Friday, September 30, 2011

A Small Effort & A Small Gift To My Dearest Mom, Dad….

There are so many things that I want to do and there are so many wishes that I have in the heart but, not for me, for others! For me, I don’t want anything, don’t wish anything except one thing which I want to happen ASAP but despite trying twice for it, I couldn’t get it for me. Anyways, leaving me aside, there are certain things about which I haven’t told to anyone ever except just one person but I really hope that I would be able to get them done before I close my eyes for forever. What are those wishes,  I won’t mention but they all mean so much to me. And may be because I really wished about it so much, I finally got a chance to do a small bit of it!

My friend Porus Homi Hawevala is involved in lots of charities and is associated with lots of charities and NGO’s. He suggested to donate some money to open a bore-well, an effort done by an NGO Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society. They open these bore-wells and quench the thirst of some 30 families in small villages which otherwise won’t get a water supply. I immediately liked the idea and decided to go for it. There was an option to choose the donor’s name and I decided it to be of my mom and dad! There is SO much that they have done for me, made me what I am, made me capable enough that I can earn my bread and butter and respected by many. There is so much that I can talk about, especially about my mom but I won’t mention anything here. I have told about it to one person only sitting on an airport cafeteria and that’s about it! Anyways, so I started the process after checking everything and finally all got done and I got a confirmation email along with all the receipts about money transaction from the executive secretary along with the snaps of the bore-well and the board which has names of mom, dad. Its nothing big but I shall be honest, I felt really happy when the confirmation came and so were mom, dad when they came to know about it. I hadn’t told them anything so it came as a surprise for them( I love to give surprises :-) ).

I won’t be posting the pics here. But I would urge to all who are interested to contribute to get in touch with the people of the above NGO and do your bit to help those who really need it! And me, I am just so much happy that I was able to do my bit of whatever little help and even better, on the behalf of my parents!

Few Words(Facts) About Guys….

There is a lot of good stuff that people say about women, gals and with all due respect to women, gals, I am sure it must be true! But when it comes to guys, all what I hear most is just the bad stuff. I myself had posted a blog post about secrets about guys which gals must know. I just received the below text in the email and I think its really a good write-up. That’s why I thought I shall share it here. Have a look and read,


I believe, each and every word of is so true! Its rare that a guy would ever reveal what he has really done for any one, especially for his gal but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserves respect! Guys cry too, its just that they don’t do it like gals but while sitting alone in the corner of their hiding their face or while sitting on a bench in a park all alone! Yes, guys have emotions too, remember it!

Change Of Plans….

I have reached but not at my home. There has been a change of plan as I am stuck up in the mid of few planned but not-yet-scheduled programs. And because of it, I decided to stay at Delhi at my friend Sidhu’s place. There is a vacation trip that Sidhu, Ankit , Neeraj and Vaibhav are going to and I so want to join them but not sure that whether it will happen or not. Anyways, I just had my breakfast and after checking emails and other stuff, will look out what’s going to happen finally, hope it would happen in the way we all want!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heartbreaker Song, When I Dream At Night(Marc Anthony)….

Marc Anthony needs no introduction! The guy has sung some songs which have become like a milestone and one such song is, When I Dream At Night. I am listening to it right now and from past many years,

Here are the lyrics of it,

I have been in love
And been alone
I have traveled over many miles
To find a home
There's that little place
Inside of me
That I never thought could
Take control of everything
But now I just spend all my time
With anyone
Who makes me feel
The way she does

cause I only feel alive
When I dream at night
Even though she's not real
It's all right
cause I only feel alive
When I dream at night
Every move that she makes
Holds my eyes
And I fall for her every time

I've so many things I want to say
I'll be ready when
The perfect moment
Comes my way
I had never known
What's right for me
til the night
She opened up my heart
And set it free
But now I just spend all my time
With anyone
Who makes me feel
The way she does

Repeat chorus

Now I just spend all my time
With anyone
Who makes me feel
The way she does

Repeat chorus

I am in complete agreement to the comment posted for it,

This is one of those songs you listen to and you feel like crying..I love it!

Yes its absolutely true isn’t it!

TTD(The Traveling Day) Is Here….

I just finished my session here  and have come back to my guest house. Session went well and though few delegates found it hard to cope with the module’s toughness, all appreciated it in general and mentioned that they did like it so much! All the delegates were very friendly and eager to learn the module. One thing, which I would always remember that all took the snaps of the explanation that I gave on the whiteboard . Now, if I shall be asked, I would say that it was of no use but still, I felt so happy to see it happening! All left with a smile on their face and all asked for my email and phone number(which I gladly gave) showing a clear sign that they all liked the session! Thanks to all the delegates for coming to the session and I hope it was productive for them!

