Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Shopping List....

Its been years I guess now since I have gone and done some real shopping for myself. I can count on fingers what I have bought since last 7 years. What's the reason? Well, there are couple of them and I certainly won't put them here. That doesn't mean that I have not been to shopping stores at all. I actually went many times but it was just not for me and for others. I still have my membership cards lying in my cupboard of those malls from where I used to buy so many gift items. And I still go do lots of shopping for my sis and few close ones. Still, I do have some things in my shopping list which I want to get. Not sure when I shall be doing it actually though but there is no harm in having a list isn't it :-) !

The very first thing is a bike. Are you saying, what, this guy has no bike! Well, yes I don't have one , I didn't buy one actually. One of my friends from Hyderabad just bought a new one and he (purposely) sent me his snap riding over it and needless to say, I was on fire looking him over that bike LOL. Well I am happy for him to be honest and I want one for me too. Let's see when but yes that's among the top priority things. Which one? Well, let it be a secret for the moment!Make it certain that its surely not going to be just any bike as Aman never does anything which is "ordinary". Okay okay that's probably a rather very big statement but I am sure you got the idea!

The second thing which I really want is to own a Macbook Pro. I always wanted to get one but when I bought the first laptop of mine, Apple didn't have a store in my city. I had to sell that though because I had to go somewhere and needed cash. I again bought another one but even at that time, Apple was there in my city. Well, it couldn't be long that they could survive without coming to the most happening city of India so finally, they are here now! And when I visited them last time they had the Mac books there. Almost all I know are on Mac. Apple is known for making things really classy and that's what I always look for as well, precision in anything that I do.

Now the next item is going to come as a complete turn around from what I have just mentioned. I am really getting interested about Microsoft's new operating system, Window 7. With a complete and utter failure with Vista(code name Waste :-) ) , they are really counting on it a lot and its looks promising as well. With lots of things being inspired from Apple and lots of junk being removed from Vista's code, this should be a good offering. Not sure though as that's what the same MS said when they released Vista, claiming it has that "wow" effect which actually is nothing but an "ouch" effect. Now this surely appears to be completely absurd that I am thinking to buy a copy of Windows 7 when I am planning to buy a notebook of Apple right  ? Well, that's me, its all I can say ;-) !

The next thing is again from Apple,any guesses? Yes, Apple's iPhone! But its some thing for which I am interested but not desperate. Me and Sidhu, whenever we chat, mention it almost always that how much good this device(mind it, I didn't say phone) is! But its still NOT a complete phone, at least not at the moment. It still lacks in so many basic things that at least I use too much ( no I am not talking about camera) and it has so many things which have no use for most of the people, I mean why the heck I would want to see on what IQ level I am( I was told by iPhone that I am among the most highest level IQ people) or want to shake a virtual glass of beer, a drink which I even don't drink! I mean come on, give me a break! But yes, as a device, for interface, for being a classy product, there is no and I really mean it, no match is there for iphone. But that's just not a very solid reason for me to shelve a truck full of cash to get this device. The kind of rate on which apple is releasing updates/new models of this phone, I guess, it would still take another 2-3 years before it would be actually be able to get called as a phone. But still, its there in my list and I am going to get it for sure.

That's all what I have gathered at the moment in my shopping list. Let's see now when I am going to get my hands over them, hope soon!


Blogger *~mad munky~* said...

Top of my shopping list is.......a new lens for my SLR camera :o)

August 22, 2009 8:04 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

Ha ha! That's going to be a good shopping!


August 22, 2009 8:11 PM  

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