Monday, December 31, 2007

A Song Expressing True Emotions....

Words have so much power. Some times some things which are not otherwise expressible are so easily expressed by just few words. All the feelings, happiness, sadness, love,betrayal , everything is explained by them. Those who give shape to feelings through their words are the most amazing people. But words alone some times don't say it all.  They need a voice to be their companion and express that pain which is hidden in those words. Anyone can sing but not anyone can express that feeling of a broken heart, feelings of some one who have lost his/her everything for the sake of his/her love and still have got only tears in return. That melodious voice, that soulful voice comes to some chosen few. Sabar Koti is among those very few Punjabi singers who has made his mark with his soulful singing. If there is a soulful song, a song that has to represent pain, tears, Sabar Koti makes the lyrics come alive with his so intense and deep voice. I am listening to his songs from so long and every time I hear them, they feel so fresh, so alive.  That's the beauty of the singing of Sabar Koti.

Though there are a lot of songs which have been sung by numerous singers around the world but not all have done justice for the feelings of that lost lover who got tears from no one else but his/her own love. I blogged about one too which is sung by Shael,Hiriye. Like this one, there are and there will be so many other songs and lyrics which will try to express the same but its not possible that every one can bring that pain out by his singing. In the crowd of billions of songs like these, very few really touch your heart and soul so deep that they become immortal. Their words, their tunes , doesn't matter when you hear, where you hear, always leaves you mesmerized. One such song sung by Sabar Koti I listened today after so long time and it left me mesmerized once again just like the first time when I heard it.

Sabar Koti has sung this song almost 10 years back and it was one of the very first hits of him. But even after so long when you hear this song this sounds as fresh and as much new as it was 10 plus years back. This song is the combination of the most soulful voice and the most heart touching lyrics which have done complete justice in expressing the feelings of a guy who have lost everything for his love but in the last , his love only left him alone to wander in this cruel with nothing but his tears.

You can listen the song on YouTube here. The video of it also is very unique as it has a little talk in the starting. The talk between the hero( in black shirt) who is sitting  along with his friend( in striped shirt) and the emotions on the hero's face at the last dialogue tells the entire story and reveals that deep pain that he is going through. This song's lyrics and the starting conversation both are in Punjabi. I shall explain their meaning in English in a while. Here is the conversation first in Punjabi:

Friend>> Dekh main tera dost aan dushman in. Tere bhale di gall kardan.Meri gal mann, bhul ja usnu.

Hero>>(With fake smile) Chal chhad yaar, koi hor gal kar.

Friend>> Kujh tan soch, tainu is taran murjhaya vekh ke teri maa te ki beetdi hougi.Nale kinna chir usi gall nu chukk ke firi jayenga. Eh jindagi badi lambi hai mere yaar.Yaadan de sahare in katdi.

Hero>> Bas yaar hun tan pyar to vishwas jeha uth gaya!

And here are the lyrics in Punjabi:

kaun kare aitbar kise te, eh beitabri duniya!
Pair Pair te dhokhe dindi,eh jaalim sari duniya!

Socheya na dil lan ton pehlan,apna aap guwan to pehlan!
Asin besamjhe dil la ke dil te ade rahe,
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!

Sade dil diyan kachian kanda ton chah ban ban color girde rahe,
Koi gahak na mileya aina da lai galiyo gali firde rahe!
Kakhan wangar rul gaye, sooli chade rahe!
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!

Ranjhe ne jehdian hoyian is sade nal hoyian oh thaggian,
Ki kariye maan preetan te,jehian laggina jehian chahe na laggian!
Sade naal mukaddar lagda lade rahe!
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!

Eh ishq de fatt awalle ne asin bade lukaye lukade hi nai,
Pind purowal de shayar oye asin mukk challe gam mukadde hi nai!
Do naina de sagar hai har pal hade rahe!
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!(repeat)

And here is the meaning of the conversation first in English:

Friend>> Look I am not enemy, I am your friend. For you own good only I am saying this, just forget her.

Hero>> (With fake smile)Leave it buddy. Lets talk about some thing else.

Friend>> Just think my friend. How would your mom be feeling by looking you like this. And for how long you would carry this pain with you? This life is so long buddy. It doesn't get pass by memories.

Hero>> My dear, I just have lost my  faith on love.

And now the lyrics in English are:

How can one rely on some one, this whole world is untrustable.

At every step this world betrays, this whole world is just so cruel and heartless!

I didn't think for once even before falling in love, before losing myself for love!

Me stupid fell in love and without thinking anything else, stayed like in that only!

But she changed just like weathers do and I stood there only like immovable trees!

She changed....(repeat)

Like on wet walls, pain doesn't stick, my emotions,happiness kept on breaking!

There is no buyer of these feelings,

I searched every corner,every street that I could find!

Like pebbles, I got kicked and like a slave got hanged!

She changed just like weathers do and I stood there only as immovable trees do!

She changed....(repeat)

The same betryals that happened with Ranjha,happened with me too!

On what I can proud on my love?There is nothing!

It seems that my own luck had a fight with me always!

She changed just like weathers do and I stood there only as immovable trees do!

She changed....(repeat)

These wounds of love are so weird, I tried to hide them so hard them but couldn't!

My life has come to its end but these pains of love seems never ending!

This ocean of tears in these two eyes seems always flooded!

She changed just like weathers do and I stood there only as immovable trees do!

