Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who Would Do It....

I have just come back to my hotel. Things are partially okay and partially not. About being okay, the program is going okay for so far. There is not any major issue that we have faced except for one which happened today when one delegate lost his database and we never had any backup of it as well( its not a backup/recovery session). I still have to get it sorted out if I would be able to do so. Except that, I guess things are pretty much okay.

Now about not being okay things, well I am not okay :-) . I have fever and with all of this Swine Flu fear-factor spread around, I have been getting more worried. I am not sure that whether I do have it or not( I hope not) but I don't have those symptoms yet, like vomits, sneezing, too much coughing and so on. So not sure what's there? May be its just in my mind. I am having medicine for cold and fever daily though. Yup, I am wearing that "scary" mask as well :-) . So let's see what's going to happen? I need to get back and see where I can get the tests done as here in Banglore where I am, the hospitals have run out of the test kits and when the new ones would be coming, no one knows about it? So I need to wait for my return to get it sorted out some how? One of my friend was joking that who would clear the spams over my blogs if I shall die? Hmm now that's really a thing to think upon isn't it that who would do that if I won't be there tomorrow :-) ?


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