Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Someone Please Kill Me....

I am feeling so much sad and alone today. I just can't say it enough how much though! I saw some one in my family crying today, someone who did so much all of her life despite all the odds, all the issues , all the obstacles. She did truly more than what possibly could be done for all of us. And today she cried again thinking about all of us. I tried my best to make sure that she won't cry and get relieved from her worries. And the worse part is that her biggest worry is me!

Besides having this extreme feeling of sadness, am feeling so much alone too! There is just one person whom I told the stuff which no one else knows sitting in the tea house of an airport. Some one who promised me to take care of that lady around whom my whole existence revolves. That day, when I opened my self and shared those things with that person, I really felt so relieved, so strong. But it was just an illusion. I just wish it was a reality. But its not and am just sitting here all alone with no one beside me wishing what the title is saying.


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