Monday, August 31, 2009

Random Ramblings....

I didn't write since I came back. I won't put here the reason that all I guess do, "I was busy". No, its not the correct reason in my case. I wasn't busy in anything. All I did was just nothing  and still I didn't write anything. Well, I did  write a small post on my oracle blog but that too wasn't really exciting for me. I didn't write because of this loneliness that I am feeling, which is not letting me do anything. I wanted to get some clothes for me, I left the idea. Now, there is a stupid tension that's there on my head and is killing me(no, its not about clothes). I am not sure why but I just don't feel like doing anything at the moment. One may think, if not doing anything than he must be sleeping.  Sadly, that's also not happening. I haven't slept in last couple of years for more than "few" hours(don't ask few=how many) and yesterday, when I did sleep for some time, a nightmare woke me up after which I couldn't sleep at all. And to this the tension thing that I just mentioned which means I won't be getting any sleep, at least a calm and relaxing one for sure. I want to have some time out for me and do some things just for myself, get some stuff and couple of things like this but I am not sure when it will happen? A not so good situation and condition I must say!


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