Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Is True Love….

If you are frequent visitor here, you must be aware about this that I talk about relations and how to maintain them a lot. In relations, relation of love is among the most sacred and important ones because unlike the other relationships we have, this is the one where we only choose our partner. So unlike the other relationships, this is the only one where just we only are responsible to maintain and make it more and more strong. Trust me, its much easier said than done. At times, love tests us and sadly, most get fail in that test because its not a road full of roses but an ocean of fire which one has to swim through to get to other end!

I just got this in my email, not sure from what’s the original source of it but as like it is said, a picture is better than thousand words, this just shows what is true love! I don’t know what you would say and feel but for me, it is indeed the expression of a true love which knows no bounds, which doesn’t get effected from anything. See it for yourself,


expression of love!


Need I say anything more? I don’t think so.  But surely I would like to hear your comments about it. And just in case you know the original source , do let me know so that  I can add it with the picture.


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