Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend, So Far, Not So Good….

Nothing sounding new I guess but what to do, that’s all what is there.

I have finished this week’s session yesterday and I have been told that I shall be having the next session here only. Which means that I need to stay here for this weekend. The session went well(I hope) . As I mentioned already, the delegates(those four who were present in the entire week), were really good and we had a great time talking about Oracle database and also about some other things like this place Banglore, world, food. It was a basic module but for me, its always a great fun to do it because here the delegates are not very experienced and its so good to discuss with them in a great detail and push them towards the path of learning oracle database. The delegates were very friendly, nice and co-operating. I am still a little disappointed from one delegate whom I mentioned about in the last post too. He didn’t show up in the last 3 days at all and I have no idea where the heck he was and what the heck he was doing wherever he was? I hope that he is aware of the fact that he has screwed up a very costly training session let alone the fact that how important it was! But I am not anyone’s guardian or a real school/college teacher. I am a professional and so are the delegates who come to my sessions. So I hope that he knew about the caveats about missing the session and he had already decided what to do about it. It did make me mad a lot because I don’t like to see someone wasting his money for nothing but some times, even if we don’t like, we can’t do anything about something and this is one of those cases. Anyways, for the rest of the delegates, thanks so much guys for listening to me and I hope the time spent was worth for you. Thanks so much for all the co-operation and warm response and I hope we shall meet soon in some another training program soon.

Now, the session has ended on a good note(hopefully because I am still waiting for the rating) but the stay and health of mine is being unstable.

I stay at the same hotel whenever I come to Banglore and this time also, I had stayed in the same hotel. I have mentioned couple of times that its not a very big or grand one but its still okay. People are nice and its close to my work location as well. But this time, there has been a huge number of troubles that I have seen and faced.

I normally don’t complain much but when I do, I make sure that I am certain in my complaints. It really makes me so upset when people tell me that I am getting worried about nothing. Well, I don’t get worried just like that. I don’t say it often but I pay very detail attention to things, matters, anything. Its tough, very tough that I shall miss something, even if its very small matter/thing/detail too. I may not say anything but I shall be constantly watching things very closely and its a mistake, a big time one, to try to act smart in front of me because though I don’t like to say it or like it when someone calls me smart or intelligent but I am, and just for the record, at times, to a very deep level. And that’s what happened this time too. If you are thinking while reading this that I am saying it a lilttle too much or praising me by myself, no, that’s not the case. I don’t say such things at all and those who really know me well, are well aware about this fact about me that I hate saying or hearing such things. But its important to mention some things at times and I did do the same this time. I smelled something burning in my room. It was a very minute smell but I did notice it. I told the same to the reception. They sent housekeeping staff who came and checked the room and told me that there is nothing. Well, it was a very dimnished smell so couldn’t say anything. After an hour or so, the same staff member came again with another guy and checked the room again. Then he told that he can smell it too. Well it was indeed something burning. He thought its something which is burning something on one floor below to mine. But unfortunately, it wasn’t true. The burning was happening in my room’s air conditioner compartment only. Immediately, they changed my room and gave me another room, this time a suite.I told them that I did mention that there is something burning but you guys didn’t bother. Well,”sorry” is the only damn word which people say at such moments and that’s what they said too. I got shifted to another room. BTW, this all happened on Thursday night.

When I came back from work on Friday, that means yesterday, I was sitting with the manager at the reception area. The talk moved towards the ghosts and all. While talking, the guy mentioned that there has been many accidents that has happened since October whose explanation is not there. And also, there has been some guests who has reported the same thing number of times and guess what, this all is reported for the same floor where I got the new room, the one which has the suite. Hmm interesting! He said that there has been many times when the customers have reported that someone is walking in the passage and also, some times, even this that someone is with them in the room. When I asked that why not some prayer or something like that has not been done, I got the answer that the director doesn’t believe on such things. Well, a common answer I must say. Anyways, I didn’t see or experience anything myself but there was a strange, pungent smell in my room and I was feeling very uneasy the last night. It could be due to bad headache and severe back pain that is there from some days but I am not really sure about it. So I asked the staff today to change my room today. I am not sure that it was due to some paranormal activity or just it was my own body pain making me feel uneasy but still, the smell was there and I couldn’t bear it. So changing the room was the best to do.

If you are thinking that what’s that pain that I am taking about, its in my back and I am not sure the reason for it still. If you are a regular here, you must be aware that I have mentioned it couple of times by now and its still the same. I have a gel given to me by a friend of mine and to be honest, I have forgot to apply it more number of times than I have applied it. And with this, the standard friend of mine, headache is also there,both enough to put me in a really good pain. Will it ever be possible that I shall be from pains, either from inner or outer ones, I guess not!

So here I am, its weekend and I am sitting in my hotel room. I had thought that I shall go and watch some movie, not sure which one but I want to go so much. But I am not sure that I shall be able to go because one, there is so much of pain and two, I am not sure where to go and since its raining , I don’t want to go very far and get struck up on road. I have no problem in being struck up on the road but because of pain, it would be unbearable to sit in an auto for long. The only recreation that I have done so far today is that I went to have a coffee at Barista. I have asked some friends of mine to take me along to some movie. So let’s see what would happen. So far, this has been not a so good start of weekend! Hope it doesn’t remain the same for tomorrow too.


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