She changed....(repeat)

She changed....(repeat)

I am not sure that how much you would like this song and/or lyrics of it. If you wont its okay as to understand the beauty of flowers , their importance, one should not ask that person who have spent his/her entire life on bed of roses but from the one who have spent his/her life with thorns. Pain of love and the pain of the lyrics of this song can be truly understood only if one has loved and lost it. Those who break hearts, they wont be able to feel the pain of that person whom they have given tears for lifetime. Its just so easy to slap some one and say sorry but its not that easy to bear that pain and insult what that slap gives. Like that only, you need to have that pain inside you to feel the true meaning of these lyrics and the feelings they are trying to express.

These lines come into mind which are from a guy who loved and lost it for the sake of his love. These are in Hindi. I shall explain their meaning in a while:

Thukra ke usne mujhe kaha muskrao,

Maine muskra diya aakhir sawal uski khushi ka tha!

Maine khoya wo jo mera kabhi tha hi nahin,

Par usne khoya wo jo sirf usi ka tha!

And their meaning in English is :

She left me and asked me to smile,

I did smile as it was the question for her happiness!

I lost some one who was never mine,

But she lost the one who was only hers!

I shall conclude by saying this only that its not so easy to bear the pains of wounds of love. Partly because they don't hurt the body but the soul which never gets cured once wounded and partly because they are not given by some one else but by that very person from whom one never expected. This reason alone is enough to make the wounds getting healed never.  I shall just say this that never hurt that person who loves you truly.  If you can't see that whether some one who is crying in front of you, his/her tears are for real, if you are not able to care about some one's love than its not the fault of that poor soul, its you who don't know what is love and understand its importance.  If you can't pick thorns from some one's path then don't spread more too. Love is the most precious gift one can ever get in his/her life, it changes lives. Let the change happen in some one's life for good, don't make falling in love with you some one's worst nightmare. Remember, you never know, that very heart who could love more than anyone,anything else in this whole world,  you might have broken that only just now. That love for which you were waiting for your entire life time,might be lying in front of you buried beneath the pieces of that very broken heart only. You never know, just keep this in mind!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Don't Know Why But....

I am not in my senses I guess at the moment. I have not posted anything since past few days even though I am at home too. I don't know why it is there but I am not feeling good. A deep feeling of pain is there but I don't know for what? I am trying to read as much as I can my Oracle books to keep myself busy. But somehow I am not able to concentrate over them much too. May be I need a little fresh air and a little change. I shall try to get that as soon as possible.

Friday, December 28, 2007

AIOUG Is Finally Here....

Yes and if you ask me, it was some thing for which I was waiting from a long long time. I am so glad that finally now official All India Oracle User Group has been established. And its also a part of  Asia Pacific Oracle User Group. I wish them all the very best with my best wishes and I hope they would benefit all the Oracle users in India a lot. Membership is on so if you are a dba, developer or even a student of Oracle , get yourself registered and make this a success. The membership at the moment is free but it will be having a membership fee later on but that's very reasonable. Did I register myself? I don't think you should ask that :-).

Thursday, December 27, 2007

11g, A Little Naughty One....

Well after the first date, things should become more smooth. At least all the misunderstandings should be clear right? I am afraid I am not able to say the same for this 11g database. I did install it quite without any pain and also worked over it for about 15 minutes. Said it bye in a nice manner with a hope in the heart that the next time, I shall be greeted by it with a smile. But I guess that's not happening. All of a sudden Enterprise Manager is now not working. Despite installing the database again, the problem is still there. I am at the moment buried under the log files of EM. Hope I shall get some thing out of it. At the moment, 11g is behaving very naughty. Well so am I  so lets see who wins :-).And one last note, I don't like losing ;-)!

11g,First Meet....

Yup I just installed Oracle database 11g. I did install it once before too but that was some thing which was done with more haste so lets not count it. This time its done with little more patience so we will call this as the first encounter or meeting with 11g. Hmm so my thoughts about it right? Well I have done the installation on a window xp box with C2D processor and 2gig of RAM so it got installed without any ooh-aah-ouch. Yeah couple of things have changed in the installation for example, it needs a new listener which is a mandatory component of installation. The Enterprise Manager gets installed with secure, HTTPS port. The database installation with Database Configuration Assistant(DBCA) has also got couple of changes. Now DBCA just installs the database with a combined setting for both SGA, PGA. The option is still there for individual settings but I guess that wont be recommended. Also there are some typical security settings and automatic maintenance task settings which are recommended by Oracle to be set. Its a little heavy in the installation what I felt. I yet have to start the technical playing with it which will explore more things. I have received a resource disk from Oracle for 11g which has got tons of videos, tutorials and so much more which will be helping me out in getting things. Its a great move by Oracle to make people understand the product better. So with the installation done, lets see now how things will go.  Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

So You Are Tuning Some Bad SQL Statement....

Sql statement tuning is the hardest tuning I guess. Its having so many things to look after, the query itself, question which is asked for which the query is written, missing indexes , bad execution plan and the list goes on and on and on. So how can you be some what good in solving this impossible looking puzzle of statement tuning? Greg Rahn has posted a very good post for troubleshooting bad execution plans. Its a must read in my opinion as execution plan is like the x-ray report of your statement's flow and by tuning how is your statement is going through, you can get the maximum performance! Have a read, its an excellent post!

License For Blogs....

