Monday, May 04, 2009

In The Hospital Again….

I mentioned few days back here that one of my good friends got hospitalized and was very serious. Fortunately, after some days , his condition started becoming better and he got shifted to normal room from ICU and later, got a discharge as well. Sadly, yesterday evening , his condition became critical again when he suddenly got a fever of 108 degrees and got his breathing stopped. He was immediately brought back to the emergency ICU where he is since then. I visited to him in the morning today. It just broke the heart of mine in pieces when I came to know from his elder brother that yesterday he left complete hope and started saying, I am not going to stay anymore and would die now anytime soon. With a little daughter and wife in his family, even this thought is so much horrifying that what would happen to both of them if some thing unfortunate happens to him! I said to him in the morning that he must has to be strong, if not for anyone else but for his own family as they have no one else except him. He is suffering from Typhoid. So his blood cells are also very less, in the morning they were just 87k while a normal person would need some what 1.5millions of them.  No words can describe the pain, tension and trauma he and his family is. I just hope that he gets recovered as soon as possible and becomes completely fine. Not sure why  a guy like him is getting so much of suffering? It seems all the pains are meant for just good people, those who are bad, they just enjoy and have fun. Don't what kind of justice is this of god, really don't know!


Blogger Tim... said...


Anyone being ill ia bad news. When that person is the parent of young children it makes it even worse.

I hope your friend gets well soon.



May 04, 2009 9:08 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

Hi sir,

Thanks a lot for the comment and the wishes. Yes, it just feels so so bad to see anyone getting sick and suffering like this. I am seeing the similar kind of things both at home and outside. Worst is the feeling of helplessness which comes when all one can do is just sit, watch and pray that all goes fine!

Please take care of yours as well as you are traveling!


May 04, 2009 9:15 PM  

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