuaty,intelligence?Well to a great extent,that’s true.But if we just see a little deeper in it,IMO there is one quality in us which makes us so special and that is this invisible force which ties the people together.Yes you got it right,I am talking about Love and Relations.Something so simple,yet most powerful that it can make/break one’s life.I have seen so many relations happening and breaking till this age of mine.One thing that I am yet to understand is that many times,after spending so much long time with someone,people leave them saying/giving their inability to continue.Yes there cant be any force to make someone stay but dont they think that they are hurting someone so much?A relation is a committment.When one cant give smiles to anyone,does it gives them the right to give pain instead?I dnt think so.But its a sad fact that this happens that people leave someone behind crying and for dying.Yes its not the story of each and everyone but those who do must think before doing anything like this that its you who has decided to leave the other person so you seem not to be bothered how he/she is feeling.Put your feet in his/her shoe and try to imagine for one moment,how it will feel if you have to go through the same phase.
I read a very confusing yet a very realistic quote somewhere.I am yet to find the answer of it.If you know,do share with me too.Here it goes,”Life is the name of looking someone with love in your eyes or it is the name of looking love in someone’s eyes for you?”.I guess it will take this life to find the answer of it.

Just being idle!

As in my last blog,I told you that I am not really well.Well I am a little better but still there is alot that still has to be in order for my health.There is alot that is pending for me to do.It just scares me when I think about it.But all I can do at the moment is to sit,read articles and blogs.Yes you can call that whatever you like but I really dont have more better choices.So just while stumbling upon some random sites,I found Needless to say,it really made me smile after quite a long time.
Ok back to reading!!

Yes I am alive!

Yes I am really alive.I wasnt(still dont) feeling well and was hospitalized for quite a time.I remember,I made a promise that I shall keep the blog updated but sometimes things really go out of your hands and the same thing happened this time with me.I am still not well.Feeling so much weak,on the medication still but you can be assure that I am alive and will be back with a BANG very soon.The list of my favourite sites/blogs will be updated very soon too so don’t forget to check it out too.
Have a great time/weekend.