Friday, May 08, 2009

A Feeling….

I haven't written anything since some time. Now, its not good to say that I didn't or couldn't write because I was very busy and didn't have time to do writing. There is no such thing. If one can come and write this much that he/she didn't have time to write, he surely can use the same time to actually write some thing as well. So I am not going to give this excuse , not just because its not right but its not the reason actually in my case. Contrary to others who say/write it, I did( still do) have so much of time. I am at home and am not doing anything so important as well, so I am almost free. Yet I didn't write because some where, some thing in side is hurting and is hurting so much badly! Some thing is broken so deep inside and pain of that hurts with every breath. What is the reason , you may ask. And the answer of that partly is , I don't know and partly, I can't mention. All I can say is at times, only those hurt you whom you never expect to do so. If some stranger hurts you, it doesn't give that much pain as it is caused by those who are nears and dears of you. And it becomes more worse to see it happening when there is no fault of yours , there is no reason that you should be punished like this! But despite of whatever you may wish/say, it still does happen and all you are left to do is to make sure you wipe your eyes before any one can see the wetness of them and put a smile over the face. A tough , very tough thing to do when all you want to do is just sit and cry, expecting that it may help reduce the pain some what but alas, all you see is like all others, tears too play games with you and don't come at times , leaving you just sitting all alone by yourself, making you realize that at times, even your own shadow/tears can deceive, let alone be humans who are doing this all the time and feel no regrets about it. A sad but true fact of life!


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