Its time now to start getting ready for the travel back to home. I was going to have some free time (not much but just 4 days) but seems that would not be happening anymore as I just got a call for another program starting in between. I am so wishing that it won’t come and I shall be able to take some rest! Time to start packing the bag!

Memories Relived At Chandigarh….

I am sitting here in my office room right now and as usual, I came quite early to the office. There is nothing to do in the guest house’s room and its better to  come here and check emails, OTN forums and also, have a cup of coffee. Its still 8:40am only at the moment and I was thinking while sitting in my cab, about Chandigarh where I stayed this Sunday before taking my flight from there to Hyderabad, a place which has a deep place within me.

Many don’t know that I had stayed at Chandigarh for few months as well. I was working in my home town, at a very esteemed institute from where I got the initial training of Oracle database and got the honor of being selected there only as a member of staff, something which never happened for any student of it before. I was the first and last one who was offered by the management to join there, something over which I am still so proud because getting a job in that institution was considered a matter of big pride back in those days since it was termed as the finest institute in the entire Punjab! That institute was a small part of a big company which was having its headquarter at Chandigarh and operations in three different continents! I worked there and after some time, when they moved the institute to Chandigarh and merged it with the parent company, I was called there as well. It was a very good opportunity and I did accept the offer. That was the first time probably, when I stayed out all by myself or may be not, because even when I moved there, I did try to not break the daily talk of mine with one person. It was difficult and since I had no laptop at that time, I had to go to some cyber cafe. After few days, I requested the logistics head of my company to let me use the machine in the office after the work hours and after raising his eyebrows and giving me an angry look, he agreed to it. I used to stay in the Sector-8 and worked at Sector 35B and would walk late in the night back to my room. On the way, there is a restaurant where I would stop by and have dinner. That landlord lady was an old lady who used to live in that big house with her husband and would lock the door many times. Since I shared the room with another guy(who worked in a different company), he would open the door for me. But when he used to go back to his home, often the door would remain locked and I had to see whether I would go back to office or to sleep on the bus-stand which was just on a walking distance from the room and it was the later thing which would happen most of the times. That lady would open the door at 5:30am and that’s when I would go in, take a shower, get ready and go to office again. I really wished so much at that time if I just could get a laptop or just an old desktop itself to keep in my room but it couldn’t happen. But then again,I didn’t need either one because I didn’t work at that place for many years too. I met with a very serious accident, so serious that it has given a permanent hairline fracture to my elbow and two marks on the palm of my one hand. I took a little break to get some rest and cure the injuries and right after that, I left for an overseas trip to fulfill a promise that I gave! Just before I had to leave, I did tear a piece of paper about which no one except one person knows about(whom also I didn’t tell about it for so long), something which if anyone would come to know, would make them call me “impractical” , “idiot”  etc but I had to choose between two choices and I chose what I termed as most important for me! When I came back, the previous job was already gone. I hadn’t got any chance to visit that office or to meet the people who worked there. I am sure many has left from there already but one is still there, the same guy who allowed me to use the office machine. It was told to me by some other person who is still in touch with him. Not sure that he remembers me still or not but I surely do.Also its been so many years that I have walked on that path again where I used to walk every morning and evening while going to office. For all these reasons, Chandigarh has a special, rather very special place in my heart though in general, I don’t like the people from there or may be I am too big of an idiot to understand them and how they behave. I guess, I won’t ever learn what it takes to act like a professional and to think first about yourself than about anything else, something which I have seen a little too much in many who are the natives of Chandigarh. May be its not true at all and is just my (wrong) perception but still, that’s what I have felt about it when I stayed there.

Its has been many years but I didn’t get a chance to go back to any of those paths, office and to meet anyone over there. Though I had visited Mohali’s bus stand couple of times but that’s about it, I never got a chance to go to Chandigarh since then until this time when my flight booking was done from there to Hyderabad, next day after my arrival from Malaysia. And when I reached there, I had to find a place to stay there. I never stayed in a hotel at Chandigarh. While going for a training long time back, me and my two other friends lived in an inn but there wasn’t any time when I stayed in any of the famous hotels of the place. Since I was going to get a chance this time, I decided to stay in one of the landmark hotels of the city, hotel Aroma Classic.

