Saturday, August 22, 2009

In A Real Bad Mood….

Yes, I am just totally pist off from some people and from their acts. I really am not sure why some people do completely insane things , act completely irresponsible and yet claim to be right. And some do completely wrong things which are bound to hurt others, they know their acts are hurting others, yet they just do whatever the heck they want and still claim that they are right giving their illogical logics. Not sure why and how one can do it? And worst is after doing everything just plain and clearly wrong, they think a simple sorry would be enough. Give me a break! Sorry is for those things when you unknowingly did some thing wrong, not when you did it within your complete senses. I really have no idea about how one can do all this and still claim him/her to be correct but yes, seeing it happening just make me really upset and I am very much upset at the moment!


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