Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back, With Pain, Both In Heart And Ear....

I got back today morning. There was another program which got scheduled but some how, things went to another track and I got a chance to get back home and another trainer was called for the program. I already had my ticket booked so that's this whole confusion happened. But still, its okay. I am always happy to be back at home with my family so I guess, what ever happened , happened for good! The program went okay. Though I got some very good comments in the rating but still, I myself am not very happy from my rating. But over all, the delegates were smiling while leaving , asked for my email address , so I can say ( for the sake of saying ) that it went well!

If you are reading this blog, you probably would have read it already that I am having extreme pain in my left ear. I am not sure what's the reason but it surely is killing me. I shall go to the doc tomorrow to get it checked up. The pain is so intense that due to that, I was fumbling even while speaking at times in the program, can't even mention about sleepless nights due to it.

Last ,  but surely not the least, I did see yet again that people are not trustworthy. Even though you do your best for them, they still remain thankless and do what ever possible can be, to hurt you. I got to know few things about a friend of mine whom I know now for almost 10 plus years. I won't mention that I did some thing for him or not but yes, my family certainly did some thing for him and that was a very big thing( at least I would consider it very big if  it would had been done for me).  I came to know certain things which have hurt me so much and I shall not either forget or forgive him about whatever he went and said to the world. He is much elder to me and I always thought him like an elder brother too but I guess, I happen to be taught one more time that people don't really care or bother about relations/friendships. All they care about is about themselves. Don't know what to say or how to react? So much upset but I guess, its not worth it to be, nothing would change even by being so too!


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