When I reached at the bus stand, the first thing I did that I took a complete round of it. Most of the routes are now from the Mohali’s bus stand so there wasn’t that much of rush which used to be there on this bus stand. Its always was a very neat and clean bus stand and now it was looking even more clean because of less rush. I even found that bench where I had slept many nights. Its still there and I just couldn’t resist myself to sit over it for few minutes. I took a rickshaw and left towards the hotel. The rickshaw puller told me that I am his first passenger today. I was asking him that is there anything that has changed in the place to which he replied nothing and it was true too. There wasn’t any difference that I could spot. I had no idea how much is right charge from the bus stand to the hotel so I asked the rickshaw puller and he said that he won’t take extra from me. While going to the hotel, he also mentioned that how much tough his life and he does two jobs. When I stepped down from the rickshaw, it was 30 bucks which I was supposed to pay to him but since he told me that I was his first passenger of that day, I decided to pay him a little extra hoping that me being his first customer today would bring him good luck. His joy knew no bounds and I could see so clearly that how much happy he was! Finally, I was at my hotel and it was time to check-in, for the very first time in any hotel at Chandigarh!

Aroma Classic is a landmark property in Chandigarh and people say that its the first hotel opened in Chandigarh in 1953. Even being so old, it still is very famous and now, the management has opened a new hotel just besides it too, which has all the modern facilities that one would expect in a 4-star hotel. I have stayed in MANY hotels by now and based on the experience that I have got from it, I can say that though the hotel is very nice, very well maintained , it still lacks in some areas. But then again, its a 50+ years old property and even being so old, its so well maintained so I guess its okay to ignore those small issues. I know I am so fussy but still, would give it this much of leverage. It was time to take some rest and I just slept off.

In the morning, after taking shower, I stepped outside of the hotel to look at the view outside. If you have never been to Chandigarh, you can’t imagine why its called “city beautiful” and why its mornings are so nice. I stepped out and decided to walk around. I took a walk from the hotel to my office location. Nothing has changed, still there is nothing which I could find as changed! It just felt like I was there yesterday itself. Since it was Sunday, I wasn’t going to get to meet anyone but still, moving around there felt so nice! I walked for about an hour before I came back and had my breakfast.

It was time to catch flight and that was at 5:25pm. I reached airport quite early and spotted Jimmy Shergill and Randeep Hooda over the airport. I am not crazy to run after the stars so I was just sitting watching them and to be honest, no one really did bother about them. It was still some time to check-in and decided to have a coffee and that’s when Jimmy Shetgill also came to the same outlet when we had a little talk. To be honest, I didn’t like him much(or at all may be you can say). When I met Amrinder Gill at Bombay and even forgot his name, it was still a lot of fun. That guy was really so down to earth and we kept on talking for a very long time. But Jimmy didn’t even talk, heck, he also didn’t take off his sunglasses even when we were inside the airport, something which I REALLY hate when people do it! You are not under the sun god damn it, take those glasses off! Anyways, I had to go for my check-in so I just left saying him goodbye.

Though I couldn’t stay at Chandigarh for a longer duration but whatever time I got to spend there, it was so much good! Tears were there in my eyes when I walked on the path of my office thinking many of the things, thinking about the talks over the chat, thinking about how so eager I used to act when it would be Saturday evening so that I can come back home since there would be 4 people waiting for me to come back. Which 4? Well, 3 would be obvious to guess and 1 I wont mention who! All of this came to mind just in a flash like it happened just the pervious day only.

I really wish that I can spend some time either because of work or for vacation. Not sure when but I shall go there again soon, I am sure about it! Its time to wash face and get back to the session now since guys have started coming in.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Before I Forget….

Two not-of-any-use trivia's told to me by my colleague. One, there is a street on my name here, Jalan Aman and two, in the office, there is a meeting hall whose name is also Aman! Okay, going to get ready now.

And Its Completed….

Finally, I have finished this week’s session of mine and I am happy to say that it went well too. It was a tiring week but still, at the end, it feels nice to light that bulb on the delegate’s head and to hear from them that they did like the delivery and also the instructor. All the delegates were really so friendly, especially two who really made the entire week’s sessions very lively. And all of them were very eager to learn the module even when it wasn’t going to be used in their day to day work and the best part is that they did mention that this session has helped them in understanding this technology more clearly and now they are feeling more confident to talk to their actual, hard-core database staff who actually handles all of the stuff that we discussed. All of them had a smile on their face and few, also asked for my email id,two confirmed signs that they did like the session. And also, in the official rating, there were couple of very kind comments about me along with, probably the shortest comment that I EVER got, A+! Yes, that’s it! But I believe, that does reflects completely that whoever has given that, has given this grade to me and to the entire session. Thanks so much everyone who came and attended the session from the bottom of my heart! It was a great session and that did happen only because of you and also, thank you all so much for your kind comments and co-operation. I hope and wish that I shall meet you all soon again in some another session!

