Saturday, May 16, 2009


I got back today. Though it was not a very long tour( 4 days only) but still it seemed to be so long because I fell sick in between of it. And I must say , its not at all a good thing to fall sick at a foreign place , that too when you are there not for fun but for work. Because of being sick, all I wanted to do was to get back home as soon as possible because I knew , the more longer I am going to stay far from home, the more worse my condition is going to be. So I am just feeling so so good that I am back at home and have some time to do rest before I would leave for the next travel which is going to be far more tougher than this one as I have no clue about that module and I shall be taking it "not so close place" as well.

It doesn't happen very often that when I am going to start a program, I shall meet with the kind of audience who is both intelligent and very friendly. Its true that after some time, all the delegates to become friendly with me but usually , this takes some time, at least a day I should say. But this time, there was an exception. Since the first tea break of the very first day of the program, all the delegates became just so friendly with me that even for a moment , I was shocked as well. I must say, I have met so many people since the time I am doing this traveling and I consider my self extremely lucky that I have always met very nice and friendly people but this time, the delegates of this program surpassed all the previous ones which I have met so far. All were very senior, experienced, knowledgeable , yet all were so friendly, respectful to me. I wish I could mention one or two which stood apart but doing so would be actually wrong as all of the delegates were like this only. Though all were very good , still one delegate did stand apart from others. He was the one who some how didn't get much of the time to attend the sessions properly due to one or the other issues that he was facing, but what ever time he did spend in the class, that was I guess would be memorable for all of us who were there at that time. I won't mention his name over here but if at any point of time, he would come and read this, I am sure he would know in an instant that I am talking about him only. It was not the case that we had just fun in the class, no this is so not true. As I mentioned that the entire audience was very senior and knowledgeable, so we had some great technical discussions as well and there were some good questions that also came too. Besides the tech discussions, when ever we got time, we did discuss almost all the other aspects too which were worth of discussion , for example politics, games, jobs and all the other things like these. We did discuss about a not so good event too which was about an other trainer who came and was not liked by them. Things which I came to know about him and the things that he said and did, they were just beyond my beliefs. I do know that guy and I had heard the similar kind of stories about him in the past as well so it was not a shock for me to hear them again but still, it was a sad thing to hear the same kind of bad words about him from yet another group of guys. At times , some people just don't do justice to what they are doing and what they are supposed to do and bring disgrace to their job and for themselves as well. I refrain myself from commenting about others when asked to comment about their acts but still, I know in my heart that what ever they did , that was just plain wrong and if I would the person in-charge, I would have told them the same in a very hard manner. Anyways, all the delegates were looking happy when they were leaving on the final day and some said ( and wrote) very nice words for me. Some even wrote some things which I don't think I am worthy to be said about but still, I can just say thanks to all of them from the bottom of my heart. My only goal in the program is to make sure that what ever I can give to the delegates in order to make sure that both their time and money spent in the program should be justified, I must give to them. That's what my first and foremost aim while going for a session. If there is a smile over everyone's face at the end of a program, I guess I was able to touch this aim to some extent. The program must go completely fine and if it does go fine, I guess I have done my job in an okay manner. And as all the guys were indeed had a smile on their face, I guess I was able to finish the program on a good note.

There was nothing unusual about the return trip except that my flight got late first for 15 minutes , than 30 and finally for an hour. That would had still been okay but while descending at Delhi airport, I don't know where we landed up  but must be very far from the terminal as we were taxing for about 20 minutes. Even after that, we did stand just like that for almost 10 minutes before finally getting a chance to board down. As I was not feeling well, I was feeling so tired that for the first time I guess , I did have a nap in the flight. By the time we were in the terminal finally, it was already about 12.30am and we were 2 hours late than the actual scheduled time. When I went to get the ticket for the prepaid cab for the bus stand, I was told that one more guy is also going to the same place and if I want, I can share the cab with him. Not an issue with me I said and I asked that guy who readily agreed. While going for the prepaid cab stand, I came to know that he was also going to Ludhiana to attend a wedding of his friend. It was a good and nice coincidence. So both of us went to the bus stand , again talking a lot about almost everything. We got a good bus as well , which was both fast and comfortable. That guy had to go to a place which is very far from where my home is so I had to get down prior to him. It was a nice experience to come along with some one , at least for me it was good as traveling alone is very boring at times. I hope his friend's wedding goes well and he has a pleasant stay here.

So finally I am back home. I can't say that I shall be getting a lot of time to get myself relaxed. Part because of the module that  I have to take up in the next tour. Its a completely new program for me, I have no experience about it and neither do I know about it much too. So this means that I have to sit in these days and have to prepare about it and that means, no time for having fun. Second reason is that I am feeling a bit scared about some things. No its not about the module but about some personal things. I just hope that all goes and stays well. Let's see what happens. I have to attend a meeting tomorrow as well and also have to finish up some modules as soon as possible. Did I say that I am not well too? So this means that things are not going to be that smooth as I want them to be. Anyways, that's for tomorrow. At the moment, its time for me to sleep as I didn't sleep at all since almost last 4 nights. And when you don't get to sleep properly, your eyes don't get open at all any point of time in the day, no matter what happens. So its better that I should go to bed now and say aadios to you all! Catch you soon!


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