Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dead Tired….

I am not sure why but I am just SO much tired. That much that I stopped the presentation of a tech web cast by Joel Goodman about Exadata. I don't know what's the reason for this but some how, some thing is wrong today. I didn't have lunch either, just had a piece of cheese sandwich with a glass of juice. I also finished my session too early, not that the time was there but some how, I just didn't have the strength in me to keep it running.  To make all the things, cough, cold , fever is some how not leaving me either. Am I upset, you bet! The only good thing is that the delegates are great and we are having an awesome time in the session. We faced an error with the Enterprise Manager and one of the delegates found the solution which entire audience used and got benefited, and I learned some thing new once again. So that's the only thing which is keep me moving I guess since the first day of the session's start. I shall be here only on this weekend , may be a long sleep would help overcome this fatigue and tiredness. Not sure about that too either because sleep some how , doesn't come to me when I want it so much.


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