Saturday, August 15, 2009

Being Poetic Once Again....

Well, its just the title, I am not at all a poet. Yes , at times, just out of the blue moon, some thing gets written but that's really is not poetic in my opinion. It just happened today again that I wrote the following two lines thinking about some one and some things. After hearing some kind words from my friend Sidhu, I thought to put it over here as well. I know surely well that its not really that great but still, if you do like it, I would love to hear that( and even if you won't too, just being fair :-) )

Here comes first in Hindi,

Kuch haseen palon ki darkaar mein, kar to liya sauda-e-ishq,

Kise pata tha dard-e-dil tamam umar goya keemat bhi hai!

And here is its meaning in English,

Just in the wish of few good moments, I did fall in love,

Who could guess, it would give nothing but cries for the rest of the life!


As I said, I am not at all a poet, so excuse me if it didn't make ant sense for you. Very few know the why/what of the above written and its true meaning though. Hope its not too bad :-) .


I guess yesterday was my lucky day as I got kind words for the above written from a legend himself. I wrote a post, Speechless few days back , depicting a poem written by Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal. If you haven’t read that yet, I would strongly suggest to read that post and the poem written over there. I got a comment from Mr. Sukhdarshan himself on my wordpress blog here. Fortunately, for the above post too, he posted his comments and mentioned that its not really that bad :-) . Needless to say, I am really happy that a legend said such kind words for my rambling. You can read his comment for the above post here.



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