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At times, you come across some thing which just shakes you and leaves you speechless! To do so, the writing must be really good and should be depicting the emotion, whatever it may be, really well. And there is no other emotion better than pain. And when the pain is not just any other pain but the pain that one gets from his/her beloved, there is just nothing which can match its intensity, its deepness. That pain, those cries, those tears which come in the eyes all of a sudden when you are sitting alone thinking about some painful words that were said to you by none other than your beloved, some things done by your beloved which did hurt you so much but he still did them despite knowing that they are hurting you, there are not many things or words, which can explain that pain truly. Yes all this and much much more is there which just can't be explained with any wording. But still, at times, some one writes such marvel which says it all and just not says it, but depicts a story which relates to someone somewhere so closely. I came across such a poetic masterpiece few days back and got spell bounded by it.
These lines depict the pain of that heart broken guy who is saying these lines to his beloved who have left him and gone. Though she has given him nothing but pains, nothing but cries, still he loves and cares for her and is asking her to write back to him when she would feel that pain herself too.  The whole poetry is just mind blowing but it would need a lot to understand, feel the pain hidden behind the words. If you have not tasted those tears of pain, probably you may just read it like any other poetry and it would not make any difference for you. But if you have already been through (and still there) in those valleys of  pain, you would understand truly what these lines are saying. If these all doesn't make any sense for you, I would suggest to still read them again and again and I am sure, at some point, you would realize how much pain they are hiding within them? I have said a lot about the poetry but what about the writer? Well, only thing I know about the writer is his name, Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal. I have no other information about him. If anyone knows any website, blog of him, please put that info in the comments and I shall update the post.
I guess, its time now put that poetry here now about which I have said so much( and its worth it, trust me) . Its in Punjabi and I shall translate it in English too. Have a read first of the Punjabi version,

Bhulekhe naal je mein yaad aayaa taan likhee meinu
kite mehndi de rangaan ne jalaayaa taan likhee meinu!

Havaa de vaang mein vi ikk bhatkadaa khaab si tera,
kite iss ne achaanak aa jagaayaa taan likhee meinu!

Nahin mildee muhabbat jadon lorh hundee hei is dee
kade ese tasuvar ne sataayaa taan likhee meinu!

Mein taan maaruthalaan dee ret daa hi ikk musafir haan
je meree peirh 'chon rukh punghar aayaa taan likhee meinu!

Barhe change see oh din khedade see ralke jad aapaan
kade is yaad ne tenu rulaayaa taan likhee meinu!

Je mein tere khyaalaan vich aje vee haan kite baakee
kade izhaar dil ne karnaa chahyaa taan likhee meinu!

Samen da har sitam manzorr hei "Darshan" nu ae yaaraa
magar je is ne tera dil dukhaayaa taan likhee meinu!

By: Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal
And here is its translation in English,
If by any chance, you would recall me, write to me,
If ever colors of Henna would burn you, write to me!

Like thin air, I was too just a stray dream of yours,
If some one would come and wake you up from that dream, write to me!

One doesn't get love when he needs it the most,
If ever this thought would come and trouble you, write to me!

I am just a lonely traveler over sands of deserts,
If ever some thing would grow that path I traveled upon, write to me!

Those were just the best days when we used to play together,
If ever that memory would hurt you, write to me!

If I am still alive in your thoughts some where,
And if you ever wish to express those thoughts, write to me!

I am ready to face any punishment given by the hands of this destiny,
But if it ever comes and hurts you, write to me! 

I am not sure that how many of you would actually understand what is written. Its just so much deep! But I hope, even if some of you may not understand the "true" meaning of it, you would still like it. If I have done some mess up with the translation and you think, it needs to be corrected , feel free to post it under comments and I shall update it with proper accreditation. I am just speechless about each and every line written so without saying anything more, I am signing off. Hope you like it.


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