Thursday, June 04, 2009

Microsoft , All Set To Do The BING....

I was told by Amardeep Sidhu last night that Microsoft Corp is going to launch some search engine of its own which is going to give very strong competition to the search engine leader, Google. Well, I didn't pay much attention to what he was saying last night because I was just so much tired. So I thought to look for the so-called-Google-killer search engine from MS today and I got introduced to Bing, a new search engine which , as per the press release, this is just not a search engine but its a, Decision Engine. Okay now that's an impressive name to put upon but names alone don't make some thing good. So I tried to look for some reviews about Bing and I got these two links,

According to these, Bing, if not is the best , still is a good product. Now, I am not a search engine specialist so I really can't say that out of both, Google and Bing, which one is better right away. As I am using Google from almost that time since I started using web, so I know this much that it works. And for Bing, this would take some time before I can say the same. Reading the reviews, it appears that its giving what's promised but I yet have to see myself the same. The only thing which just striked in the mind right away though when I saw the opening page of Bing, that what was the need of putting that image over there? The opening page could be just a plain and simple page like Google is having. But may be its just typical MS who really pays a lot of attention over UI so just putting a simple , plain , blank page might not had suited their work tradition. Anyways, do let me know what's your thoughts are about Bing and is it worth switching from Google? Till then, happy Binging (hope that becomes a popular word too as like Googling is)  :-) .


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