Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back For 2 Days….

Yes I got back yesterday. I was not able to write anything as I am not feeling well. I guess I shall catch fever (or may be already have caught) soon. Though that I am so much tired, I have to leave tomorrow for another program and I believe, this month is going to stay like this. So I quickly rushed through to get my hair cut done. I did want to get some coloring done as well but than I just dropped the idea and just asked for hair cut. There is still packing to be done which I shall be doing today. I got to attend a seminar unwillingly today about Australian Education and options about it. Unwillingly because I actually don't want to attend but still I have to. Than I have to get my old laptop bag's zippers repaired or possibly get them changed. I faced a lot of issues in this travel because of them. Both the zippers of my bag are not getting closed properly. I agree that bag has become very old and I actually need to get the bag replaced , not the zippers alone but it will take time, a long time to do so. At the moment I shall get the zippers done only. So its going to be a long day which starts in an hour from now. I shall write about a movie review when I shall be back home. I saw it in my returning flight. Which one? For that, do keep watching this space as I return back after a short break :-) .


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