Thursday, August 20, 2009

And I Just Smiled....

Did it happen with you some time that all you are doing is sitting in the worst mood that you can be into, with a totally upset mind, thanks to things that someone either did or said or both. You are so much upset and not liking anything. You are thinking/looking for some thing to cheer you up and all of  sudden you look at something which just brings a smile over your face, making you forget all the anger and cheering you up! Its not mandatory that you always have to see some thing to make you feel good, at times you just remember some thing that did happen which was either funny or was very good that makes you smile. And at times, its nothing but just few words that you had heard some time back which get you out of that mood. The same happened with me today when I was sitting completely turned off thinking about some things done and said by some people. To make things worse, some one wrote a nonsense line addressing to me over  OTN Forums just because I corrected him couple of times as he was wrong. I was so much upset and was just thinking what to do that can change my mood. And then all of a sudden, I remember some words that someone said about me few days back. Those words included even a line, "you are a great guy" , some thing which I really don't think I am worth of  being said but indeed it was said for me. And I know, it was not just said to make me happy but the person who said these words actually believed that's why he said it! Needless to say, it just brought an instant smile on my face. I won't mention here who said it but yes, the only reason I did smile today were those words and it just felt great!


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