Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yes, Its So True….

I am sitting in my training room right now. Its been  very tiring last few days. That’s why I couldn’t write anything. I shall see if I shall get some time to write about some of the questions that I was asked in this session(non-technical ones). Its lunch time and I haven’t gone out(neither did yesterday and the other day) for it nor would be going for the next two days. I even haven’t gone out at all after my session from my hotel anywhere. All I would do, finish my session, lock myself in the room. Don’t ask why! Anyways, this post is a relatively quick one and is about a small poetic masterpiece that I have just read. I mentioned few days back that I shall be posting two posts, one about two videos that I had seen on YouTube which brought tears in my eyes and another about a poetic masterpiece from Debi Makhsoospuri which again brought tears to my eyes. I shall write about both because watching both did brought immense pain to the heart. The poetry that I read today, just now, is  on the same note of the another big poetry of Debi, which I shall be posting soon.

This poetry is written in the context of that person who has been hurt not from anyone else but from his own nears and dears. It hurts so much to get the gift of pains, tears and cries from your beloved and nears and dears than any one else from this world. There is a very true statement that at times, for whom you would be ready to take a bullet, she would be the person standing behind the trigger! And when you see that happening, it kills you in a very, very painful way! That’s what the below two lines are depicting. They are in Punjabi and I shall explain the meaning of them in English as well. First, in Punjabi,

Dostan ne hi nibhayi dosti kuch iss taraan,

Dushmanaa di dushmani da gilaa na reha!


And its meaning in English is,

My friends only gave that bad taste of friendship,

That I don’t regret having enemies now!


Isn’t it so true! If you ask me, I can attest that its really is!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes it can be true if you mean that you can be really disappointed by your friends, whereas your enemies never do.
Yes it can be true. I'm trying to find a "No it's untrue" but i can't.

Good post :)

September 01, 2011 8:08 AM  

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