Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Day, Another Travel....

I am leaving again today in the afternoon. Its not going to be long tour and also, its not happening much far from my home. Any travel which doesn't need me to fly is actually not far for me as now, I don't consider 7/8 hours of bus journey anything. There is still a minor issue though that I am not feeling well and trust me, if you are not well and traveling, its just makes it more worse. Hope I won't collapse in the mid of the session :-) . I know that the program is going to be tough because of the talk that I had with my sales person. Let's see how it goes? Hope it goes well and gets finished without any issues/news being created. Pray for me guys and wish me luck. Really need it!

I mentioned that I shall be writing a movie review. I wanted to do it yesterday but some how, was just too much upset thinking over some series of events in the past and the most recent one which did happen yesterday. So I just didn't do anything for the whole day. I shall be doing it some time in this week, provided that I would get the internet access. Let's see what happens!


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