Blog is some thing which is about your self and what you feel about anything. And it is so much good to have as much readership as one can get for his/her blog. And this means that more and more people/sites/blog must spread what one writes. But does this mean that people are allowed to give their names to your work and take away that credit which is meant for you? Your work may inspire some one to do some thing better for his/her own work but this doesn't mean that he/she should not give you the credit for the original thought process. At least an attribution to the original source of the content is must if not anything else. Now the issue is that if you are running your blog by yourself , means hosting it own on your own than you have full control as you are the owner of that domain under which your work is hosted. But how about free hostings like Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress? What about them? What kind of control one can have over these free blogging sites? Though they are free but still there must be some mechanism to save your credits. So what do you think its a good point or not?Agreed with the points? If yes good but if not than you may be interested in reading that why bloggers should blog under some license ?

The answer comes from Creative Commons license which provides options of different licenses helping you to copyright your work which may be in any form , be it  text, pictures, music, blog in such a way that people are able to share your work without asking you but they have to attribute your name over it which will make sure that you will get the required credit what is must! The best part is CreativeCommons license is effective in the court too. So it means that with this, it is really assured that your work is safely copyrighted and if some one voilates the copyright than trouble may come for him/her.

CreativeCommons licenses are also available internationally. You can use your country and use the license which is covering your country specific jurisdiction. If you can't find your country than don't panic as it must be coming soon. For India, the jurisdiction site is here.

So what you think ? Let me know your comments,thoughts about it. If you ask me, I guess its a must.

Marry Xmas & Happy Holidays....

I wish all of you marry Xmas! May god bless you with you his choicest blessings! Have great fun with your near and dear ones and enjoy the holidays.

I also have got holidays this time till 2nd week of January 2008 as there are no assignments I am having at the moment. So it means no travel, no tension about the programs. Well actually its fun so there is no big deal in all this too but still I have some time in my hand which I am planning to spend productively. Hopefully I shall be able to do what I have planned for these 2 weeks. Lets see.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Congrats Aman & Raman....

A few months back, one of my closest friends, Amandeep and Raman become one from two to start a new beginning when they got engaged. Today was the day when they have finally tied the knot and got married. It was such a nice feeling to see some one so close getting married. It just feels like that was  yesterday when me and Amandeep met for the first time about 8 some years back when we joined in the same high school class. Amandeep was so much talkative and the first thought that came to my mind that how much this boy talks! I never knew at that time that this talkative boy only will become one of my closest pals, some one who is really close to me like a brother only, always there to give me his advice, support in what ever I need. And that young boy today became a man. Its an amazingly nice and satisfying feeling that my friend is going to start his new life and has also got such a good partner to share with him this journey of life. This is the picture of last year when Amandeep and Raman got engaged.


And this is their snap today when they have got married. This was taken after the wedding ceremonies got over and cake was cut by them.


I wish Amandeep and Raman both a very happy married life.  I am so much happy for them today. May God give them his choicest blessings forever! Congrats Aman and Raman from the bottom of my heart! One more thing,if you are thinking that the 2nd snap is not so good and both Aman and Raman are looking a little different than for this the culprit is none other but me. Yes I only took this snap. There were a lot of movement and I tried my best to get the best shot but I don't think I got much success. Sorry for this!

On a different note, my friend Gaurav who was there with me in the wedding took a few snaps of mine. I don't normally wear shades but this time I did wear them for the travel. So here is me wearing dark shades and looking like a gangster.


Hmm not so good if you ask me. You can see all three and the mastermind behind this, yes Gaurav too in those pics once you click on the snap :-). I am too much tired so I am off to bed now. I wont be getting much sleep after tomorrow for next couple of days too. So see you in the morning.  Adios!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Men & Women On ATM....

I got this today in my mail. Needless to mention it made me smile. Now how much it is true, I don't know the second half. Yes for the first half, it is indeed. As I found it good to have a smile so sharing it with you all here. The last point is the final kick. Have a read:

What guys do at ATM:

1. Pull up to ATM
2. Insert Card
3. Enter PIN
4. Take cash, card and receipt
5. Drive away

What gals do at ATM:

1. Pull up to ATM
2. Back up and pull forward to get closer
3. Shut off engine
4. Put keys in purse
5. Get out of car because you're too far from machine
6. Hunt for card in purse
7. Insert card
8. Hunt in purse for grocery receipt with PIN written on it
9. Enter PIN
10. Study instructions
11. Hit "CANCEL"
12. Re-enter correct PIN
13. Check balance
14. Look for envelope
15. Look in purse for pen
16. Make out deposit slip
17. Endorse checks
18. Make deposit
19. Study instructions
20. Make cash withdrawal
21. Get in car
22. Check makeup
23. Look for keys
24. Start car
25. Check makeup
26. Start pulling away
27. Stop
28. Back up to machine
29. Get out of car
30. Take card and receipt
31. Get back in car
32. Put card in wallet
33. Put receipt in checkbook
34. Enter deposits and withdrawals in checkbook
35. Clear area in purse for wallet and checkbook
36. Check makeup
37. Put car in reverse
38. Put car in drive
39. Drive away from machine
40. Drive 3 miles
41. Release parking brake

So let  me know which one you find is more accurate? In my opinion both are :-).

Friday, December 21, 2007

Back, Sick & Tired....

Yes I got back last night. It was a tiring and little bit odd tour. I managed to finish it with a good note but it has left me a little tired and sick, I can manage being tired but I hate being sick. I have some days with me ( well 3 to be precise ) to have some rest and get myself back on the track. Lets see how will it happen?

