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Story Of A Broken Heart By Sangram, Tera Khat....

Love is the most beautiful and soothing feeling that a person can ever have. Its that precious gift which is not awarded to all, only few lucky souls get a chance to taste it. And when love smiles over someone, it appears that this whole world is just alike heaven, there is nothing else which is needed, there is no other wish that is left to be fulfilled. When one's beloved holds the hand, it feels that there is nothing in this world which is unachievable, there is no mountain high enough, there is no sea deep enough to be crossed. Love is the biggest strength that one can and one's beloved is the closest human being one can have. Love is all about smiles, care , affection , devotion and trust, its all about giving your self away for someone and still feel contended, its all about letting go everything you ever had for someone and still smile!

But unlike what said above, there are some who just take love as a game which they play for some time and when feel bored out of that toy alike person, they throw him like a dead fly out of milk. Some people just know how to take, how to ask and look for just their own happiness, care for themselves alone? They never do care about this that in love, giving is much more important than receiving. You never dare to make that person hurt even this much who loves you because if you would do so, you also would get hurt because that's what the bond of hearts is. But sadly, for some, it doesn't matter at all. All that matters to them is just what belongs to them, what's good for them, their career, their study in abroad, their own self, these are just the things which matters the most for some people. They don't really care that there is no "me" in love but its always "us". But some people think that the only thing which one should care about is that his own selfishness, his own goals, his own dreams. Some people just be happy in giving tears to those who already gave up their smiles for them , yet they  give logics to justify their deeds , failing to understand that there can't be any justification for hurting some one. There can never be any logics behind giving tears to that person who did what ever he could do the best for you, even when you didn't do any thing for him,even when you failed to just stand with him. Its not that one has to call himself bad just for the sake of a self satisfaction. You know it when you are being bad and there is no explanation needed for it. How would one can possibly explain insulting someone, time after time after time just because of one crime of his, that he loved someone defying the words of the entire world who warned that its a mistake to do so! It doesn't make one look super smart, it does prove one's inability to understand that in this life, it doesn’t happen all the time that some one would love you more than his own life too!  But alas, people don't bother about all this.  All they bother about is just about their selfishness, their benefits , their smiles. They don't know that its just too much easy to say things to someone like I have nothing to do with you anymore but it goes like melt glass into the ears of those who hear it. But people wont' understand the pain of these words, they won't understand the depth of those cries which one gets when he has to face all this. Its easy to laugh at someone, its easy to say that he is an idiot who crossed oceans and mountains for me but its just too much difficult doing the same or even much lesser than that too. Its takes a lot to do even small things for someone, let alone be the talks of doing some thing big. There are just endless examples like when a gal has given away her life crossing a river while going to see her beloved , just for the sake of a promise which she made to him, how a prince served in his beloved’s home as a servant for 12 years just because he wanted to be with her all the time! And its not doing something which is important but its to understand that even for doing any big/small thing, even thinking of doing so, would have just one thought behind it and that’s the love for that person who matters us more than this whole world even. Its all for the happiness of that person, to bring a small smile over her face, to hear those 3 words which takes away all the pains! Its just too easy to comment/neglect/ignore someone’s efforts but its much harder actually to understand that why he would have undergone all that pain as its for no other reason but because he is in love and in love, nothing else matters than your beloved and her smiles!  Its easy to act like that one has not done anything wrong and still dare to justify all what he has done through logics and explanations which doesn't make sense at all but its not easy to sit alone in your room , thinking about the answer of the question that what you got by loving that person who meant as the whole world for you but for whom you never meant anything? Its not easy at all to face those people who laugh at you because they warned you long time back that you are playing with fire and would burn your hands eventually but you told them that this is not true, the other person is not like that, only to see in the end them being proved right and you being burnt, not just in hands but also over your soul, also over your heart! It takes nothing to get some one insulted from yourself and from others, it takes nothing to make someone look like a fool but it takes a lot to swallow that insult, much worse even when its along with the fact that it has been brought to you by none other than that person whom you loved the way you would never love someone else ever but who never loved you!

