Friday, January 28, 2011

A Heartbreaking Song, Akhyiaan Ch Paani( Nachhattar Gill)….

I am sitting here in this room alone at the moment, thinking about tons of things, lost in many many of the thoughts. Why? Well, that’s not something that I can tell, may be it’s just my own fault so I can’t say anything or may be….never mind, it’s not important, neither me and neither the thoughts of mine.I am really worried as well since someone is not feeling well and I can’t do anything about it.  So let’s see, what you do sitting idle and alone? No, I don’t watch tv much (and not really came here to watch it anyways) . No, not going out or eating too, not in a mood to go anywhere (though the cab driver of mine was telling me some places to check) and haven’t eaten anything actually since yesterday except a stupid cutlet. So what else? Well,  I checked OTN forums, my emails(nothing much is there) and then listened to songs repeatedly on my iPod.  So when I was done doing all that, I decided to check whether there is any new song out or not and guess what, there is! Its from Nachhattar Gill, a marvelous singer whose voice is amazing and the choice of songs is also superb. This time, he has paired up with S. M. Sadiq, a poet about whom I did write couple of months back here as well that he is known as “poetry machine” and is best known for his sad songs. The voice of Nachhattar Gill and the lyrics of Sadiq has created a masterpiece, Akhiyaan Ch Paani which means water in the eyes(tears to be precise).  The title song, Akhiyaan ch paani is simply superb and I can go and buy the entire album for this one song only. To make it really look good, the video has also come up brilliantly. Needless to mention that I did like this song so much that I decided to translate it in English. There is an official video release of this song which I am putting up here but it has one stanza less. In my translation, I shall be putting the complete song. If you do want to listen to the complete song, click on the link that I have given somewhere above. Here is the official video of the song,


And here is the song’s lyrics, first in Punjabi,

Jadon tak eh akhiyaan ch paani oh sajjna,
Main hanjhuan di mehfil sajaunda rawanga!
Main samjhanga ehnu naseeban da likheya,
Tuun russadi rawin te main manaunda rawanga!
Jadon tak eh akhiyaan ch paani (repeat)

Wafawan de badle tunn de mainu dukhde,
Main aashiq haan eho taqdeer meri.
Mainu es duniya di parwah ni koi,
Main naaz tere uthaunda rawanga!
Jadon tak eh akhiyaan ch paani oye sajjna(repeat)

Udeekan di sooli tuun tangeya eh mainu,
Main si v nai karni aazma lai sajjna!
Tuun aawein ya na aawein marzi eh teri,
Main raawan ch akhiyan ch vichaunda rawanga!
Main samjhanga ehnu naseeban da likheya,
Tuun russadi rawin te main manaunda rawanga!
Jadon tak eh akhiyaan ch paani oye sajjna (repeat)

Main ohna thaawan nu  bhull te nai sakda,
Sadiq asin jithe milde saan dowein!
Ohna rukhan di chhaan thalle baith ke,
Main mohabbat di barsi manaunda rawanga!
Main samjhanga ehnu naseeban da likheya,
Tuun russadi rawin te main manaunda rawanga!
Jadon tak eh akhiyaan ch paani(repeat)

Jadon tak eh akhiyaan ch paani oh sajjna,
Main hanjhuan di mehfil sajaunda rawanga!
Main samjhanga ehnu naseeban da likheya,
Tuun russadi rawin te main manaunda rawanga!
Jadon tak eh akhiyaan ch paani!


And here is the translation of the same in English,

As long as I shall have water in my eyes my love,
I shall keep on organizing party of tears.
I shall take it as fate only,
That you would keep on getting angry and I shall keep on trying to console you.
As long as I shall have water in my eyes my love....(repeat)

In return of my love, you keep on giving me cries and pains,
I am a lover and that's what my fate is.
I don't care about this world at all,
I shall keep on taking all your mood swings.
As long as I shall have water in my eyes my love....(repeat)

You have kept me hanging on the cross of pains,
I won't say a word even you can keep on trying and pushing me,
You come or not that's your wish,
I shall keep on waiting for you forever with my eyes gazing at the road.
As long as I shall have water in my eyes my love....(repeat)

I can't ever forget those places,
Where we both used to meet.
While sitting under the shadow of those trees,
I shall keep on mourning for my love.
As long as I shall have water in my eyes my love....(repeat)

