Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cries Of A Broken Heart Written With Truly Awesome Precision....

At times, some lines, some poetries depict truly what you are feeling. It doesn't happen very often though! I happened to be in a very bad and upsetting mood today and what I see in my mail, a friend forwarded a poem which  just left me standstill. If you have ever been hurt by your loved ones, ever it happened that love has hurt you, leaving you just a body without soul who appears to be alive but actually its dead, you would love it! Unfortunately, I don't know who is the writer of this poetry so I would urge if anyone knows, do let me know via comments and I shall put his/her name here because credit must go where its due! The actual poetry is a mix of Hindi and Urdu(which is not so good of mine). I shall put the English translation as well. First, in Hindi,

Ye kaun doob gaya aur ubhaar gaya mujh mein,
Yun kaun saaye ki suraat guzar gaya mujh mein!

Ye kis ke sog main shorida-haal phirta hun,
Wo kuan shakhs tha aisa k mar gaya mujh mein!

Ajab hawa-e-baharaa ne chara-saazi ki,
Wo zakhm jis ko na bharana tha bhar gaya mujh mein!

Wo aadmi ke jo pathhar sa jee raha hai abhi,
Jo aaina tha wo bikhar gaya mujh mein!

Misaal kya k wo jab bhi kareeb say guzara,
Yun laga k koi raqs kar gaya mujh main!

Wo saath tha to ajab dhuup chaaon rehti thi,
Bas ab to ek hi mausam thehar gaya mujh mein!

And here is the translation of it in English,

This is who who has sinked inside and reflecting in me?
Who is this who has touched me like a shadow!

In whose mourns I am lost and wandering desperate for love,
Who was that person inside me who is just dead now!

That person who appears to be alive  is like a stone now,
That mirror is broken now which used to be inside of mine!

What to say, when she walked beside me,
It felt that inside of mine started dancing!

When she was with me, this sunshine and shadow appeared like a magic,
Now just one weather only is there inside of mine!

I really have very strong feeling that I have done a terribly bad job in the translation. So if any corrections are there, please feel free to let them come. About the poem, I don't think I am capable to say any single word. If you have not tasted the pains of love yet, you may find it nothing. But if you have tasted the tears of your own eyes given not by anyone else but your love, I am sure you would like it! For  me, these lines have said it all,

Wo aadmi ke jo pathhar sa jee raha hai abhi, Jo aaina tha wo bikhar gaya mujh mein!

Hope you would like just as much as I did!


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