Sunday, May 31, 2009

Simply Amazing, Women Drivers….

With no offense to women, the title is just inspired from the narrow escapes that I have had in the past and still get almost daily from the gal/ladies who do try to drive both the two and four wheelers. I can't even recall that how many times, I was about to meet a serious accident and all the time, on the driving seat, there was a lady. And the irony of the story is, if one does collide with that vehicle which a woman is driving and gets hurt, even then public listens to what the lady has to say in the first place. The following videos are the compilations of the best scenes caught with women driving. They were sent to me by a friend of mine and I just couldn't stop laughing watching them. Again, no disrespect to the women in any ways and certainly , this doesn't apply to all the women. But those who do really like what is there in the videos, please please don't try to drive. It would be good both for your car and especially for the innocent people over the road. Have a look,


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