Monday, May 18, 2009

You Are In Pain When….

Few years back, I wrote a post talking about when you should feel that you are in love? There are many times in our lives when we just assume that we are in love but in reality, its not. Most of the people of this world run for a mirage which they want to catch without knowing what's actually it is to be in love? It takes a lot to be in love, much more than few nice wordings, few promises. Love takes everything away from you, your smiles, your happiness, your peace of heart yet its the most soothing feeling in this world. Love is not about standing on the tallest building of this world and shouting your lungs out that you are in love but its to keep your lips sealed even when there is so much of pain and still smile for your beloved.

But as like there are always two sides of coin, there are not always smiles that one gets in love. At times or I should say, most of the times, people of this world hurt only their beloved ones. People give value to everything else but not to the love that they have got, not to that person who is loving them madly and deeply. Its takes a lot to give smiles , one has to dance on the streets yet not to feel ashamed of doing so if its for the happiness of his beloved but it takes nothing but just a bit of selfishness to hurt your love. When you look for your happiness first, when you look for your own profits, your own goals, care about your own dreams in which your beloved doesn't fit into, its very easy to hurt that heart which loves you so much! Those who do it, they never do and can understand how it feels when people laugh looking at you, when tears come just like sitting all alone looking at some things. Pain is much more intense feeling than happiness and when you get hurt from that person for whom you gave away all the happiness you could ever have, it becomes much more painful!

These following lines are just few signs which if you would see for yourself or for someone else, be assured that he is in just so much of pain! Pain can't be reflected in words, there is only language of it, cries which has alphabets of tears. And there are not many in this world who speak and understand this language very well. Have a read,

When someone asks what happened but you have no words to say, you are in pain!

When you want to cry but tears don't come, you are in pain!

When you are sitting with whole world yet  feel all alone, you are in pain!

When you appear to be alive but dying with every breath, you are in pain!

When you feel that you have no soul/heart left with you anymore, you are in pain!

When you see someone else in love and being happy and tears suddenly drop over the cheeks, you are in pain!

When some one asks you, did you ever love someone and you don't know what to say, you are in pain!

When you see a pic kept in your wallet before going to bed every night and cry, you are in pain!

These for sure, are not the only signs. There may be many more which do show that when a person is in pain. As I just said, pain can't be reflected in any words, only the language of cries spoken with tears tell about it and it takes a long to understand the meaning of words spoken through them. Love is surely the most precious gift that one can have in this world, but there is no pain like the pain of love in this world too! No one else can understand the depth of it as long as he himself has not tasted this poison. No one else can understand that loneliness that creeps in the heart when  its broken  except for those who themselves wander in those lonely valleys of pain.

I shall conclude by saying this only that if you love some one , don't hurt him because that other person may never come to you and say how much hurt he is  but when he would sit alone and cry, those cries would not let you sleep with peace too. Don't ever make those eyes cry and shed tears which always carry your own pic in them. Try to take away all the pains and tears from your loved ones. Its not always that one has to ask for only in love, few times, its important to give back some thing too. And in love, its not important that you get your beloved precious gifts, jewels, no they are nothing, they are never needed if you can give your beloved just pure and true love which he seeks from you. A tight hug when your beloved is crying is million times better than a diamond to make them smile. Love is not about giving red roses on Valentine's Day but its the rest of 364 days when you show that person how important he is for you and how much you love him?  Nothing can match the strength that one feels when his hands are holded by his beloved! Be the strength of that person for whom you may be the last best thing ever happened to him. And just like this, there is nothing that can match the intensity of those pains which are given by the loved ones. Its very easy to hurt someone and feel that you haven't done anything, its very easy to give logics to justify yourself but remember, tears don't understand logics neither cries understand justifications. No one can understand what it feels when you are sitting all alone in a corner of your room, cry and  pray to that god every night that he may take everything that you have but just for once makes it happen that you can see your love, just for once it does happen that your beloved would come from some where and say, baby its okay , I am here, don't cry! You know in your heart that god won't listen and neither would your love but still you do it each and every night, thinking that just may be , some day , either one of them would listen to your cries, despite knowing that none of both would pay any attention ever! Don't give tears to that person who have already given away all of his smiles to you. Just give him so much of smiles and happiness and love that person even more than he/she loves you because that's what love is all about. Always remember, its not every day that one does get some one who loves them truly, madly and deeply and its not everyday that you would find someone for whom, the whole world is only you!

Remember, love is not how much you can get but how you can give, its not about giving up but holding on. Its not about how you say, " I love you" , but how you show that it's true!


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