Sunday, May 03, 2009

Finally, A Bit But Still….

I have been saying this from so long that I am asked to get stuff for me but either I skip it or when I go(sent actually) , I just come back without buying anything. So as like we do with the kids when they don't listen to us, we sit with them and make sure that they are doing what we asked them to do, my sis went along with me today to make sure that I must get some thing :-) . And guess what, I had to buy at least because she gave me orders that we are not getting back to home without doing so.

My sis was not having her office today but still she had to go for half of the day to deliver a class. So in the afternoon, I went and picked her up. First thing that we did was that we went for lunch. I normally don't eat from outside when I am alone. Its been years I guess since I have went for  eating out. So for me, this was the most important thing among else everything that me and Gunjan are going for a lunch. We went to a popular eating joint in my city, Saubhagaya which means, fortune! The food over there is always nice and most importantly, despite that its food is excellent, it doesn't get much of the rush because its placed in the basement of a shopping mall. As its not visible when you pass by from it, many people don't even come to know about it for the first time. Anyways, we normally go there so this was another addition to that trend. Food is always nice and so was it today too. There wasn't much of the people over there so we sat there for some time just like that too. Finally, after having a good lunch, it was now time for "mission shopping" :-) .

Gunajn and me are entirely different. Where I shall take a long time to see, decide, reject , again choose, decide, finally make up mind and pick the stuff, she would just look at some stuff, see some this/that and would just decide. So surely enough , it would be a pain to go with someone who would spend entire life to select some thing, you must have got the point whom I am praising so much! She told me to go to a place from where she said we would pick the first of the many items that I had to buy, a pair of formal shoes. My old pair is gone  now, can't say really its throw able but its not wearable either. The biggest issue that I am having with them is that wearing them is making my legs hurt so much and also making me immensely tired at the end of the day. So I was looking for some thing which would take care of the issue that I need to stand up for almost 9 hours and do it again and again , week after week after week. Well, so we went to the first show room. As expected, the attendant did show us (or to be honest, I made him show) so many pairs, of which I selected two. One was from Red Tape, a typical usual design of formal shoes but still it was okay. 2nd one was from Egle , a brand which has just arrived in India but has an awesome product range (and a very expensive one) I must say! Anyways, again me proving to be a fussy-never-satisfied customer, said that we would go and check one more show room before we finally give any of these two a green signal. So we went to Mochi showroom. Again , there were fleet of attendants who rushed towards us to get us a pair of shoes. Once again, I saw lots of pairs and rejected all of them. Finally the guy brought out the same Egle pair which I saw in the previous show room. Now, there was just one another pair which was giving it a competition and normally I would pick among two contestants the strongest one, so I went ahead and gave a nod to Egle! I like the shoe design and leather, its very different from the normal designs that I see people wearing usually. As I mentioned, its VERY expensive too but I guess, the price is still justified giving the sleekness and trendiness its design is having. Over all, a happy customer I am! I forgot some thing here, I haven't mentioned what my sister's reaction was when I was playing this selection-rejection game. She gave me the comment , if she would had been the owner of the showroom, she would had thrown me out of it and would had closed the show room's gates permanently :-) . And she said, if I am going to do the same thing next time, either she will take over the charge of selection or worse, she would not come with me at all. I guess she picking up the stuff would be the best for me!

So after shoes, what was next? Well, before that let me tell you that I was told(ordered) to get couple of trousers and shirts , shoes and whatever else I would want to buy by mom and dad. But I just stopped today at shoes only. Why! Well, I can't mention the reason for  "why" , at least not here. To be honest, I even didn't want to go for these shoes too. I did get them anyways but I just stopped at them only and that's pretty much it. I know, it must be sounding weird but its not, again can't mention the reason here. All I shall say, if one is not happy from inside, outer world's happiness doesn't bring much joys too then and some thing similar is cooking here as well!


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