There were a lot of new things happened in this trip. The starting of it was the first among them. I normally travel in the day time to catch a flight to my destination. Its tiring but still I manage to get a good sleep at home so its kind of okay. This time it was not the case. Well the first reason was that this time I was not catching a flight but was catching a train. I haven't traveled too much by trains. The last time and the only time which I can recall that I traveled by a train was when I went to Calcutta. I had to go to Malaysia for the first time and  there were a lot of problems that I faced for that. In the series of problems , I went to Calcutta and came back from same by train only. That journey of Calcutta actually proved to be a disaster. With the loss of time, money and in addition to so much mental tension, I saw the real picture of some one whom I thought to be my friend and relied to help me in the visa process of Malaysia as I had no idea how to go for it. It was very first time in my life when I was going out some where and that too to a foreign country altogether. Those 4 days of travel and 3 days in the hotel are among some very long and frustrating days that I ever lived. I expected to be a little bit relieved when I came back but some how that too didn't happen. I heard some words which broke me. Anyways I guess I am going on a rather completely different track which has no relation here so I wont be proceeding any further with that tale. And in any case, I am not going to tell you anything about that story :-). Anyways getting back to track, so after about 3 years, I was again  going to travel by train. This time one difference was there that train was going to be a nice one and also the travel was not for almost 40 hours. But despite being that, I was traveling in full winters and that too in the night. I started at almost 8pm. Though I got the bus immediately but the bus was not at all good and was so much packed. So what I planned that I would have a sleep on my way to Delhi got busted completely and I had to stay up all the night in the bus with cold winds. By the time I got at Delhi , it was 3am. I caught an auto and left for station. I was almost frozen and what ever was left was completed by the open auto running at a speed of 60km/hour. So by the time I got at station, I was almost having no power. Well I got there almost 2 hours before the scheduled time of train so I had to wait. I thought I would get a seat inside the waiting rooms but to my surprise, even it was 4am , still all the waiting rooms were jammed. Great ! So I had to wait outside on the platform. No I didn't sit on the floor,seats were there but they were made of steel so you can imagine how it feels to sit over them at 4am in December. Not some thing which I would like to do often if you ask me. Anyway the train was on time so I didn't have to wait beyond the specified time. Train was ok. I spent the time talking to one of the fellow passenger who was a lady coming back from America to meet her parents. I cant sleep in the travel so no rest. After about 4 hours of this train travel , I finally got at Jhansi. Its a small city ( town is the most appropriate one for it but anyways). I was not going to the main city coz my client's place was almost 16km away from the main city. So I took an auto and got at the place. I was going to stay in the company's own guest house. And just like any company residence, these people were also having timings for meals. So I got my lunch at 12.30 and then I was off to bed as I was going to fall any time if I wouldn't had slept. It was not for long though as I got a call from the co-ordinator who wanted me come along with him to the venue to inspect the setup. Not a good idea but I was not there for fun so I had to go with him and I went too. We spent almost 3 hours there before he dropped me back to my room.

Normally, everything in my trips is ok, logistics, travel and all that but as I said , this time it was totally messed up from the start. So continuing the series fo disasters, I found that my wash room's geyser was not working. I told the house-keeping guys about that. Firstly he tried to convince me that it is indeed working and there are no issues. He explained that there are two knobs , one for cold water and one for hot and all that stuff. Now I don't know too much about every thing but I do know some thing about at least showers and geyser knobs. Heck I am traveling more than 3 times a month! So I told him to come and check by himself which he did and some how with a bitter face agreed that I was right. But this didn't give me any help as I was not going to get this issue sorted out the same evening which means in the next morning,it would be a great issue. Imagine one night old , ice cold water , in the morning of December to be available for bath.  I don't know about you but I guess that's more than enough to give a shiver! Well I had no choice and that became second of the prominent reasons for this sickness of mine. First indeed is the night travel that I did. So with that chilly start, I started the program. Audience was ok I must say that they were rather very easy going and cool. We didn't receive course material for all 3 days but still they didn't make any noise. Good! They liked the program and were happy when we finished it so I guess everything went well with the program.

Now when ever I am staying some where, I am the king of my room as I am the sole owner of it. But this time and that too on the last night of my program, when I got back from the venue, I am welcomed by some one else too in my room. Oh and I forgot to tell that one night before that, I was asked to change my room as some one else was coming and they required my room. What I got in exchange was a common 3 bed room without any tv or room heater. Great! Nice! Anyways I can manage without a tv and room heater but have to share a room, hmm I am not so friendly especially when I am not supposed to do that as I was their guest. Well I did have a little chat with the gentleman who was also not so happy in sharing the room and found him nice. But despite him being nice, I cant share my room with any one else in these trips. No way! So it was time to brush up my talking skills and after about 2 hours I got another room ;-), separate, with a room heater and a tv and completely newly made one. Well my happiness didn't last for long as that another guy also used his talking skills and came into the same room with the argument that the other room was too cold. Hmm ok. I was leaving for Gwalior next morning at 6am( yes I said 6am) so I decided to go back into that same cold room.

So now I was back in the same room. I was leaving at 6am so I had to get up at about 5am to get ready. Now when ever that kind of time is there, I cant sleep normally. So the same happened as I didn't sleep in the whole night. I did call my friend Gaurav who was also traveling from Pune to back home couple of times. Finally got ready at 5.30am and started waiting for the cab to come. Driver came at about 6.15am and we started for a 3 hour long travel to Gwalior, reason being that Jhansi has no airport and I was supposed to catch my flight to Delhi. So off to Gwalior!

