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A Day Spent At ChintaPurni Temple....

I am a big fan of visiting temples and mythological places. If I get a choice to visit between anything else and a temple , I shall pick temple without any second thought. There are some temples which I get to visit once in an year almost for sure. Yes , due to my travels or any other unexpected issues/problems, this routine does get broken at times too , but in my best powers, I shall try to stick to the schedule that I must visit there for at least once in an year. One such place is the temple of Mata Chintpurni. This is the place where my entire family tries to visit. Due to certain medical issues with my parents, now they don't go as often as they used to. Gunjan tries to go as often as possible but she also gets busy with her office. Partly , all of these issues happen with me too but still , I try that these all things won't effect my schedule.

I left early in the morning at 6am because it takes  two buses for me to change in order to at the temple. Despite that I need to travel tomorrow, I decided to go today. Actually, it was planned for yesterday but I got late while getting up. And there is no point to start the travel at 10 or after that for two reasons, one  its becoming hotter and hotter as the day progresses. Second, and the most important one , the queue over there in the temple becomes so LONG. So I decided to leave early so that I can escape myself from all of these hassles. Well, as like most of the time , when ever I try to escape from some thing, it just comes from somewhere and get a hold of me. The same happened today as well. Though I started early and a result of that, I did reach at the temple early too but I forgot to check that it is full moon night today. This is treated with a very high regard in India when one has to travel to any religious place. Now it happened with me just by pure luck that I was at the temple today but unlike me, I guess many people already knew it and they were there as well, resulting a HUGE rush at the temple. So even though I was at the temple very early, I had to stand in the queue for more than an hour to get pass into the temple. Not an issue with me because I believe when one comes to a place like temple, he must not look at the watch. So I was kind of okay with this standing as well.

In the temple, as like always, the atmosphere was just purely divine. If you happen to visit this temple (and almost any other too), you will be amazed with the sounds of bells, people's voice enchanting the name of god. Its just a unique experience which is very hard to be described in any words. You need to be at that place at that moment to experience it. It was same today as well and as there was so much of rush, all of these enchanting's, they were much high both in volume as well as in pitch. I was alone so I just spent a little time over there in the temple after finishing my prayers. The bus from which I came in the morning, its conductor announced that he would be leaving by 11.30am so in case. someone would want to go back, he can come before this time. By the time  I got free from my prayers, it was about 11.10am. I didn't have my breakfast in the morning so I thought, even if I would skip my breakfast, I still won't be able to make it to the bus as I was at a high height in the temple and it would had taken me  not less than 10 minutes provided I had ran not walked. So I decided to have my breakfast and than leave for home. There are many places over there where one can have very nice meal. I went to the place where I normally go all the time as they serve very nice Punjabi dishes. I didn't have proper lunch as I wanted to have it at home only. So I just had light breakfast and left for the bus stand in the hope that I would get some bus which would be leaving immediately. And guess what, there was one which was supposed to leave in just 10 minutes, luck some times smiles too :-) .

By the time I had started back for home, it was already 12pm and the day had become much hotter. Other than that the day had become much hotter, there wasn't anything exceptional which did happen on my way back. Its always the case that when you are going towards the temple, because of its height( its on a mountain) , it takes more time. On the way back the same travel time comes to almost 75% of the original because of the high speed that you get while coming down. I expected to get back home by 2pm but thanks to the election time and heavy campaigns going on because of it all over the place, I was welcomed by a huge traffic jam near to Hoshiarpur. We waited over there for almost an hour for the traffic to dissolve. So finally I got back at home at about 4pm. I was dead tired but I had to rush immediately to get the prints of my tickets for tomorrow's travel. About that, later but for the moment, I am feeling both happy and satisfied that I was able to go the temple. Its a saying here that one can't go to these temples as long as he/she is not really called over there and if you ask me , I do believe on this very much. So I am happy I was able to go there to do my prayers. If you ever get a chance to come there, make sure don't miss it. Take my words, you would have an unforgettable experience and to make it certain, do invite me with you as well :-) !


Blogger Daman said...

Hi Aman,
I may travel to Mata ji temple with my parents. Could you please tell me good place to eat, places to travel nearby apart from Jwalaji mata's temple.
I am planning to cover the temple along with Jwalaji mata's temple. What is the ideal time to reach temple?

When I reach jalandhar, I will travel from Jalandhar to Chintpurni mata's temple.

Thanks in advance.

May 31, 2009 1:22 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

Hi Damandeep,

Apologies for the late reply as I was traveling. At the temple, there are plenty of places to eat and stay. There is a good inn there called Ludhaian Inn, you can try that. Besides that, there are couple of newly constructed hotels which I personally haven't tried but should be okay.

The ideal time to reach the temple is early morning. And try not to visit on Tuesday and weekends.

I haven't been to Jwala ji so I don't know about anything about it and how things are there?

Hope this helps you and have a safe journey.


June 04, 2009 8:31 PM  
Blogger Daman said...

Thank you very much Aman :)

June 04, 2009 11:23 PM  

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