Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thanks So Much….

Okay, so I have reached the place, the same place where I have travelled already 4 times and sitting in my hotel room. I am at The Gardens Hotel. Its a different hotel from the one where I stayed few years back. Well, this post is not about what I mentioned here. May be some time later tonight or tomorrow, I shall write about it. This post is unrelated to it but is about very kind words that one very close friend sent text to me after reading a very old post on my blog that it’s really good and reading it brought tears in the eyes. I am just so touched by hearing that someone did like it so much! Thanks you, thank you so very much, it means a lot to know that few people still exist in this world full of “practical” people, who understand the depth of that write-up and the true meaning behind it.

And in case you are wondering which post it is, well its a series of posts, linked to each other. If you are interested to read, here is the link to the first part which would link further to all the parts.

Love, Some Folds Unfolded....(Part-1)


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