Friday, August 14, 2009

And I Am Back....

I got back this morning. It was part bumpy, part smooth tour. Fortunately, it was smooth where it was supposed to be, for the program. The session went well I guess and all the delegates were happy. We had some very good discussions and had a great time. The delegates were very supportive, cooperative and keen to learn, all ingredients of a good and interesting session. I hope the delegates enjoyed the program the same as much I did. I had the pleasure to hear some very nice comments at the end from them for which I really am not worthy and just can say, I am really thankful for all of those kind words! Over all, a very nice program ended up nicely as well!

I thought that I would come back home on time but its always that when I think/plan something, it doesn't happen like that. When I got at the bus stand, I found the most biggest crowd present over there which was the largest from any time that I can recall from the past. When I tried to find the reason of this, a shocking revelation came that there were no buses which were going anywhere. Almost all the counters were either closed( which means, locked and closed) or were just empty with no one to answer that when the bus would come and when the tickets would be given for it? I spent an hour trying to find some solution of this shocking situation but nothing worked out. There was no one to help and all the passengers were just as clue less as I was :-) . So finally  I decided to use my traveling skills and I asked the conductor of a bus which was supposed to leave in next 30 minutes and requested him that I need to get back my home as I am not feeling well( which is true as well, I am not feeling well. For "what happened", keep on reading). So he agreed and asked me to sit and luckily I got a seat as well. Finally, at the scheduled time, bus started and I had a sigh of relief. Though I had a seat for me but due to rush there were many passengers who were standing as well. Just like them, there was an old person who was standing just besides my seat. Now, in my opinion, its a sheer shameless act that when an old person is standing, a young guy/gal should keep on sitting on his/her seat. Though the travel was going to take a very long time but still I decided to get up and offered my seat to that old person. He was really very happy and told me that now a days, this kind of thing doesn't happen. Well, all I said to him that I don't know about others but if I do this only all the time. He was very happy and after about 3 hours, he asked me to sit as well! It was tough to stand for a long time( I stood for about 5 hours) but still it was satisfying as well. Finally, I got back home this morning!

Okay so what happened to me? Well if you are reading this blog from some time, you would be aware that I am having fever from some time and its not going. I am not having very heavy coughing or sneezing or vomits or any other thing like this but still I am asked to go and get tested from the H1N1 Flu aka Swine Flu. I did go as well today but its a national holiday for today as well as for tomorrow and the next day is Sunday, so all the government hospitals, where this test is conducted are closed. So the nearest I would get tested would be Monday hopefully. Let's see what comes up? I have canceled a program of mine which was starting from this Monday for the very same reason. At this moment, when I am writing this up, I am feeling the fever. I just hope that I am fine and there wouldn't be any issues. Besides that I am just so much upset over some stupid logics and over some people as well. But at the moment, its time to have a cup of tea and listen to some cool music which would make me forget that I am having fever :-) .


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