There is no thing which can explain in complete the depth of the pain which one feels when he is having a broken heart! There is nothing which can show the pain hidden behind each falling tear from the eye, there is nothing which shows the broken pieces of that crushed heart. Yet, there are always attempts to show the same by various ways, music is one of them. There is a long history of the usage of the music and poetry to show the pains of heart, to give voice to the tears. There are songs coming all the time trying to do the same and there will be always new songs coming up. But at times, there are some songs which just touch your heart, both with their music and lyrics. I don't consider that song a song which doesn't have good lyrics and to write a good song, one needs to understand that pain which a broken heart must be feeling, one needs to feel the same heartache which does feel when he is having his heart bleeding. Raj Kakra is one of those writers who when writes, puts fire within the words. I wrote a post about one another song of him, Afwah from the album Dildarian which is sung by Amrinder Gill. Raj is known for writing truly touching sad songs and he is back with one more gem from him. This time , his song has been given voice by a new singer, Sangram who came out from a music talent show. Though he couldn't win that show but I guess, with his debut album, Tera Khat, he has already won hearts of millions. I am putting here title song of his album, Tera Khat( Your Letter) which is written by Raj Kakra. I have heard this song so many times up till now, so much that I have lost count of it and each time, I feel that I am listening it for the first time. This song is from a guy who is talking to his heartless beloved and telling her to at least write back to him a letter when she is leaving him. This is the song which can make anyone cry who have ever got hurt by his own beloved. Even if you haven't got that ill fate yet, still you would feel the pain underneath the words of this song. The song is in Punjabi, I shall translate the meaning of it in English in a while. I am  putting the official video of this song from YouTube over here. Please note that in the video, one stanza is less than the actual song. I have put here the complete song and the one which is missing, that's the best part of the song IMO. Here is the video first,

And here are lyrics of it , firstly in Punjabi,

Tusin bhullna na khat pa dena,
Mainu jeena yaad kara dena!
Tera khat main nitt udeekanga,
Nitt boohe aan khalowanga!
Je main es pate te na hoya,
Tan marr mukk chukkeya howanga!
Tusin bhullna na....

Lakh koshish karanga jeene di,
Par fer v na j jee hoya!
Tun fikar karin na,
Tere layi, j marr v gaya te ki hoya!
Tutte dil di kise nukkar vich tera dard lukowanga!
Je main es pate te na hoya,
Tan marr mukk chukkeya howanga!
Tusin bhullna na....

Na bhull ke v mera raah vekhin,
Kade main nai aauna shehar tere!
Kade rabb sababbi mud gaye je,
Mere pind de raah wall pair tere,
Hanjuan da pani pa pa ke, pair tere main dhowanga!
Je main es pate te na hoya,
Tan marr mukk chukkeya howanga!
Tusin bhullna na....

Mere pyar da sukka maaruthal,
Do kanniaan de layi taras gaya!
Kyon Raj kakre da sawan,
Kise gair de ja k waras gaya!
Dil di pyas bhujhwan layi,
Kujh geet gaman de chhowanga!
Je main es pate te na hoya,
Tan marr mukk chukkeya howanga!
Tusin bhullna na....

And here is the translation of them in English,

Please don't forget me and do send me a letter,
Do remind me how to be alive!
I shall wait for your letter every day,
I shall wait on my doorstep for you every day!
If I won't be available at this address,
Than I would have been dead already!
You don't forget....

I shall try my best to be alive,
Even after that too if I won't be able to stay alive,
You don't be worried because,
It won't matter for you whether I am dead or alive!
In some corner of this broken heart, I shall hide the pains given by you!
You don't forget....

Don't ever long for me,
I shall not visit your city ever!
If ever God would make your feet turn towards my village,
I shall pour the water of my tears and wash them!
If I won't be available at this address,
Than I would have been dead already!
You don't forget....

Dry desert of my love,
Strived to get even just two drops!
Why monsoon of mine did go and pour over someone else's place?
To quench the thirst of this heart,
Will touch few songs of pain!
If I won't be available at this address,
Than I would have been dead already!
You don't forget....


Here are 2 lines in Punjabi depicting the pain of a guy whose beloved hurt him so much. These lines are in Punjabi and I shall explain their meaning in English in a while,

Aisi keeti bewafai usne,
Mohabbat v badnam ho gayi!
Apni mohabbat di aisi keemat keeti wasool usne,
Meri kabar v us layi neelam ho gayi!

And its meaning in English is,

She did such kind of betrayal,
Love even got a bad name!
She asked so much for her love in return,
That my grave even got sold for it!