Though I am done with this week’s session, that doesn’t bring a little rest for me since I have another session scheduled right away from this Monday. And the worse part, I have the ongoing flight from Chandigarh which means, there would be a travel needed further from Delhi to either my home or to Chandigarh. If I shall go to home(which is less likely because it would be a lot of travel then for me) than its still okay as I would get to stay at home, even when it would be just for a night only. But if I shall go to Chandigarh than I would need to search a hotel to stay there. So, I still am not sure what would I do! Let’s see what happens. Hope I shall get a little rest after the next week’s session, if not, just 3-4 days would be enough. I am REALLY feeling tired and burnt out and I guess, I deserve this much of rest at least.

Before I shall close the post, its important to mention the short sight-seeing, courtesy of my colleagues.

I have mentioned before couple of times that I have already come to this location several times. But there is never that I went out to see any place here.  That doesn’t mean that I didn’t go out at all, I did! As a matter of fact, I remember each and every place where I went including every single thing of those short travels! The details of those short commutes, I won’t mention because they won’t mean to anyone anything else except to me! Anyways, coming back to what I was saying, I didn’t go to anywhere explicitly ever because  any sort of sight seeing was (and NEVER ever will be) a matter of concern for me. Even when the last time I came, all I did was a to and fro walk from my hotel to my office(which is in the same building of the Garden's mall) and was back in my room after finishing the day. This time also, it was the same. My colleagues from education division, when came to know that I never went anywhere, not even to that mall too that’s just linked to my hotel from inside of it, they looked more shocked than surprised! Since I wasn’t going to tell them why I came whenever I came here so I just stood there carrying my signature smile( which very few can tell that it’s not for real actually) on my face and said, “just didn’t get time :-)” ! As expected, a weird look was there on their face and they said that they would take me to some where this time, to which I replied that during the session, I don’t go anywhere. They appeared like not ready to accept any excuse of mine and said that they would not take too much of my time and after spending a little time out, would drop me back to hotel too. I tried my best to decline but when saw that its not working and they are so keen, finally I said yes. So they took me to show the towers. We walked over there for some time. They asked me whether I want to do any shopping for myself? Since its something which I never did when it comes to me and wasn’t going to do this time either so I said no and finally, they dropped me back to my hotel and also told that next time, I must come with a day or two free with me so that they can take me around and show the place. Though I knew that its never going to happen,I still said “yes sure” and said goodbye to them. Below are the 3 pics of mine which were clicked.

me me1 me2

Okay, since I have a flight to catch so it would be better to start the packing and also to get ready now. Hope I shall be able to decide while sitting in the flight that where I am going to go, either to Chandigarh or home and also to catch some sleep.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google+ Vs Facebook, Where It Will Stop….

There is no particular reason for this post but I just thought to put it together when I read the announcements on the Google’s blog about the new updates they have done among a major one that now Google+ is free for all! And just at the same time, I got an email from Facebook about a change that they have started to put about the notification emails. So reading about all this, I just thought that I shall put my thoughts about the two company’s battle here. I am in my session but my delegates are busy finishing their lab practices and I have some time free with me so here it goes!

Apple’s Steve Jobs said that year 2011 is going to be the year of iPad2. No, I haven’t yet bought it and I have no plans to buy it at the moment too. Yes, I am planning(really seriously) to buy a new laptop because my current one has started giving me issues like BSOD. It also has become very old and I must get a new one now. I hope I shall get one soon(fingers crossed) but iPad is not something that I am sure about yet. Since rumors are cooking pretty hot that Apple is going to launch(or at least announce) the next generation of ipad, ipod and an iphone soon, I shall probably wait for it. But the point that I have in mind right now is that year 2011 is not just the year of ipad but also the year for wars between Google and Facebook and its just becoming more and more serious since the launch of Google’s Google+ social networking site.

If you haven’t yet check Google+ , you should give it a try. Its a social networking site from Google and in my believe, (still) is much neat and clean than Facebook. There is no farm to take care or restaurants to run over it yet. Yes, there are games already on it but its not that cluttered as they are on Facebook. Google has announced on its official blog that its no longer requiring any invitations to get into. I was probably among those few selective ones who got the invite on the 2nd day of its launch(profile link is on the right hand side) but now, its available for everyone. The nice thing is circles that let you add anyone without even being a friend to them. There are many new features being added to Google+ almost daily as mentioned here. Yes, many still ask the question that why this when already we have Facebook but may be, being a complete IT geek, I am not bothered about this question. Google couldn’t come up with a reasonable challenge for Facebook before this and with this, they have , at least gave Facebook some moments of restlessness for sure because, now Facebook is coming up with the similar features like Google+.