After 3 hour long journey, I got at the airport at 9.10am. It was a very small airport where just 2 airlines operate, Indian Airlines which I was going to use and Air Deccan. My flight was at 11.50am so I asked the counter guys that what time they will start check in procedures. He brought me to the airport manager who told me that the flight would be delayed as the connecting flight has not took off from Delhi. Cool! So I was there on the airport and now I had to wait for almost 3 hours. Airport manager though was very nice. He took so much care of me and made me have 2 samosas and coffee. I never saw any airport manager doing that and being so humble. It was good to see some one like him as the airport manager and I wish all the airports get the same kind of managers.

So finally my flight came and I started for Delhi. It was rather more chilly at Delhi when we got there. From there it was the routine stuff. I got a cab and went to bus stand and from there took a bus to my place. But in this whole thing, I spent so much time and I guess I didn't mention that I didn't have anything since morning except for 2 samosas and one coffee.

Finally I got back home. I felt it was rather so much long journey despite the number of days were just three. I don't know why but I just wanted to come back as soon as possible. I was feeling so much tired and weak ( I am feeling the same now too) . I need to prepare some topics and the next program will be a disaster as I know just 10% of it. Lets see what will happen there. At the moment, I shall just have some rest and sleep.

Oh one last thing, on the Delhi airport, Manish Malhotra , yes the same Manish Malhotra, the big bollywood designer. Well he was on the next luggage belt to me. I don't get fancy about this celeb -mania but it was a surprise that no one over the airport recognized him. Not a single person! Hmm not a big deal, just I felt a little odd as it was domestic airport and still no one took any notice of him.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Different & Long Travel....

Yes I shall be leaving tonight for a small program. Well as it is said all big things come in small packages so this small program is for the same module which I have just done. So its not actually that small too. The problematic part is that I shall not be going by flight this time. To my bad luck, there is no flight to where I am  going this time, at least not a direct one. There is a flight to another city and from there, one has to either take a bus/train or hire a cab.  Still not so bad but I guess its not that which is easy will happen with me. So for me, there is no flight which is going to that other city also. So it means I have to catch a train now and the not-so-good thing is that the train also doesn't leave from my place. So I have to go to Delhi in the night and than from there , early in the morning, I have to catch the train. Now as I am not so habitual to use trains so lets see how things will go plus the city where I am going is not so pleasant one so in total I am a little bit worried about the whole stuff.  Lets see what happens? I just hope and wish that everything goes fine, this time program plus the travel. Pray for me guys and wish me luck!

Don't Know Why....

I don't know why but I am feeling so much sad. I have no clue why it is so? May be its some things that happened in the past and/or some things which are happening now or may be its nothing but just my  upset and wandering mind which is not sitting stable. I don't really know. Its feels at times that a guy is lost some where in a completely unknown place and despite trying so hard to find him, its not working out. I just hope that guy will be found some what soon. May be this sadness will go away at that time.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Yes I got back today morning from a chilly and tough program. It is so chilly at this time at my place and the fun is that where I came from , there was no sign even of cold. Though I was prepared to experience this cold and chilly weather but imagine you are traveling in a bus at 2am in a temperature of 10 degree. Not so much enjoyable right? Well my program went well and that's the most important thing for me. We ended with a good note and smile was there on everyone's face. That's what I need and want all the time so can say that I am a little relieved.

As usual, I started from my home one day prior to the program in bus. Well this time , I started rather very early from the usual time of mine as my flight was at 5pm and I had to start at about 7am to meet the timing. I got at the airport without any news-making incident and in one piece :). It was as usual so packed but the best thing happened was that the flight was on time which is a real relief at the moment coz of the ever increasing air traffic. Normally it happens that I  get at the venue at 12am and some time after that also so I don't get much time to relax and prepare but as I was going to get my place quite early so it gave me time to get settle as well as prepare also. Preparation was so much important this time as the audience which was going to come was too much strong and I really needed to prepare myself for almost every unusual thing. It was good that I got the time coz what I expected came true when we finally started.

When we started the program, it was in the start only I came to know that the audience is pretty experienced and the guys are really strong in their knowledge about Oracle Database. You can expect the level of their expertise from this that they were chosen as a team by Oracle to test Oracle 11g as a beta testing program partners and out of 14, 3 guys are managing their companies India Data Center with all the higher end technologies, RAC, Data Guard etc. And its not that they are simply managing it, they are really pushing the limits of all these technologies to their maximum limits. It was really nice to have a chat with them and see that there are some people who really love what they do and coz they love their work, they are the really good in it. These guys really gave me a hard time with their questions and for few questions, I had to tell them that I shall get back to them later over email. Good experience for me it was , I would say. There was a lot of discussion and there was lots of suggestions that they gave to make the program more effective and better. I really liked their suggestions and hope that they would be implemented very soon too. Over all, it was one of the best sessions ( at least for me).

Yesterday I came to the airport for catching my flight. To a strange, this flight was also on time. It never happened in the past but this time may be I was lucky. There was one more coincident that I saw this time both the times on the airports, there were a lot of newly wed couples which were traveling to/from Delhi to/from different places. It was so nice to see so many of them. In my return flight only , there must be 5-6 which were traveling back to Delhi. Besides me there was one couple sitting. I am not sure whether it was their love marriage or they really fall in love after marriage but they were so much happy and loving to each other. Once the gal was feeling was tired to she slept in the lap of her guy and the guy was pressing her forehead. He made her have water. They fed each other dinner over the flight.  It was so nice to see that still love exists in this world and there are still some people who really and truly love their loved ones. But one can talk about only what he/she has got personally but still it was nice to see them.

