Thursday, August 06, 2009

Back,Only To Leave Again Very Soon....

I got back this morning. As I mentioned , it was supposed to be a short travel so I am back in just 2 days. This was probably the shortest travel that I had done so far in all these years. I shall be leaving again on this Sunday, again this won't be for a long time but still won't be as short as this tour was. Anyways , enough about the duration of the tours I guess :-) . The program went fine, at least I hope so. I have yet to see the official rating and as long as that doesn't come up well, I can't really be sure that the program was a success. But still, I could see the smiles on everyone's face and as I have mentioned couple of times before as well, when you are asked for your contact details, it means people did like what you said and how you said. So based on that criteria, I guess things went fine. The next program would be having some delegates who attended this program as well. Let's see what happens at that time? Oh , the delegates were just awesome, very supportive and enthusiastic, made the whole experience very lively! I just hope that they did get some thing from the program which would help them in their work and they enjoyed it.

I didn't do anything today except hearing songs. One reason for that was that today is Raksha Bandhan, an Indian festival symbolizing the love of brothers and sisters. So it was a great atmosphere today for the whole day at home. We did celebrate it in the evening as according to Indian astrologers, the time period for the tying the Rakhdi was best in the evening. I missed this for two years when I had to leave either on the same day or one day prior to it. I really didn't want the same to happen this time and I am just glad that I could come back today!

There is a lot of pending work for me. I need to finish a project which is due for next year. But I need to submit its parts on the scheduled timings and the first part is due for this month. I had finished the entire work already, but thanks to some things which did happen and made me really upset, I deleted it all. So now I had to redo everything and believe me, its not at all an easy task to do. Hope I shall not miss the deadline. But in order to not let that happen, a great deal of pressure has been there now.  Hope all goes well. Let's see!


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