Sunday, May 10, 2009

Airport Post....

If you would had thought that this post is going to be about airport than no, that's not the case. Though its true that I am sitting at the new terminal 1-D of Delhi airport which has been just opened for the public but still, this post is not about either the new terminal or the airport. The title is inspired from the thought that as I am over the airport and the writing , so the most suitable title is airport post :-) .

I have just got at the airport and have finished the check-in formalities. As I mentioned, I am at the new terminal , there is wi-if facility over here so I just thought to write a quick post. Travel was okay except in the end when it started raining like cats and dogs. I just quickly grabbed an auto and rushed towards the airport. Other than the rain, there was nothing which was exceptional in the travel. Yes one thing was there that it did appear to be so long this time. I am not sure why it happened though. May be the bus from which I was traveling, that was not too comfortable ( they are never actually ) , that's why it did appear to be so. Anyways, I got at Delhi and at airport without creating any "adventure story" so there are no complains.

Now its still 3 hours for my flight. So what one person can do when there is so much time left for the flight and he is traveling all alone? Well nothing much actually. So I am going to listen to some songs, have a quick bite of some thing( there are many food outlets) and do one of my favorite things, looking at the people and their acts. That's the best thing to do when you don't have anything else to do. Am I not going to read oracle stuff? No , not at the moment  because I am not in the right state of the mind , thanks to the act and deeds of some people. I won't be mentioning about this over here as this would need not just one but couple of posts, so about this later. At the moment, its eating time!


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