I shall be leaving tomorrow. But again there is a lot of twist there for this tour. Besides being tough in the content, the travel it self will be really tough. I shall let you know about this a bit later. At the moment , I shall look some thing to eat and will sleep or will listen music for some time to make me relax. Want to study but have no energy at the moment. So see you later guys!Adios!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tough Travel Time....

Yes I shall be leaving tomorrow. This time its just not the program which will be tough but the travel will also start from a rough edge as I have not received my tickets yet which I am promised to get by tomorrow via the message. And I have to take the print over the airport only. Not some thing which sounds interesting. And to make things worse, its one of those programs which is among the toughest ones and also the audience which is coming is the tough one. I am not really sure what will happen. All I can hope is that every thing goes fine. Pray for me guys, I really need your wishes.

Movie Review, Om Shanti Om....

I watched Om Shanti Om today with my sister Gunjan. My friend Gaurav gave me DVD of this so I thought I shall change my mood with watching it. Well there is nothing much about the review of this movie. I am not sure what to say about it. If you ask me how is the movie, I shall say its a typical Bollywoord movie with lots of things happening, dance, action , a little bit of romance, a small fight, for sure a hero, heroine and a villain and for a change( if we can say it a change though) , a reincarnation story too. On the whole , a just-for-time-pass movie. I am not very happy with watching it. As the entire story( with the modification done by Farah Khan, the director) is picked up from the classic movie, Karz which starred Rishi Kapoor and is a milestone in the incarnation movies. There is nothing that I could find out which will make me watch it again. Yeah I may watch it if I wont be doing anything.

About the music, music score is by Vishal-Shekhar. Songs are nice. My favorite ones are Tumko Paya Hai and Jag Soona Soona Lage. Rest are also ok too if you are not bothered whats playing actually ;-)! You can listen the songs here on MusicIndiaOnline.

This is not a very expressigve review but I am really not sure what to pick and what to leave for review. Entire movie and acting of every one including Shahrukh also looked , well just pure acting. Since the starting only, this feeling came that I am watching a movie and its not real which I dont think is a good sign as movie watching should be an experience.One must be lost in the movie.I was not at all lost but was more concious as the movie offered me nothing for being lost. On the whole , I am not so happy with the movie and disappointed.

Back But For Today....

Yes I got back today. It was a real pain to complete 3 different topics out of which alone if of either of 3 or 2 days in just 3 days. But the guys were good. All so much nice and intelligent! It was good to see that all of them were happy when we finished the program. It was their kindness that they used very nice words for me when we were closing the program. I got some couple of good questions that I need to answer and get back to them. I hope I shall get the answers soon. But the tour is not over yet,I shall be leaving tomorrow again. At the moment, I am going to listen some music. So see you later guys!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Travel Time Is There....

Yes I am leaving tomorrow. The program and the audience both will be tough this time and to make things worst, I myself am so much upset and pist off which is not good at all. I just hope that every thing goes fine. Wish me luck and pray for me guys. I really need it with me!

Once Again....

Once again I am so much hurt today and again from some one who is very close to me. Once again its that person only for whom I did so much, meant him like a brother, that person only did hurt me so much today. May be its just my fault. May be its just me who expect more than I should from some one. Its ok. I shall try to remember this.Hope I shall.

Love, Gift Or Punishment....

It is said that love is happiness and to be in love is getting the best gift ever. Yes it is in real too. Love is the greatest miracle that can happen to some one in his/her life. There are so many who long for it for their entire life but still don't get it. They try it to find it so much but they are not able to and its true too that they wont be too as love is not some thing that one can search anywhere. If it has to come to you, it will find you. And when that happens, it seems that there is no need to seek for heaven coz heaven is right there in the arms of your love. There is no need to seek for happiness as the entire world's happiness lies in those two eyes and in that smile which comes on the face of your love. There is nothing more beautiful than falling in love. Yes love is indeed the most beautiful thing that can happen to one in his/ her life. But happiness never comes without tears, roses are never without thorns. In the same way, love can be hurting too. Its not always a fairy tale. Its not always red roses. Some times, what one gets from it is just thorns and nothing else.

Yes love can give the most hurting pains too some times. The wounds of love are not even healed by time as wounds on outer body can be healed but how that wounded soul can be healed? Some times it happens that the person whom you take as your life, he only takes it from you. Yes you may be still alive but its just like some one takes your soul out and leaves a body, an empty body  which is alive but has no life. You are left with tears, cries and a broken heart and with questions, so many of them which you ask to yourself with every passing breath and heartbeat but still get no answers. You ask your self so many times that what was there that was left which you didn't do for your love to make him/her happy, to prove that you loved her/him truly but you are not able to find any answer. Why it did happen that whom you gave that very heart of yours, why the same person only broke it into millions of pieces! Why it did happen that the person whose eyes you always wanted to be filled with happiness , he only gave a gift of endless tears to your eyes! You keep on trying to find the answers of this questions, telling your self all the time that there is nothing like this that has happened and its all just a bad dream which will be over soon but always a crude reality strikes you when you look around and realize that its not a dream , its for real.

Here is a song which is produced by Taj-E. It is depicting  the emotions of some one who thought love would be really nice and sweet but what he got was some thing different. He is asking some questions to his love.  The lyrics are in Punjabi. I shall explain the meaning in English too. The song is Sajna.  Here are the lyrics in Punjabi :

Kehdi ditti ae saza sajna, kehdi ditti ae saza sajna,

Oh saza di vi gal koi naa, koi das ja wajah sajna!

koi das ja wajah sajna!koi das ja wajah sajna!