Facebook, since the launch of Google+ , has introduced noticeably two new features for its users, Facebook Lists and Facebook Subscribe, both are simply the copy of the feature given by Google+ Circles. The Lists features allows you to make lists of the friends and share the content according to your closeness with them. For example, some are your work colleagues and you don’t want to show them your personal pictures and some things are just meant for the family so you want to show them only to family members and neither to friends nor colleagues, lists can help you in solving all this!  The other feature is a complete copy of circle. If you are on Facebook and you don’t want to add someone as your friend(or may be you can’t because he/she may not allow because you don’t know him/her) , you can still subscribe to their updates using it. Just in the same way, Google+ lets you add people to their circles! If you are a friend with someone already and they have allowed this service, you should be able to see a “subscribed” button on their profile. So if you find and come to know that your favorite movie actor/actress, singer, whoever is on facebook, you can still be a part of their public updates, just like the way you can do it using circles in Google+.

Sounds like a toe-to-toe competition isn’t it? And didn’t I say that the year 2011 is not going to be just the year for ipad? I can’t see this madness getting stopped any time soon. Its like the “last person standing” battle and it would be interesting to see who would have the final laugh between Google and Facebook!

And leaving these talks aside, am getting back to my session now!

Monday, September 19, 2011

So Naive….

At times, even when you are so much sensible, you still act so naive! That’s the same what I did today!

If you have been a regular over here, you must be knowing that I am traveling at the moment to an overseas location. I have written a little about this location and my relation with it in some previous posts. One thing that I have mentioned couple of times is that I haven’t traveled here, except for the last and this travel, for any professional reasons. I haven’t (and won’t) mentioned  for what other reasons I came here because those reasons matter and are important only to me and not to anyone else. So don’t bother asking about them and that’s not the point of this post as well.

I might have written a little (or more, whatever) about my travel here but one thing that I haven’t mentioned ever that whenever I came here, a sound of door knock(yes, a door knock) is what I have waited to hear all the time. That sound always brought up a smile on my face, a true and genuine smile which doesn’t come up often to me! Yes, I do smile but 9/10 times, its just to show a smiling face and is not a true one! I am not making any sense? Sounds bizarre? Well, I don’t mean to be rude but you may stop reading if it is all sounding insane to you and you are thinking that it all is making no sense whatsoever! I know what I am talking about it and even it may sound complete non-sense to anyone else,  it still makes a perfect sense for me! Anyways, that’s door knock is something which I never mentioned till today because I again heard it today, and for a moment, even though I knew back in my head that its not true, I still assumed that it has come from the same source!

Didn’t I say already that I acted so naive?

I didn’t have the coffee maker in my room. I was told at the reception that its going to be there but when I checked in the room, it wasn’t there and I didn’t bother about it either.  Today, when I came back from office at about 6pm( I am staying very near to my office, a minute’s walk away only) and changed clothes, I hear the sound of door knock on my door. There was no one I was expecting, there is no one who would visit to me when I am here, there was nothing that I had ordered( I am fasting anyways today because its Monday) so the knock came out of nowhere. And normally, when this door knock came out of nowhere here, it meant only one reason for me! No, not going to mention the reason! For a split moment, I just thought of the same reason despite knowing that it can’t be the one! Heck, I even looked through the peephole but there was no one outside and again, I just thought of the same reason that why I can’t see the person standing outside! Its just when I opened the door, I saw that a short height lady from the housekeeping was standing there, holding that damn coffee maker with a note personally written from the head of house keeping that they forgot it yesterday and now sending it. I just said thanks and closed the door. I knew it wasn’t going to be what I was thinking, I knew that its just me and my bloody mind playing games with me, but still, for a split moment, I just wished to be wrong! Just like when I reach the airport, I ….never mind.

That’s about it! I know it may not make any sense to just anyone who would read it and its okay. I didn’t want it to make sense to anyone too. I know the meaning of each and every word that I have written and its enough! I guess, I must get back to work that I need to finish after wiping these damn tears which never ask from me my permission to come.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Traveling(Overseas) Again Tomorrow….

Yes, its traveling time once again and it would be an overseas trip. If you are a regular here, you already must be aware that I finished a session today only and I desperately needed some rest but instead of that, I shall be traveling tomorrow only for this program. Normally, I start on Sunday but since its an overseas trip, I need to travel tomorrow only, not something that I really would like to do after a long and tiring session but work is work and there are no choices in it! It wasn’t confirmed that I am going or not. I was in my session today when I got the email of confirmation and details of other logistic stuff.

