Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back Home….

I got back home today morning. I am not sure but this time, I really was a bit desperate to come back home. Not sure why though? Anyways, so I am back home and the session is over. About the program, well, I can just say at the moment that its finished, how it went really, I am not sure? I am waiting for the official score to come which would take some time. As like in all of my programs, I try always my best to deliver and there was no difference this time as well. But still, there are times when the delegates are from a different stream and the content talks about an entirely different area of expertise and this, never is a good combination. The same happened this time as well. Though the guys , in the end , were smiling and did ask for my contact information, which is always a good sign if you ask me, but I am still eager to hear what they said about the program and surely about me as well. Let's see what comes up, hope it would be okay :-) .

I am just so much tired. Though I am learning how to take a nap in the flights( believe me, it took me 4 years to learn it and I am still in the first phase of learning only) , I couldn't sleep at all, not sure why. And there is no point of getting a sleep in the bus. So I am really sleepy at the moment. There are some tasks which I have to finish before I leave for the next program( which is coming very soon) so I need to get my self sorted out. So its time to catch a nap now, see you all after a sleep, if I would be lucky enough to get it ;-) .


Anonymous Manish said...

good keep it up buddy....

September 18, 2009 3:26 PM  

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