Saturday, August 01, 2009

A "Sick" Day....

I was not sure what else to put as the title looking at the series of events happening so that's the best I could come up with me, so bear with me on that. I have just got back from hospital , sitting in the emergency ward where my friend Manjit was admitted. He had some medicine which didn't suit to his body and his breathing got almost stopped with swelling over the entire body. Immediately, his elder brother took him to the hospital where doctors admitted him in the emergency section. I got a call from his wife who herself got back today only from the very same hospital after a week, giving birth to her and Manjit's second son. I couldn't go and see her in the hospital for a reason which I would mention in a while. So I was saying that she called me being in tears and told that Manjit is in hospital and his condition is serious. I immediately rushed to the hospital. It took about 3 hours but thank  god, his condition got stabilized and now he is shifted to a private room where he would stay for next 2 days for further tests and checkup. It would be tough as his wife just gave birth to a son and he must be with her but there is nothing which can be done now, in any ways, these 2 days at least , he and his wife has to manage. Hope he would come back as soon as possible and be able to be with his family. I shall go and see him tomorrow morning again.

So why I couldn't go and see Manjit's son in the hospital? Well because I myself am having fever and don't have any strength to move an inch even. If I hadn't got a call from Jyoti(Manjit's wife) and that too being soaked in tears, I would had been sitting at home, sleeping. I am having very strong medicines at the moment because I would be traveling in next 2 days and that means I have to be fine ( at least try to be, if not completely be fine). Hope I shall be able to do the rigorous travel that is coming ahead. Also, this evening my sister, when came back from her office , told that she is also having fever. Not sure how did she catch it but she is not well too at the moment. 3 days back, there was some infection which was reported in my mother and now we are waiting for her tests to be done after medication. This is troubling me the most at the moment! I can't mention how much upset I am thinking about these tests and their results!

So I guess, "sick day" title really suits well and makes sense. Trust me when I say this, I hate hospitals and deceases. Only when you visit to hospital, it becomes apparent that how the whole world seems to be there and each and every person sitting there is having a feeling of fear over his face.  All have their nears and dears admitted over there and the very feeling of someone close to you being not well and admitted in the hospital ,is enough to make any one tremble. May god keep all in their best shapes of health so that they can be with their friends and families, enjoying happy times with them. Its really scary to be at hospital and that feeling becomes even more intense when you have some one your own inside that hospital :-(.


Blogger *~mad munky~* said...

I came across your blog a bit randomly (searching on punjabi music/amrinder gill) :o)

Hope the sickness passes!

August 01, 2009 6:54 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

Thank you so very much for the kind words and wishes! It meant a lot to hear "hope the sickness passes".

I hope you did like the blog, if not much , a little bit too would be fine :-). Do keep coming back as you and your comments are always welcome.


August 01, 2009 7:04 PM  
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