Where I am going? Well, to one of those two destinations for which first, I fought that I must be sent there, then stepped back (got taunts, insults, became an epicenter of jokes) myself and then sent again there! This is the place where I have been so many times already. In fact, this is the place which was my travel destination when I stepped out from my home for the very first time( I hadn’t gone to Delhi even before I had travelled there). For the very first time in my life, when I stepped out to travel some where, it was an overseas location and it was this location. All the travel that I have done to any other overseas location so far is due to work only always, except for this one! This is the destination where I never traveled due to any work or for any professional reasons.  Then why did I go there? I won’t answer it because its not the place to answer it . I really don’t care what anyone has to say about it, what anyone wants to think about it, I really don’t care at all! If anyone would call it an exaggerated statement that each time I went there, I made it possible by putting my blood and soul in the process and I got it done using all what I had and pushing myself to my limits, without taking any sort of help from anyone, well, I really don’t care about it too! And the same is true for the other destination for which I know how much efforts I had to put to grab a chance to go there. And finally when it all set and was ready to happen, I opted out of it myself. As I just said, it created how much big scene and how many troubles for me, no one else but me only knows!

The place where I am going tomorrow, this would be my second professional visit and overall, third visit there within this year. I remember how I made so many people mad to get the tour officially and when it didn’t happen, I started the quest to do it myself and I got it done just a day before my birthday and it was again not for any professional reasons. I went, came back and after few days, I was in the hospital, almost dead, but unfortunately, I didn’t die! Anyways, second time, I was sent there few weeks back about which I wrote here and  I knew that I shall be sent again. Don’t ask how did I know, I just knew! And not just this only, I am going to travel to Melbourne and Sydney as well very soon. I was supposed to be going this time for a very long duration but I believe, that’s not what is going to happen due to business reasons. But still, though the long stay got cancelled, the travel remains. I believe its not important to mention that the program is going to be very tough that I am going to handle there. Hope all goes fine! Its going to be a long day tomorrow so I should try to take some rest. Already, a bad headache has started and without taking rest, even for a short while too may be, it would become just worse! Good night.

Friday, September 16, 2011

At Last, A Happy Ending With Smiles & Satisfaction….

I have just come back home. Though it was a HUGE rainfall but somehow, I managed to get home without getting wet(got my share of being wet yesterday only). I shall be leaving for an overseas trip tomorrow only which means there is no time for sit back and enjoy but about that will be in a subsequent post. This one is about the program that I just finished today.

If you are a regular here, you must have read the last post in which I had mentioned that how tough it is going for me in the current program to handle things. And nothing which I was struggling to control was related to my skills! I don’t manage (I don’t have to) logistics but because they play a huge role especially when you are not standing face-to-face in front of the delegates! Think about it that when the only mode of connectivity is internet(it was an online session) and that itself stops working, what would be the mental status of the delegates and when you can’t do anything about it, how would you feel about it? That’s what I had been seeing and facing since the start of this session, a lot of issues in almost everything! Though there were constant efforts to get things in order too but still, it was VERY frustrating! Though all this was happening but the delegates were still very co-operative and friendly and didn’t say anything much except mentioning it couple of times that its not a good thing and I knew that they are right! Still, some how, days passed and we came to the last and final day, today!

Despite of all the issues that we faced(which didn’t leave us today as well), I tried my best to make things remain as smooth as possible. All I could control was delivery and that’s not dependant on any logistics. I may be in whatever condition, as long as I can speak and am in my senses, I can deliver and when I stand to talk, I give it my best shot, each and every time of it! Delegates were kind enough to take a note of it and because of it may be, they gave a VERY good rating! I must be honest in saying that I didn’t expect that rating to come but my joy knew no bounds when I read the comments and checked the final score! I won’t mention the score but here is one of the comments that I got,

Aman Conducted the class in an excellent manner, and all Practical issues that we face in real time scenarios were also answered. Apart from answering the questions Aman also provided some good links and Books that really helped in understanding the concepts

Besides this, my colleague and friend, who is the in-charge of these online sessions for all the technical things did send me a DM(direct message) telling that the delegates have asked me only for the next session! What more can one ask for to know that he is liked by the delegates? Unfortunately, I won’t be able to be with the delegates in their next session because I am already scheduled somewhere else but still, just to know that  I was asked for made me feel so happy! I can’t say anything else except thanks to all the delegates for their kind words, support and for being so co-operative even when the things were going really tough! Thanks to all and it was my pleasure to be with you guys! Hope I shall be able to with you all in some other program and also, that program would be a normal session so that I don’t have to show me through a webcam and speak through a microphone :-) .

At last, a big burden from my head is relieved and I can now start packing my bags for tomorrow’s travel!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Long, Frustrating Days….

It was a very rainy day today and after a long time, I got completely drenched in rain while going to work. It would be a lot of fun to see it happening had it been a normal day but I was working and that took away the entire fun. On top of it, the work is also getting effected by the reasons that are not in my control and there is nothing else which makes me more upset than feeling helpless.

