Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Tough Program....

I couldn't write anything since I have come here. I did want to write some updates about the program but thanks to my fever, I am just getting dead tired and is going to bed immediately when I drop over the bed.

The program is proving to be a tough one actually. One reason is the program itself as there are tons of things which need to be discussed in it. The audience is good as like always so it becomes more important for me that I must make sure that the program goes ell completely. Well, I am trying my best for it. But despite all of the good intentions, the very start of the program itself went into the dark when I figured out that my monitor is not showing the display. Its a very simple resolution problem which actually gets resolved very easily by logging in from another remote terminal. But its working over here at all. I did try a lot but than left the hope. Now, I have asked the tech team to check it and I just hope that they would do some thing about it. The only thing is that its already 2 days since I am struggling with this. You can imagine how difficult it would be to type some thing when the only visible screen is the projector :-) . Let's see what happens tomorrow, the last day of the program.

There is another issue that's going to be there. Normally I get back to home on the same day when I finish the program. But today, my dad told me that there would be a curfew after 11pm and the issue is that I would be there on the way at that time only. So this means that I shouldn't be on the road ,traveling at that time. So this means, I won't be able to leave for home tomorrow. I won't be able to stay at this hotel as well because my booking is getting over tomorrow. I can surely extend my stay but I don't want to do it actually because the hotel is not that good and moreover, its too costly. So that's a bit of the problem now for which I need to do some thing. Let's see what happens. I have some plans in the mind and hopefully, they would work. They better should otherwise , I shall be in a big trouble.

I still have to read some stuff for tomorrow but I am not really able to read and understand anything. There is The Haunting coming over the Discovery channel. I shall try to watch it for some time and than will go back to sleep. Aah, I almost forgot to mention one more thing which can surely be added to the disasters over this travel. When I had to come over here, my watch stopped working. Now, it was Sunday so there was nothing which could be done for it. I do have another watch but I don't wear it much. It was about 3 years back when I last wore it. So I didn't know that it was working too or not. Well, guess what, it was not working too. So I had to come over here without any watch. This is proving to be a very tough thing to do as I can't manage to see the time and maintain the timings of the session properly. I am checking time from my hand phone and using this only to see the time at the moment. I always get lots of watches for my family and my mom always says to me that I must get few for me too but I  always say , next time. Well, I did realize it this time that I should have couple of them as well. But that's a futuristic thing, at the time, this experience of carrying no watch is not so good!


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