Tun tan pyar pa ke bhul gaya ve,

Sanu pata lagga lokan, tun horan te dull gaya ve!

Hai tun tan horan te dull gaya ve!

Bada julam kamaya ve, bada julam kamaya ve,

Sutteya tun inj sajna, tainu taras na aya ve!

Hai tainu taras na aya ve, taras na aya ve!

Oh doran rabb utte suttian ne, doran rabb utte suttian ne,

Arry kade bhuleya na, jina chotan dittina ne!

And here is the meaning of the song in English:

For what you have given me this punishment,

Even if you have given me this punishment,

Just tell me one reason too why you have given this punishment?

You made me fall in love and  forgot me,

Its been told to me by others that now your soul mate is some one else!

Its so painful but why couldn't you see,

You threw me away just like that,

Didn't you feel my pain for one moment even?

I have left everything on God now,

But Arry never can forget those who have given him so much pains!


Some time back, I read these lines some where. Though these are just 2 lines but their meaning is so much deep and it can be understood by only who have loved and got wounded. Have a read:

Pyar na yaara kite pa lawin, sukh chain tera sab lutt jawega!

Vich pyar de jad tainu satt wajju, khuli hawa vich v dum tera ghutt jawega!

And their meaning in English is :

Don't fall in love my friend, you will lose your all peace and happiness!

When it will hurt you, even in open air, you will lose your breaths!

There is nothing that I have with me to say. I shall conclude by saying this only that love is indeed the greatest gift that one can get and at the same time one can gift to some one. But remember, love is not so easy. If there is some thing so much hard to do is to do some thing for some one else, make some one else smile on the cost of your happiness. Its much easier said than done. Love is the only thing which brings all the joys but at the same time, its love only which takes away all of them too. If you are in love with some one ( or are just saying to some one that you are in love with him/her) than try to do one thing and that is not to hurt that person ever. The only thing that you wont be able to make right ever again will be that broken heart.It hurts too much more when the pain is given by some one closer to the heart. That pain is not bearable. Love is not a moment, or a time period. Its a commitment, a promise of life time that you make when you say those 3 magical words to some one. Its not just phone calls , movies and gifts, its much more than that. Its not to leave your loved ones alone but to stick with them when no one else is willing to do so. Remember for you, that some one may be just a person who exists, but for that  person, its just you with whom everything else exists. Its true that with love, pain and tears come along without asking but don't make them some one's life. Love is not to gift these but to take them all away with you so that just smiles can be there with that some one special. If you cant give some one smiles, you have no right to give them tears too. Don't give some one a life which will kill him/her with every passing breath. Make love for some one the most precious gift of his/her life time, not the most cruel punishment!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hair Cut, Shopping & Reunion....

Yup I went for shopping today, after a long time I guess. Its always fun to shop and if you are like me who wants nothing but the best in what ever budget he has, than it becomes a mission sort of ;-).Well this time it was not for me. One of my good friend's birthday is on this 7th( I shall miss it as I wont be around that time) so I wanted to buy some thing for him. I thought couple of things like jacket as its winter time, some accessory sort of thing but than taking consideration about his looks, work, I changed my mind and thought that will buy him a nice casual shirt. I don't know how well my choice is of things and it happens some times that people may not like what you buy or may be what you bought would be a tiny thing and may get lost too so I thought that a shirt would be nice, wont be easily lost( how one would lose some thing that he is wearing ;-)) too so I went for it. Well I did spend a lot of time, ate head of sales guys too much and finally bought one. It was a black one with small print over it. I thought that it would look nice on him so I took chance and bought it. As I was going to see him today only in his office so I thought if he wont like it than I shall get it change right away. So straight from shopping mall, I went to him and gave him  the shirt. He did like it (at least that's what he said to me). As he calls me his big brother so according to him , anything presented by brother would be nice only so its really nice. Ok I have nothing more to say, I am flattered now. Thanks Sumit for the kind words.

From this, I went for my hair cut. It was a long time back since I had my last one and as I would be leaving pretty soon so I thought I would go for it. Nothing happened unusual there except for one thing that some one over there asked me some thing about some things that happened some time back. A little tongue in cheek right :-)? Anyways I don't know how come that person came over to that point, was it a hunch or he really did find some thing over my face, I have no idea but it was shocking to hear some thing like that from that person. I didn't give any answer and just said I don't remember everything that happens with me, for which I got the answer that I am lying. Well I don't answer what I don't want to so I just said that I have to leave urgently. I guess I may change my timing next time to visit my saloon.

In the evening I went to see one of my very good friends who has come from London for his marriage. It was a mix of feelings as I was happy to see him and also excited that he would be getting married soon now(  23rd of this very month) but also was sad and worried to see that my friend is not well and is under going lot of pain. I wont discuss what has happened to him here. It was a real pain to see him in this kind of condition but he told me that he is having medicine from a good doctor and he is improving also very fast. So within days, he would be completely fine. I just wish and pray to god that the same will happen very soon. It was a good travel and good change for me. Tomorrow may be I shall meet with another friend who has come back to Punjab after a long time. Great great great!

Happily Back....