I am handling a web-conferencing session. The module, like all the other modules which I have taken so far, is very tough but being virtual for the delegates and they being invisible to me(they can see me, I can’t see them), the word “tough” has touched just another level! And to make matters more worse, there has been TONS of issues coming up since the first day of the session! I can control my own delivery, the way I do explain things, I understand and make understand others the topic but if there is network drop happening all of a sudden making my voice disappear for the delegates, for this, I have no control, I can’t control it! And when you are “face” of everything, even though when its not your fault, your mistake, your problem, the entire things comes over you only and that’s what is happening with me too! The delegates are very co-operative and despite all the hurdles, are still smiling and not saying anything bad/rude except sending the sad(:-() emoticons in the chat window(which is just so kind of them). But I know, its very frustrating for them to experience something like this in a session for which they have paid a very huge amount! As much it is troubling them, in the same amount if not more, its making me upset and frustrated as well! I am trying all the options to get things in order and after 2.5 days of doing all what is possible, things are looking to become a little smooth(today’s half day was a little better than the last 2.5 days) but unfortunately, tomorrow is the last day of the session and so far, in my opinion, this hasn’t come as a very good experience!

Its one day only left for the session tomorrow and I just hope that it starts and ends properly without any major issues. Its getting late and I am so much tired so will close here only. Hope I shall be able to post tomorrow that all went well! Time to crash for now!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another Poetic Masterpiece By Ahmad Faraz….

Ahmad Faraz needs no introduction. He is among the most respected poets that this world has ever got! I have already posted few of poetic masterpieces over here and today, I read another short but an excellent poetry penned by him and thought to share. Though these are just two lines but the depth of the thought mentioned in them is just mind-blowing. Have a read,

Chala tha zikar jamane ki bewafai ka,

So aa gaya tumhara khyal waise hi!


And it’s translation in English is,

A talk got started about the world being treacherous,

Thoughts of you struck in the mind just like that!


How deep the thought it is, I leave it over you to figure out! Hats off to Faraz, once again!

A Fun Filled Saturday….

I came back home yesterday after a tiring travel. I did travel the same distance that I cover up all the time but may be, not being well actually did make the journey more longer. But still, I made it to home and I believe, I shall be at home for another 5 days, I am just happy! Health is still the same(probably a little more messed up now because I didn’t take rest yesterday) but that’s okay given the fact that I did have a little fun yesterday.

In my last travel, when I was at Banglore, laundry people tore apart one of my favorite shirt. Though the hotel management did got me the shirt’s cost refunded and also returned me the torn apart shirt too(not sure what I am going to do with it though) , I still needed to buy one now. So I got one from M & S . One of my colleagues(who is also my teacher) always complains that I mostly have Blue colored shirts only and I believe this also is the same :-) .


Well, I think its still nice and moreover, its not the usual check or stripe that I buy. Yes, its still bluish but I guess its okay and since I have already purchased it now so nothing can be done either :-).

Though I had bought the above one but I still thought that I should get one more and that shouldn’t be in Blue. So yesterday, I decided to go for a little shopping alone and see if I could find a nice non-blue shirt. There are several shopping malls in my city and I thought to check Westend Mall. It has a large variety of stores and I got into one of my favorite ones, Planet Fashion. After searching through couple of designs, I finally selected the below shirt from Louis Philippe.


Nice isn’t it? And hey, its not Blue even :-) .

Once I got my shirt, I saw that there were two stalls lined in the ground floor lobby of the mall by Samsung and HTC  displaying Galaxy tab 10.1 and HTC Evo 3D. Given the fact that I really love to check (and buy) new gadgets, I decided to stop at both the stalls and check what the guys and gals had to say about the products. Well, it turned out that besides gals wearing skimpy clothes and make-up and guys having gel in their hair and tattoo’s on their arms, and holding the products in their hands , they had no idea what the products were up to, what were their specs and all that! Yes, they were trying really hard to act smart but it wasn’t working out,at least it didn’t work out for me. The Samsung stall crew simply handed me over the tablet and flee away. Over the HTC stall, there were 5 gals and one guy and I guess one another gal who was their boss or something like that. The gals just knew that its a “3D phone” and the guy didn’t even know that whether EVO has a dual core processor or not. When I asked the “boss” gal whether she has any clue, she said that she has just come from Delhi the last night and it was so much raining there so she is very tired and doesn’t know anything, whatever that means! Well, I picked up a brochure of left. I am sure they must be cursing me for eating their head but hey, I was just a curious customer and I was really looking forward to get to know the products a little better. I even told the HTC crew that I have already Incredible - S and what I am looking from them is the answer that why I should buy a new EVO but they had no clue neither had any answer. After wasting almost 20 minutes on both the stalls, I just left for the final agenda of my day, to watch a 5D movie show!

