Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 2, 3 & Finale….

Well, I am back here at the Hong Kong International airport, waiting for my connecting flight. Its going to be a long wait as the connecting time is about 10 hours. I am feeling hungry but I would rather not dare to go and buy that much expensive food, in the price of which I can throw my this year’s birthday party to almost all of the people I would invite. So the only thing that I can do is , well, just sit with the system and check OTN forums , in addition to sneak around what others are doing.


About the program, its finished that’s all I can say for the moment. I can’t say that it went well or bad because I don’t yet know the rating of it. As per the face-to-face experience, all the candidates were smiling while leaving, asked for my email address, which is a good sign. I know this much from the experience that you would be only asked about your email address and/or any other contact info, if and only if people liked a thing or two of what you spoke about. So in that case, things look like that they went well. But for me,the official rating matters the most so I shall just wait for some more days for it to come to me. As this was the first time that I took up this module, I shall be really looking forward for the rating to come because that only would tell me that what are the areas in which I have to improve myself? Though, if you ask me, I won’t like to go ahead with this module again , at least not by will. Still, on the good part, I learned a lot. There were tons of good things that I picked up while preparing for this module and surely enough, while talking about it as well. The guys , as usual were very nice. Day 2 and 3 passed without any major issues as like what happened on day 1. Guys were very friendly and gave me a lot of tips for the sight seeing which unfortunately I couldn’t do for the reason that I was very much tired when I finished the session on the last day. I didn’t sleep in all the nights since I was at Philippines. Reason? Well, besides that I was not having a proper( or can say any too) food, I was( and still am) upset about a lot of things and due to that, over some people. I tried my best not to think of anything like that but some how, thoughts just never left me. So I spent all the nights either studying or thinking. That’s why on the last day, I just got back and slept. I don’t know for how long I slept but I am sure it must be for quite a long time.  Other than things going in my mind, there was some thing which did happen in the session which forced me to think too. Before we would start on day 2, one guy asked me that am I married or not? For which I gave my standard answer, don’t I look happy? Not to disrespect the married people at all but that’s just my style of saying that I am not. So in the counter question, he asked me , am I seeing some one or not , for which, once again, the answer was same, a no. Well, he again asked me , why is that so? And now I didn’t have any answer. I just said, may be I am good enough for anyone, for which he replied that this doesn’t sound right and you seem to be a nice guy. I didn’t have any answer so I just changed the topic. I did want to say that in this selfish world, being a nice guy is the worst mistake but I just stopped myself from saying so.


I have another session starting in the 2 days. But at least, I shall be at home and I am not sure why, I am feeling so much sad this time. I wish I could write it out that how much sad I am feeling but I just can’t. So even for a single day, a day at home would surely help me cheer myself up. But before that, there is a LONG wait and equally long travel is pending. Joys of travelling you may say, yeah a little too much I guess!


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