As long as I shall have water in my eyes my love,
I shall keep on organizing party of tears.
I shall take it as fate only,
That you would keep on getting angry and I shall keep on trying to console you.
As long as I shall have water in my eyes my love....(repeat)


What can I say more to what is already said in the song. If you would watch the video, you would see that the guy is keep on doing one thing or the other to make his girl calm. Even though it wasn’t his fault at all, still since it’s for his love, he is doing whatever he can possibly do which includes standing in the freezing cold weather outside the gal’s home, chasing her all over to talk to her and even getting a beating too, all for just one thing, to make his love smile, make her calm because the pains of seeing your love upset is not expressible in words even. Many times, people ask about logic behind doing certain things, things which are beyond the understanding of many and fail to get defined within the “logics” . But they don’t understand that not everything needs a logic behind it, not everything has to be precisely explained via explanations. At times, some things are not done based on any logics, not for “pushing it” . The are done with just  one and only one thought behind them which is the love for that person for whom they are done. It may sound completely stupid to a logical mind what is being done but from the eyes of a lover, it won’t be a stupid thing but it would be just one of those many things which he thinks he can and should do which would make his beloved smile. It’s not always right to ask and possible to answer that why you are doing this or why you want to do this , at times, its more important to understand this “why” ?  “Why” because there may not be many chances, “why” because that’s what is possible to be done right now and if yes,  then why not, “why” because though he understands everything, he wants to collect something for that upcoming life which is going to be very hard for him in the future and  above all, “why” because “J****”,  he loves you so much! If one would look from the eyes of a lover,there is nothing above than his love and there is nothing beyond his beloved, even though it may sound completely absurd to someone with a logical mind but it won’t be the case for that lover, that’s why! 

I am out of words actually so I shall not say anything more. I leave you with the song and I hope you like it. If anyone wants to make any corrections with the translation, feel free to post it in the comments. I shall edit the section with proper credits given. Enjoy!

All Alone….

I am not sure what to say? I have travelled to some place so far so that can bring a little happiness but I guess, it didn’t happen and I just caused the trouble, that’s all. I am sitting in this room thinking about some things and wondering. Tears are flowing through the eyes but at this moment, even they are not helping. Want to say so much but I guess may be running short of words or may be, just don’t want to say anything.


I just came to know that I did put that someone in trouble. It seems that I am just wrong in everything, whatever I do, I am just wrong in it. I don’t know what to think right now, just want someone to be fine, just this that’s all!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


No, that’s not BlackBerry I meant, it means Back Bitching. Yeah, I know that the words are not really polite but I am also not in a mood to be nice today either. I am nice( almost all the time) but when I am in bad mood, well I can just say that I am not so nice at that time. That’s exactly how I am feeling right now. I don’t know what business speaking bad about people or talking things taken out of the context about someone does any good for anyone since I don’t do it myself but I have seen it today happened with me. I may not know how it’s done but I surely am feeling the outcome of it!

I have got a call today from a colleague telling me that one another colleague is upset over me. When I asked why, he said that someone ( he didn’t tell who, he didn’t know actually) told to that “other colleague” of mine some bad things that eventually I have spoken. WTH! I did hear the matter and called that upset colleague and clarified that it was most probably a statement or two taken completely out of context and have been passed on to him. I have shared a good working relation with them so they know me that I am not this kind of person. He mentioned that it’s fine and he just wanted to get this thing out from his heart and asked me that that I should do the same too. Well, I am not sure about the “getting it out of my heart” business that it will happen or not but I am truly, really, completely upset at the moment.

I have learnt a lesson from what I have experienced today. It can be just a small thing but anyone, at any moment can use it against you or convey it to others without thinking or bothering about any consequences that it may cause. So it’s just  better to keep quite, just be with yourself and don’t think that just all are as nice as you are!  Lesson well learnt today in-fact. Oh yes, about back bitching, I think people just love to do it for god-knows reasons!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

An Amazing Poetry….

I have just got an email which had a small but amazing poetry. So good that I couldn’t stop myself from putting it here. I am not aware about the name of the poet to give the due credit at the moment. If anyone knows, please let me know via comment and I shall give the credit to the poet(s) as (s)he truly deserve it.