Few months back, when I was at Hyderabad, I had seen a 4d movie show with my friend Sidhu. It was a terrific experience since it was the first time I saw such thing. While doing the Google search for the same thing that if its there in my city too, I came to know that it is available now at MBD Neopolis shopping mall and moreover, its a 5D show, which means even more effects! So I decided to give it a go yesterday. When I checked the place, I was told that there is a movie show and also there is a “horror walk” that’s also possible and if one buys a combo, its cheaper. Well, no points in guessing what I did! The walk was “okay” and wasn’t scary at all though there were few gals who came out screaming and crying :-) . The only thing that I found interesting in it was a bridge walk which was superb! With lights and other effects, it does appears that the bridge is going to tilt and you are going to actually fall down! That was really good for me! The movie show was showing the same movie that I had seen already at Hyderabad, Haunted House. Though it was the same movie, the effects were much more stronger in this show that I saw yesterday. I shall give a try some other time for some another movie as well. It was a very good experience and I didn’t feel that I had wasted my money . There were few other fellow viewers and with their screams, it became actually a haunted “show” :-) .

After getting done, I had a salad and coffee from a snack outlet called Gigabyte in the same mall and returned back to home!

It was a good day passed. I got a nice shirt(hopefully), watched a 5D horror movie, played with new HTC Evo and Samsung’s Galaxy tab 10.1 and had a tasty fruit salad with coffee. The only thing that turned out to be not-so-good that after coming back, I was tired like anything and fever got increased :-( . I know, its my fault that it did happen. I should had stayed at home, slept and taken some rest but I didn’t do any of this so it was sure to happen. I guess its time now to check with a doctor and take proper medicine for it. I have a session coming up in just 2 days for me and it would be very tough to handle it while being sick!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Ten Long Days….

Its the 10th day of the continuous working for me and I am just so glad that I shall be having some free time to get relaxed from tomorrow. I really need some time at home to get my self a little more calm and free from anger, being upset, feelings that I have from the last few days. Besides that, I am not feeling well at all and that’s what also needs to be taken care of as I am having a session at overseas coming up in just a few days and that would be the worst thing if I shall get to travel being sick and remain in the same way while being away from home.

The last session, which did happen at Gurgaon, probably was one of the best ones for me. I really really love to be at Delhi and the other places and its just unfortunate that I don’t get much chances to be there. But whatever chance I get, I try not to miss it and always, its an amazing experience for me. The ambience of the place, food, delegates of my session, all just make the whole experience so nice and worthwhile! That’s the same happened last week as well. It was a session where I had again met some delegates whom I met some 4 years back and obviously, there were some new delegates there as well. It was a fun-filled and a very interesting session. All the delegates were really friendly, very co-operative and also, very keen to know the module as well, in short, a mix of all what is needed to make a good session the best one! It went on very well and all the delegates gave me some of the finest comments and the rating was just superb, in fact for this module, I guess probably the highest! What more I can say than saying thanks to all the delegates for making the session and the week one of the best ones for me! Thanks so much everyone and I just hope to meet you all soon in some another session soon enough! 

As soon as the last week’s session got finished, I had to fly here, one of my favorite places, Hyderabad, for another session and without any break to get relaxed.

The session that I was doing here was the next release of the module that I took the previous week. Rest all the things were fine except for my mood which took a huge roller coaster ride and is bad like hell! And so is the health of mine, a really bad headache and from last 2 days, fever is there. Two things which are good enough to make me feel like half dead. Anyways, the best thing is that the session got finished really well and I am just so happy because of it! About the mood, its still the same and so is the health but I can forget it for the moment, at least for the moment when I am sitting here and writing this post. In the session, I again met few delegates along with some new one, whom I met about 5 years back and thanks so much to their kindness, they still did remember me! Though I really was not in myself completely both mentally and physically, the session went extremely well! Thanks so much to all the delegates, its always a pleasure to be here at Hyderabad for me and its an honor to discuss whatever little I know with you, I mean it! Thanks so much and I just hope I shall get a chance to come back again ASAP!

I shall be getting ready now to start of my travel. Its going to be a long travel but since its for going back to home, its completely worth it! I shall be at home for the next week for an online session and after that it would be an overseas travel lined up. Hope all goes well and above all, I really wish and hope that my mood becomes a little better so does the health. Anyways, its time to see where is my cab and get a cup of coffee. Have a nice weekend all! Adios!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Need To Catch Breathe….

Its Saturday evening but there is no weekend for me and in fact, there is not going to be any rest for me either coming up as I shall be working even tomorrow and straight from here, I shall be leaving towards my next destination. I expected to have some rest in the 3rd week but now, it doesn’t seem to be happening. And after that, I am asked to go to a place where I have vowed NEVER to step in and that too for a long time. I guess, if this all can’t be considered enough to burn someone out, nothing else can be! I really need to take some rest and catch my breathe, hope it happens soon!