Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Act Of Satisfaction....

I strongly believe that one must do things for others, anything which can help anyone in the least possible manner even, must be done! Though I have so many things in my mind which I want to do, I am not yet able to do them all, thanks to the other issues that are going along with me. But I believe one must have his wishes strongly kept in his heart, rest , whenever they can be put into action, it doesn't matter. And today was the day when one of those wishes of mine got completed.

Its a killing summer which is going on here in my place. There are no rains so far and as per the predictions of weather department, the chances of monsoon coming in, are also not so bright. The temperature is shooting up to even 47/48 degrees even! With this killing hot weather and no rain, its nearly impossible or very tough for anyone to move out on the roads. And those who has to go out for their work, all they want is water to quench their thirst. In Punjab, there is a tradition of arranging Chhabeels which is serving cold water , mixed with milk sugar and any flavor to all who want it. I used to see it being arranged all the time in the summers and when ever I used to see it, a strong wish always kicked in my heart that I need to do the same for the people. I never got a chance to arrange it, partly because I didn't have funds to do it( neither do I have so many now too) and/or I would be busy some where working. But this time,I was just so keen to do it. So when I came back, after 2 days of it, I met with my friend Sunil and shared my wish with him. It happened to be his birthday today so he immediately said, lets do it on my birthday. That's it, the stage was set.

Within a day, we arranged everything, be it sugar, milk, utensils , ice cubes and most importantly, people who would come with us and help in serving the water to others. In the morning today at 8am, we were all set with the sitting arrangements done and water being collected. In Punjab, this is considered one of the most noble acts and almost anyone who would even have the slightest regard for Punjabi culture , loves to be a part of it. An example of the same happened in the morning when a guy came to us out of nowhere. Neither me nor Sunil knew him. He was going to his job but he saw us arranging the stuff , so he came back in the midway. He asked us can he be a part of it ? What to say, we readily agreed. He told us that doesn't matter  where he would see anything like this being arranged, he would first give the preference to be a part of it. He was working on a good position and an act like this from someone alike of his profile is rare to find in this world where people are just plain selfish for their own benefits. He called his office and told that he is not coming today and he would be here in the chhabeel for the whole day. We needed glasses , so me and one more guy Keshav, we went to 2 Gurudwars and got 70 of them( which actually proved less in number later on, thanks to the huge rush that we got) . By 9.20, we were ready to serve the water to all who wanted it. We chose a place on the national highway road to Chandigarh which is always moving and is filled up with lots of people who travel constantly.

In less than an hour of us being started, we started getting huge loads of people. We got some reviews for the water that the sugar is not proper and its less sweeten, reacting to which we immediately added more sugar and milk to the water. After that, the feedback for the taste was awesome. Seeing us doing this, out of no where a guy came and gave us 2 jugs of milk to add to the water. 3 guys came and asked us that can they do some thing to contribute , for which we asked to get us sugar. And immediately they got us 5kgs of it. One guy brought a bottle of squash to add to the water which we did immediately. Me and Sunil were just so happy with so much of good response that we were getting. We got a common friend called Amit who runs an institute for engineering software training. He came along with his students who took over the charge of cleaning the glasses and get them ready again for those who need it afterwards. It was a team work indeed which just made everything possible and go in the right track!

We finished by about 3pm in the afternoon. We wanted to go for the whole day but we were out of resources by that time, both in man power and in the others. So we had to wrap it up by that time. We were all dead tired, especially me and one more guy who served water. But despite of the tiredness , we were all very happy and satisfied. It was a great feeling and we were indeed very satisfied that we did some thing useful for others. We didn't do much this time as being our first time. Lots of people add with the water some thing to eat too! But we didn't have that much money with us to make it that much bigger. But I hope and wish, God would some day make us that much capable too that we can make it more bigger next time. Not sure about that, but I am truly happy and satisfied today. Thanks to all who became a part of it for all of their efforts and support! Without anyone of who were present, it would had become very tough to do anything. A big thanks! Sunil took some snaps too which I need to collect from him. I shall be updating this post or would write a small new one when I shall get them. At the moment, its time to go to Sunil's birthday party :-) . Hope it would be fun too :-) .


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