Yup I got back and yes happily which I thought wont happen this time, thanks to all the problems, issues that did come up all this while in the entire tour. It was a long and relatively tough tour. Since the very first day of its starting, the ride was a little bumpy  but thanks to the wishes of all who wished me luck, I was able to manage the program well and make it come to an end with a smile on everyone's face which the only thing that I feel must be there as a result of the program.

So as I said , since the very first day only the ride wasn't so cool and easy. I started as like always from my home in the bus. As I was not going to catch any flights for the first program and it was happening in Gurgaon only so I thought I shall be at the guest house a little early and will catch some time to sleep and study, not knowing that it wont happen. Well I did catch the bus on time so I thought everything will be fine only. Every thing was fine too till half an hour since the start when the driver informed that out of one side's two tyres , one is punctured. Well not a good sign , I said to my self but not to worry much. It was a just a puncture and will be taken care very soon, either they will make the puncture done or they will replace the damaged tyre with a good one, so not to panic now only. And as thought , the driver did pull the bus near to a tyre shop and told all that it will be fixed very soon. Well not a very big deal so I said to myself it will be fine. And it did get fine after some time too when we were told that tyre is fine now. So we were back in the business again and started. It must be about 15 minutes only since we started and the same tyre got busted again. I don't remember it ever did happen to me and the same was told to me by the driver and conductor also that they never did experience the same ever. Anyways by that time I was sure that this trip is going to be a bumpy ride and the same will happen with my program also. The search for a shop with tyre repair started and to every one's amazement, we landed up at 3 shops just to know that the first didn't have the mechanic, second didn't have a proper person to deal with , third was not having a jack to lift up the bus. GREAT! At last at the fourth one , we were able to get the repair done and started again. In all this we lost about 2 hours and that means that I was supposed to reach Delhi by 5pm, I got over there at 8pm. I called up my cab driver and then started for guest house. It was about 10pm when I got over there and decided to sleep after dinner for the next day which was supposed to be the most controversial program that I ever did.

The next day I was picked up by my consultant from sales to go over the client's place. On the way, we did talk about couple of things that were going to be the problematic in the program and I told him about couple of points which I had in my mind. The very first point was the installation set up which was still pending and according to the client, I should be the one who should come and do it. It never happens actually but still we agreed and decided that we will go to the place early and than will start it. Only when we got there, we came to know that the manager who was supposed to assist us in getting into the premises and lets us have a technical assistance , he didn't show up and to make things worst, he switched off his cell phone too. I was told that he switches off his cell after office. I was so much upset hearing this. I hate those people who think that they are the only ones with life and they are the only ones who are busy,if some one is calling them, messaging them, they are not bothered and will reply when they want. The other person is not a fool or mad to call you! But seems its not some thing so simple to understand by some people. Anyways despite being so much upset, there was nothing we could do and I sat with my sales guy in the waiting room. The manager came at about 9am( one hour late from the time that he gave to us) and than we went inside. He took us to the room where we were supposed to start the program and we were shocked to see that it was filled with a lot of crap ,ladders, paint, broken furniture. He himself didn't know what happened and he told us to have a seat and he will do some thing about it. Well what we could say or do so we did take our seats again. Finally after about half an hour, we were told that the room is ready and we can come in. By that time, the audience also started coming in. At about 9.35am which is my scheduled time normally, we finally started. At that time, the tech manager asked to settle down some things that he thought were necessary to make the program go smooth. This was pretty bizarre as the points that he arose , they were never discussed with me neither by him nor by my sales team and more over my sales team also had no idea from where at the last moment those points actually came up. And as I am very much stubborn in my schedules and things that I shall do so I told that it wont be possible that I shall change anything in my program or in the content at all. So this created a lot of mess and finally it happened that me, my sales manager, my sales consultant and delivery manager had to do a conference  call to decide upon things. In any point , I was not wrong anywhere so I got full support from my manager. So finally having a word with my team, me and the sales guy had a talk with the client's technical manager and than we started at about 12.30pm. And this was the first day itself. Not a very good start. Did I tell you that the installation  for which I came up early in the morning was not even started yet and the machine on which it was supposed to be done was a mere desktop machine with 2gig RAM and we were told that this would hold 8 databases accessed by 14 people who will not use it but will crush it with our performance degradation testing scripts. Not to worry was said to me,well I am not worried , its you who will be after some time, I said to myself and finally we started, actually! One thing I must mention that the guys in the audience were really nice and good. Some really stood out like the one I had couple of good talks and also we went for lunch together on the last 2 days, Suman Shekhar.Extremely knowledgeable guy, very energetic and very funny indeed. Finally we finished the entire week long program with a good note. All the guys gave great support to me and for which I am really thankful to them. We ended with a good note and I hope the guys did find the program productive.

From there, I had to fly to Banglore for another program which was starting on the next day when I finished my Gurgaon program. The flight got delayed and with that I landed up at Banglore at about 12am , about one hour late from the original time. Again the same things happened in that program. Some how , the setup was done for a different program and about that , we came to know only about 30 minutes prior to start the program. Great! Some how we pulled the first day and the installation was redone in the evening for the next 3 days. Installation team did work pretty hard till late in the night. We did finish up the program on time and the guys were happy. I hope it went well but cant be sure at the moment as I yet have to look at the official feedback.

So finally after a grueling tour, I got back yesterday. I wanted to tell you all this last night only but I was so much tired. So I just went to sleep. I shall be leaving soon and this time it will be much more tough as in the next program, the number of days are equal to the number of modules. I shall let you know what it is in the upcoming post. I may go for a hair cut today as I need some change. So see you later!