Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 1….

After a 17hours of travel which includes a 5 hours of wait for the next connecting flight, I am here at the Philippines, writing this post from the City Garden Hotel Makati city. The room is okay. The staff is bit weird though. The front office reception gal was bit confused that whether I was checking in or checking out? Anyways, the room is okay, a bit small but still, its manageable. One thing which did catch my attention was finding the presence of something in my washroom which I can't remember seeing anywhere else so far in my stays at hotels. Heck I didn't find this even in my stay at hotels at Thailand where if I did find it,it would had made more sense. Any guesses what the thing is? And just before that you assume that its free of cost, its not, its actually chargeable if you are going to use it. Funny, that's all I can say! And no, I am not going to use it either!

The session for the today is over. It went okay. I can't say that it went exceptionally well or even bad also because of the simple reason that I don't know yet. As far I am concerned, I did try to say the material in the best way I can and I can just hope that its well received by the audience as well. One almost-a-terrible thing happened after the lunch that all of a sudden my remote desktop control from all the client pc's got hanged. Whatever I was doing, it didn't get give back the control to the clients. Eventually, I had to ask all of them to restart their boxes including me also doing the same. Its only at the restart I came to know that some how , my networld chord is out from the port. I put the chord back in the port and guess what, everything got back to normal. Dman these machines, I hate them!

I haven't had anything since yesterday. I am not just in a mood to have anything. In the office too, I just had a cup of hot Milo that's all. Not sure but I am not feeling like eating anything. I mentioned in my last post that I am upset about couple of things, one reason of this is that. There is one another thing which is  just hurting me a lot at the moment. I shall talk about it some time later. At the moment, I shall just get back to study and after that, to sleep. May be sleep will take away  the thinking, if not for long, at least for some time.


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