The poetry is in Punjabi and no prize for guessing that I shall be translating it to English. So without further delay, here it is,

Ajj oh mainu russe nu manaun aayi,
Saare gile-shiqve mitaun aayi!
Main chup-chap sunda reha,
Ajj jad oh dil da haal sunaun aayi!
Ro ro k usne mangi muafi,
Ajj oh apne ton bewafa da daag jad mitaun aayi.
Main khudgarz peya hi reha,
Uth ke us de hanjhu v naa poonjh sakeya,
Jo meri qabar te ajj deewa jagaun aayi!

And here is it’s translation in English,

Today she came to please me,
To settle all the disputes and quarrles.
I kept on listening to her quitely,
When she came to me today to reveal her heart out.
She said sorry million of times while being in tears,
When she came today to wash the black mark fromm her forehead of being heartless.
I selfish kept lieing down only,
I couldn't even get up to wipe her tears too,
When she today came to my grave to lit the candle.

The last two lines are just so powerful and I am sure, most would understand that the meaning of them is that when that girl came to see the guy, he was already sleeping in his grave, he was already dead! What more I can say except superb .

Once again, if you know the poet, let me know his(her) name and I shall edit the post and will put credits in place.


The reason for that (short) title is that I have got couple of emails asking that where I am, am I alive or not , I have just ‘disappeared” :) . Well, I am alive, haven’t yet shifted to Mars and (unfortunately) haven’t got disappeared yet. I am at home from a week and shall be traveling tomorrow. Though I was at home, I still couldn’t write anything because of couple of things happening around. Not much out of those are sorted but still, I just thought would write a short travelogue before I shall start my travel of tomorrow.

I am at home since a week but most of the time, I was busy taking care of someone very special within the family. She is not well at all and in the last 4-5 days, she was really really not well at all. Since yesterday, she is a little better but still far from being called fine. Almost the entire time me and whole family spent taking care of her. As I am leaving tomorrow, the biggest tension on my mind is that she would remain fine and the medication that we have started now for her, should work. Besides this, I myself am not fine too. There has been almost all the time, constant and very headache which was there and is still present. I know the biggest reason for this is the lack of sleep which was unavoidable. There has been fever since yesterday. For this, partly I am responsible since I didn’t take much care of myself. But I was not at all worried about myself so not sure whom to put blame upon. I guess it’s on no one else but myself only. Headache was already there and out of no where, I had a small car clash :) . Well, should be said car and bike clash but it’s okay.

I don’t drive fast and I believe, 10/10 times, I shall follow the traffic rules. So most of the times, when I shall meet with an accident on the road, however big or small, it wont be because I have broken some rule and tried to become a Hero but because, someone else would be trying to become a Hero or an Heroine. The same did happen in this week as well when a car driver, in a hurry to cross the signal soon, hit my scooter from the side and I fell down with my forehead kissing the handle. Though I didn’t become unconscious or so but it did bring a (little) big swelling and a small cut too. I was so upset with the driver but didn’t say anything to him. Not much happened but still, I can’t say that it was small as somehow a lot of people were around me asking how I am and for a minute, I wa able to see stars and moon and sun and what not in front of my eyes :) . Again, not a “new” experience for me but still, as like always, not a pleasant one as well. Besides all this, there has been tons of things moving around within my mind thus making the “mental” side also not so well. I am not in a very good mood and not able to see it getting better anytime soon as well.

I shall be leaving tomorrow for a session. To be honest, I really have no interest in going for travel tomorrow. Yes, you may say that the reason is health but that’s not really is the blocking factor. It’s the mental side which is the reason. But whatever it may be, it’s personal to me and can’t be used as an excuse. So it’s okay. The session is going to be a real tough one so let’s see what happens. I hope I shall be able to manage things, rest time will tell. It’s too cold here so I shall grab a cup of tea now before would start doing the packing of my luggage.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year….

Another year has come bringing new wishes, arising new hopes! I wish you all who come here by any ways, a very happy 2011 and I pray that all of you achieve lots of success, happiness and joys in everything you would do in this year, also with a great health! I hope you had a great new year eve’s celebrations at your place and had a lot of fun with your nears, dears, family and friends! Have a great year ahead and a happy weekend as well from me i.e. AristaDBA aka Aman Sharma :) .