Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Very First White Paper....

I had always been asked why don't I write a white paper about Oracle? I am told that the I explain things in a simple manner and it would be good if I would write some thing simple which people can understand with less difficulty. Well, my reply always is for this question that I know nothing about Oracle so I can't write. But from past some time, I was asked couple of times to write on certain topics which I discuss many times in my sessions and delegates don't find them explained them very well either in the material or at other places as well. So I was asked to write about those topics. There are couple of them and I finally gathered some courage and tried to write a small white paper, my very first one! I yet have to see how it is received and for this reason, I have mentioned its version as 0.1. It would take couple of revisions before I make the number as 1.0. But I am really happy that I finally was able to write one. My statement still remains the same that I know nothing, it won't change with this but yes, I must admit , the feeling is great!

Oh I forgot, here is the link for the paper. Do read it even if you think Oracle means mp3 converter :-).


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