I shall conclude by saying this only that if you love someone, make sure you don't hurt them ever. Make sure that you never do anything , not even by mistake too that can bring them a moment of sadness. It takes much less to bring someone tears but it takes a lot to get them wiped out and make some one smile. If you love someone, respect him and his love. Don't ask for anything in return. If you think that you are acting as a practical person by picking up your own selfish goals, career,  study in abroad than that person who loved you, you are not being practical, you are just being a selfish person for whom nothing else except your own benefit matters the most!  Don't be so much selfish and shameless that in the race of an illustrious career, study in abroad , you fail to see that you and your acts all the time just did hurt some one, brought tears in his eyes yet he loved you for what you are, yet for him, you are the best gal of this world. And all this is only for one reason that he loved you! But if you think that by doing all this, you are not doing anything wrong, if you have justifications for doing all this, if you are ready with some stupid logics to prove that all what you did is correct, than you are nothing but like those selfish souls who don't care about anyone else but about themselves. It takes alot to do some thing for someone, before making fun of someone in front of others, dare to do even one percent of what you have got in return and see for yourself, how much effort it takes do pluck even a rose for your beloved when its surrounded by thorns. But there are some souls in this world for whom even if someone would burn himself to get them heat for few moments when they are shivering, it wouldn’t be enough and  they would still complain that why he did do it for such a small time? There are some souls who say to their beloved  that they have nothing to do with him anymore but fail to see the tears that these words bring into the eyes. If you do so, you have no right to call yourself a human because no matter what, any human can't be so cruel do all this to another human and yet can come back with justifications to prove that he/she is right! Love is not the act of giving tears to your beloved but its to give away your own smiles for the sake of tears of your beloved and still be able to smile! But it seems for some that's what not love is all about because for them, their own smiles matter the most ,  not of their beloved’s. For them, neither that person matters nor does his love and care. They won't ever understand what it does feel when you sit all alone, look at that pic which you have in your wallet all the time and ask that pic that why she has done all this to him, despite knowing that there won't be any answer? They won't understand how it feels to hear when someone decides to go so far to meet someone special but his heart gets broken when he sees that for whom he is doing all this, undergoing all this trouble, for that person it means nothing ! It burns your heart and kills your soul. But even if you shed tears of blood, it matters nothing at all for that person who is just lost in his own selfish world and doesn't care about anything else except about his own self. Don’t ever be like this, not even by mistake too. Don't do this to your beloved ever because a person has just one heart and if you break that too, there is nothing which is left with that person anymore. By you being a selfish, heartless person, may not bother you but those who get burn in this fire ,for them its not a piece of cake to recollect themselves. If you can't give even just one smile to some one, you have no right to give tears for life time to him either. Feel that pain yourself first which you are giving to that person who loves you when you disrespect his love. Feel it for yourself first than you would realize how it feels when you love some one so much just to get hurt all the time in return. When you make some one smile by doing everything possible in your best powers and only get tears  in return. You would never understand what it feels to get yourself insulted by no one else but from your own love and seeing that for her, it doesn't matter at all. Don't be so heartless! Remember, he who has loved with his whole heart, if he wouldn't be able to  do/say anything, but one day when his tears will get dry in his eyes, he  would leave this world with a broken heart. But some fine day, when you would sit all alone, you would realize that how selfish and cruel you were! That day you would realize that how much it must have hurt to that person who saw him being insulted in front of his beloved’s very own eyes yet she didn't say/do anything. On that moment you would realize that when you had done all of this, what went through in that person’s heart who took all that pain quietly and how much he must had got hurt which words fail to describe! If one thinks that by giving tears to someone without no fault of him, god would bless him/her with smiles, she is wrong because he does watch everything. As much he watches someone's tears, he also does watch those souls who bring those tears to someone's eyes. It may take some time but this must never would happen that those tears won't come back looking the way to your eyes. They will for sure and when that would happen than only one would realize how it feels when you get hurt! Don't hurt that heart who loved you truly and unconditionally. It may not mean anything for you but by doing so, you may take someone's will to be alive because its not easy to die with every breathe and yet to stay alive. Don't hurt some one for just one fault of his that he chose you for showering his love and care without knowing that he would only get his heart bruised and eyes filled with tears in the end. He never knew that he would get insulted time after time by the hands of that person only whom he tried to save from every bad thing of this world, tried to took all of her pains as much as he could. Don't give this much punishment to someone for just one mistake of his that he loved you and didn't expect anything else but just a little of love back for him.  Love is not play, its the start of the life and at times becomes a reason to end a life too! Be a part of someone's life to make it more happier, not to be the means of ending someone's life which he dedicated for you because he loved and trusted you!


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